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  'IS suicide bomber' kills 10 in Istanbul Sultanahmet district Map of Blue Mosque Istanbul Turkey
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Main Event: 'IS suicide bomber' kills 10 in...
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B. 2017-08-15 Nigeria violence: Female suicide bombers kill 27 Maiduguri, Borno, Northern Nigeria
C. 2017-07-03 Mosul: Fierce clashes as IS uses suicide bombers Mosul
D. 2017-06-20 Suspected suicide bomber shot at Brussels railway station
E. 2016-05-15 IS suicide bombers hit Taji gas plant Taji, Baghdad
F. 2016-03-26 'Suicide bomber' claims to be missing Nigeria schoolgirl Cameroon
G. 2016-03-19 Istanbul shopping area hit by suicide bomber
2016-01-12 'IS suicide bomber' kills 10 in Istanbul Sultanahmet district
I. 2015-12-28 Nigeria suicide bombers attack Maiduguri and Madagali Maiduguri, Borno, Northern Nigeria
J. 2015-10-10 Lake Chad's Baga Sola town hit by suicide bombers Baga Sola, Chad

  IS suicide bombers hit Taji gas plant   Baghdad: The Islamic State (IS) group has staged a suicide attack on a gas factory near Baghdad in which 14 people were killed and 20 wounded   'Suicide bomber' claims to be missing Nigeria schoolgirl   Cameroon: Cameroon and Nigeria are investigating a claim from a would-be suicide bomber that she was one of a group of schoolgirls abducted in 2014   Istanbul shopping area hit by suicide bomber Map of Istiklal Street Istanbul Turkey
  Nigeria violence: Female suicide bombers kill 27   Northern Nigeria: Three female suicide bombers have carried out an attack that has killed at least 27 people in north-eastern Nigeria, officials say   Mosul: Fierce clashes as IS uses suicide bombers  Fierce clashes and rising numbers of suicide attacks have been reported as Iraqi troops try to recapture the city from Islamic State militants   Suspected suicide bomber shot at Brussels railway station Map of Central Station Brussels Belgium

year 2017 Top ^

  Belgian soldiers have shot a man suspected of being a would-be suicide bomber at Brussels Central Station

year 2016 Top ^

  A suicide bomb attack at a busy shopping area in the Turkish city of Istanbul has killed at least five people, officials say

  A suspected member of the ISIS group has killed 10 people, at least eight of them German tourists, in a suicide bomb attack in the Turkish city

year 2015 Top ^

Dec.28   Nigeria suicide bombers attack Maiduguri and Madagali   Northern Nigeria: A wave of attacks by female suicide bombers in north-eastern Nigeria has killed more than 50 people Oct.10   Lake Chad's Baga Sola town hit by suicide bombers   Suicide bombers have attacked a fish market and refugee camp in the town of Baga Sola in western Chad, killing more than 30 people

year 2014 Top ^

Jul.1 Afghan suicide bomber kills troops
. Kabul Jan.9 Teen dies stopping suicide bomber at school in Pakistan   Tribal Areas: A 14-year-old boy is being hailed as a hero for tackling a suicide bomber -- dying at the main gate of his school and saving schoolmates

year 2013 Top ^

Dec.29 'Suicide bomber' hits Russia's Volgograd train station
Map of Volgograd Russia  Volga Region: A suicide attack on a train station in Russia's southern city of Volgograd has killed 16 people, officials say

year 2012 Top ^

Sep.17 Afghanistan suicide bomber hits Kabul bus  Up to 12 people are reported to have been killed in a suicide bomb attack on a minibus carrying foreigners near the Afghan capital Aug.4 Yemen suicide bomber 'kills 20'
Jul.19 Bulgarian bus bombing the work of suicide bomber   A bus bombing which claimed the lives of five Israeli tourists in Bulgaria was likely carried out by a male suicide attacker with a fake Michigan...

year 2011 Top ^

Sep.30 Turkish resort targeted by suicide bomber
. Turkey Jul.27 Kandahar mayor killed in suicide attack
  The mayor of restive southern city was killed, the latest in a series of recent high-profile assassinations

year 2010 Top ^

Dec.26 Female suicide bomber was behind blast
. Tribal Areas Apr.4 Three deadly blasts rock Baghdad Mar.29 Female suicide bombers blamed in attacks   Moscow: Russian investigators combing two subway stations think Chechen rebels may have been behind the rush-hour strike Mar.13 Kandahar hit by suicide bombers, 30 dead
  40 more wounded in 4 bombings. The attackers struck near a prison, a hotel, a mosque and at a city centre road junction
Feb.1 Female suicide bomber kills 41. Baghdad Jan.8 Jordan releases suicide bomber's brother

year 2008 Top ^

Jul.28 4 suicide bombers kill scores in Iraq  Baghdad: Female bombers and a gunman killed at least 70 people and wounded almost 300 others during a string of attacks in central Baghdad and Kirkuk May.7 Gitmo detainee became suicide bomber
. Guantanamo Apr.27 Female suicide bomber kills 3. Sadr City Mar.17 Female suicide bomber kills 65 Map of Karbala Iraq   Iraq: A bomber apparently was targeting Shiite worshippers. The incident occurred 0.5 mile from the Imam Hussein shrine of Karbala

year 2007 Top ^

Sep.10 Motorbike suicide bomber kills 28
  Helmand: A bomber blew himself up in a crowded square just before evening prayers in the town of Gereshk in Helmand province
Jul.15 Pardon for child 'suicide bomber'
  Kabul: A 14-year-old from Pakistan, caught while on a mission to blow up an Afghan provincial governor, was pardoned by President Karzai
Jul.2 Bomb kills Spanish tourists    Yemen: At least 9 people have been killed after a suicide bomber drove an explosives-laden car into a tourist convoy

year 2006 Top ^

Nov.19   22 killed by suicide bomber
Map of Hilla Iraq
   Iraq: A bomber struck a crowd of labourers looking for work in the town of Hilla
Sep.25     Hariri 'killed by suicide bomber'
  Beirut: A UN inquiry into the killing of former Prime Minister has found new evidence that he was killed by a suicide bomber

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.1   Paper IDs 'suicide bomber'
   Belgium: Muriel Degauque, a Belgian-born woman, was the first Western woman to carry out a suicide bombing in Iraq
May.30 Hilla suicide bombers kill 27   Iraq: A pair of bombers were wearing vests packed with explosives. Iraqi and U.S. captured a former Saddam's general

year 2004 Top ^

Mar.14 Palestinian suicide bombers kill 11
Map of Ashdod. Israel  Southern Israel: Twin bombings also wounded 20 others in the port city of Ashdod. Sharon was canceling meeting with Ahmed Qorei Jan.14   Hamas uses female suicide bomber  Israel: The militant group has used a female bomber for the first time in a suicide attack which killed 4 Israelis on the border with Gaza

year 2003 Top ^

Jun.4 'Suicide bomber' hits Caucasus bus
. North Caucasus May.18 3 Riyadh suicide bombers identified
   Saudi Arabia: Interior Ministry: The 3 were among 19 people the government was looking for on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack

year 2002 Top ^

Jul.17 Dual suicide bombers kill 3
  Tel Aviv: 2 suicide bombers blew themselves up at the entrance to a convenience store killing at least 3 civilians and wounding 40

year 2001 Top ^

Aug.6   Suicide bomber thwarted
  West Bank: Captured in the West Bank planned to carry out an attack on Tel Aviv. Tanks shelled Palestinian targets near Qalqilya

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