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Many die in Zahedan mosque bombing Map of Zahedan Iran
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Crime Main Event: Islamic State 'kills 30 Su...
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1. 2014-11-02 Islamic State 'kills 322' from single Sunni tribe Ras al-Maa, Anbar, Western Iraq
2014-10-29 Islamic State 'kills 30 Sunni tribesmen' in Iraq Hit, Anbar, Western Iraq
D. 2014-10-26 Lebanon army steps up Tripoli battle Tripoli, Northern Lebanon
E. 2014-09-08 Iraq swears in unity government Baghdad
5. 2014-08-23 Bombings kill 30 in Iraq after Sunni mosque attack Baghdad
G. 2014-08-14 UN declares highest-level emergency in Iraq as clashes erupt near Baghdad Baghdad
H. 2014-01-03 Militants 'still hold Iraq cities' Ramadi, Western Iraq
8. 2013-07-13 13 killed in bomb blast at Sunni mosque Baghdad

Fugitive Iraq VP sentenced to death  Baghdad: Sunni Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi, who fled the country months ago, was sentenced to death. Al-Hashimi is now living in Istanbul Gunmen kill 25 in attack on village
Malik Ishaq Pakistan Sunni militant chief killed Islamic State 'kills 322' from single Sunni tribe. Western Iraq   Islamic State 'kills 30 Sunni tribesmen' in Iraq Map of Hit Anbar Iraq  Western Iraq: Islamic State (IS) militants have shot dead 30 Sunni Arab tribesmen in a town west of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, local officials say Lebanon army steps up Tripoli battle. Northern Lebanon Shia militias 'killing Iraqi Sunnis' Iraq swears in unity government   Baghdad: Iraq's parliament has approved a new government with Sunni and Kurdish deputy prime ministers, as it seeks to tackle Islamic State militants Bombings kill 30 in Iraq after Sunni mosque attack. Baghdad   UN declares highest-level emergency in Iraq as clashes erupt near Baghdad  Clashes between Iraqi troops and Sunni militants west of Baghdad killed at least four children Militants 'still hold Iraq cities'. Western Iraq Suicide bomber hits funeral in Iraq 13 killed in bomb blast at Sunni mosque. Baghdad   Syria cleric among mosque bomb dead Map of Iman mosque Damascus Syria

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Jun.23  Lebanese soldiers die in Syria-linked clashes
  Damascus: Sheikh Mohammed al-Buti, one of the most prominent Sunni supporters of President Bashar al-Assad, has been killed in a blast in the capital

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Sep.22  Sunni Islam leader calls for peace

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Dec.20  Iraq vice-president denies charge

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Dec.20  Iran executed 11 with ties to terrorism
Aug.14  Lebanon 'kills Fatah al-Islam leader'
Jun.19  Iran hangs Sunni militant leader
  25 people, linked to a militia that opposes al-Qaeda, had been killed in the attack in a Sunni village south of Baghdad

Feb.20  Sunni party to boycott Iraqi elections

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Oct.21  Pakistan denies harboring Iran suspect
Sep.26  U.S. drone hits Islamic Party building
Jul.13  Iran 'executes Sunni militants'
  Southern Iran: A bomb south-east Iran in a mainly Sunni Muslim city has killed at least 19 people and injured 60 at the time of evening prayer
Jan.30   Change in the air as Iraq votes
  Iraq is to elect new provincial councils in the first nationwide vote in 4 years, with the Sunni minority expected to turn out in strength
 4,000 women run for office. Voting ended peacefully, and the mood was festive, unlike the violence, intimidation and apathy in 2005
Jan.27   Sunni Arabs embracing local elections  About 14,000 candidates will be competing for 440 provincial council seats in 14 of 18 provinces Jan.10   Sunni-Shia clashes leave 17 dead
Map of Hangu Pakistan
  West Pakistan: 30 wounded in clashes between Sunni and Shia groups in villages in the Hangu District in northwest Pakistan

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Sep.1   Iraqi troops take control of key province
Map of Anbar Iraq
  Western Iraq: Coalition troops formally handed over security control of Anbar province, once the hub of the country's Sunni insurgency, to Iraqis
Aug.23 Former Iraq minister sentenced to death  Baghdad: Assad Kamal al-Hashemi has been sentenced to death for ordering the murder of a Sunni politician's two sons Aug.17 Suicide blast hits Awakening Council. Baghdad Jul.19 Sunni bloc rejoins Iraqi cabinet. Baghdad Mar.22 US air strike kills 'Iraq allies' Map of Samarra Iraq
  Sunni Triangle: 6 people have been killed in a strike near Samarra, with some reports suggesting they were US-allied anti-al-Qaeda Sunni fighters
Feb.18 Al Qaeda in Iraq killing former allies

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Dec.29 bin Laden tape warns Iraq, Israel
. Osama bin Laden Nov.22     29 died as al Qaeda attacks Sunnis, Shiite
  Baghdad: Al Qaeda in Iraq disguised as members of a Sunni alliance council attacked the council's headquarters outside Baghdad
Nov.9   Sunni chiefs killed in blast
Map of Diyala Iraq  A bomber detonated his explosives belt in the house of Sheikh Faez al-Obeidi. 5 tribal leaders have been killed in a suicide attack Oct.5 Iraqi lawmaker detained in raid
  A Sunni member of parliament is in custody after his arrest during a U.S.-Iraqi military raid on a suspected al Qaeda in Iraq gathering Sep.15   Al Qaeda threatens Sunni leaders  An al Qaeda group threatened to assassinate Sunni leaders who 'stained the reputations' of their people by supporting the Americans Sep.13 Insurgents kill key US ally   Sunni Triangle: Abu Risha, the leader of an alliance of Sunni Arab tribes that rejected al-Qaeda, has been killed in a bomb attack in the city of Ramadi Aug.26 Leaders sign unity accord. Baghdad Aug.18 Rivals look for reconciliation formula  Baghdad: The leaders of a new Shiite and Kurdish political alliance met with a top Sunni leader, raising hope for a breakthrough to curb factional vi... Aug.1   Sunni bloc leaves Iraq government  Baghdad: Upset over being 'marginalized,' The Iraqi Accord Front made good on a threat to pull its 6 Cabinet ministers Jun.26 Cabinet minister accused of killings in 2005. Baghdad Jun.13   Sunni insurgents storm Sunni mosques  Baghdad: Gunmen stormed a mosque in southwestern Baghdad's Bayaa area, a Shiite neighborhood Jun.4   IDs of missing soldiers shown on Web site  A Sunni insurgent group posted video of the military identification cards of 2 missing American soldiers May.25   Sadr calls for Sunni co-operation  Moqtada Sadr has backed a peace plan with Sunni factions in a bid to calm sectarian violence May.15   Insurgents: Stop search for U.S. troops
  The Islamic State of Iraq, a Sunni coalition that includes al Qaeda in Iraq, is saying it is holding three American soldiers
Apr.21   U.S. under fire over Baghdad wall   U.S. troops are building wall around a Sunni enclave surrounded by Shiite areas, with residents calling it 'collective punishment' Apr.17   Web: 20 Iraq security forces executed  Baghdad: The Islamic State of Iraq -- a group of Sunni extremists -- claims it carried out the executions Mar.20   VP: Iraq 'should talk to militants'  Baghdad: Tareq al-Hashemi, a Sunni, has called for talks to be opened with the insurgents in an attempt to bring peace Jan.28 Mortar attack kills 7 children at schools
. Baghdad

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Dec.5   Tense Beirut buries unrest victim
  Shiite Muslims buried a young man killed in street clashes in a Sunni neighborhood
Nov.25 21 Shiites gunned down in front of families   Sunni gunmen stormed two Shiite homes in Diyala province. President Talabani postponed a trip to Iran Nov.24 Shiites torch Sunni people, mosques   Baghdad: Enraged Shiites burned people to death and denounced Sunni leaders and the U.S. after a bloody assault on Sadr City   Shias mourn bomb victims
  Sadr City: Funerals are being held for victims of bomb attacks in Sadr City district. The gunmen attacked 4 mosques in a Sunni area
Nov.1 Sunni leader dismayed by security easing. Sadr City Oct.12 Gunmen kill 9 at Sunni TV station  Baghdad: In the eastern neighborhood of Zayuna the gunmen got out of 6 cars and stormed into the Shaabiya satellite channel Jun.23 Bombing at mosque kills 9 Jun.13   Al Qaeda in Iraq to target Sunni leaders
  Al-Muhajer, The newly named leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, threatens to attack officials in fortified Green Zone
Apr.14 Baquba mosque bombings kill 4
  2 homemade bombs exploded at 2 Sunni mosque, killing 4 people and wounding 6 others
Apr.11 Bomb rips through prophet prayer service
  Karachi: A suicide attacker is killing at least 41 people including the top leadership of a Sunni Muslim religious group Mar.5 Gunmen kill 3 in mosque attack  Baghdad: Gunmen dressed as Iraqi police commandos attacked a Sunni al-Noor Sunni mosque in a western Baghdad Feb.25 Shia-Sunni talks on Iraq killings
Feb.23 Sunni party quits Iraq government talks. Baghdad

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Dec.24   Shias reject Iraq election re-run
  Baghdad: The United Iraqi Alliance has called on Sunni Arabs to end demands for a re-run of the parliamentary poll
Dec.20   Sunni bloc rejects Baghdad vote
  Iraq's main Sunni Arab political alliance has rejected the partial results of parliamentary election in Baghdad province
Dec.3   Kidnap envoy meeting Sunnis
  An anti-war envoy is continuing to meet Sunni Muslim groups to secure the release Nov.23 Sunni sheik, family members slain
  Baghdad: Gunmen dressed as Iraqi troops stormed the home of Kadhim Sarheed Ali al-Dulami, killing him, his 3 sons
Nov.3   Sunnis celebrate amid animosity  A 3-day holiday began for Sunni Arabs, ending a month of fasting during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan Oct.26 Sunni groups join forces for vote Oct.22 Diyala province toward 'yes' vote   Sunni area 'rejects Iraq charter'
  Partial results of the vote on a new constitution suggest at least one Sunni province has rejected it
Oct.14 Sunni party offices attacked
  Baghdad: A bomb exploded outside the office of the Iraqi Islamic Party which has dropped opposition to the constitution
Oct.12   MPs approve charter changes
  Baghdad: Parliament has approved last-minute changes to the draft aimed at overcoming Sunni Arab objections
Oct.11   Deal may boost constitution vote
  Baghdad: A deal struck in last-minute talks between a major Sunni Arab party and the Shiite-Kurd coalition
Aug.28   Committee signs Iraq's draft constitution
  Baghdad: The constitutional committee approved a final draft and put it before the National Assembly, despite the Sunni rejection
Aug.25   Talks on charter extended
  Baghdad: Talks aimed at persuading Sunni to back the text of a new constitution are to continue
Aug.23     Rumsfeld: Iraq not fated to civil war
  Washington: U.S. Defense Secretary tried to dispel concern over the possibility that a war could between Sunni and Shiite
Aug.14 Last-ditch constitution bid. Baghdad Jul.25     Constitution boycott is over
  Baghdad: Sunni Muslim representatives are ending a boycott of the committee writing a new constitution
Jul.20     Constitution 'on schedule'
  Officials have sought to calm fears that the draft will be delayed by the killing of 3 Sunni Muslims
Jun.8   Iraq leaders back militia group
  Government have publicly supported the Badr Organization charged by many Sunni leaders with the murders
Jun.2 Sunni Arabs join Iraq talks May.21 Angry Sunnis shut Baghdad mosques  Mosques have been closed as part of a 3-day protest against a recent series of killings of Sunni Muslims Apr.16   Iraq raid to free Shia hostages
  Iraqi and US troops have launched an operation in the town of Madain, where Sunni rebels are holding hostages
Apr.3   Parliament elects speaker
  Divided interim parliament chose Hajim al-Hassani, a Sunni Arab, and picked a Shia Muslim and a Kurd as his deputies
Feb.17 Al-Jaafari says he would accept PM job

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Nov.19 Troops storm major Baghdad mosque
Nov.5   US military 'seals off Falluja'  Sunni Triangle: All roads in and out of the Sunni Muslim city have been closed amid speculation an assault is imminent Oct.2 Samarra 'under US grip'. Sunni Triangle Sep.30 U.S. launches Samarra offensive. Sunni Triangle Sep.20 Sunni clerics killed in Baghdad
  Gunmen have killed 2 prominent clerics belonging to an influential Sunni Muslim group
Aug.8 8 die in bomb blasts  Karachi: Dozens of people have been hurt in the blasts at a restaurant close to a Sunni Muslim school Jun.16 Zarqawi may be in Fallujah. Sunni Triangle

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Oct.6 Sunni politician dies in shootout
. Pakistan

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