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Venezuela to import 50M rolls of toilet pape  Blaming political opponents for the shortfall, the embattled socialist government says it will import 50 million rolls to boost supplies Isaac bears down on US Gulf Coast  Louisiana: Residents of the US Gulf Coast are boarding up homes and buying in extra supplies as Tropical Storm Isaac bears down on the region Syrian troops 'amass near Aleppo'   Red Cross to enter Homs district    Syria: The Red Cross is due to enter the Baba Amr district of the city of Homs on Friday to deliver food and medical supplies after a month-long si... Supplies flown to Queensland city   Military aircraft are flying supplies into the Australian city of Rockhampton, where rising flood waters have cut off all but one access rou...   Trapped miners building shrine    Chile: Communications and supplies were flowing efficiently between rescuers and 33 trapped miners. The miners are asking for certain objects to be...   Supplies sent to trapped miners    Chile: The 33 miners survived for more than 17 days by sharing small amounts of tuna and mackerel that were in a shelter, along with water Russians 'to cut gas to Belarus'   Iran sending aid ships to Gaza  An Iranian ship carrying aid supplies has set sail for Gaza and two others are expected to leave next week   Official: Aid teams must be self-sufficient
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1. 2016-09-23 Tropical Storm Karl passes near Bermuda, could strengthen Bermuda
C. 2016-02-07 New refugee camps go up inside Syria as Turkey stems flow Northern Syria
3. 2015-08-27 Officials warn to prepare for Tropical Storm Erika Florida
E. 2015-06-30 Ukraine suspends Russian gas purchases Kiev
F. 2015-04-07 US boosts arms supplies for Saudi-led coalition Washington
6. 2015-03-16 Cyclone Pam: Vanuatu 'needs food' Vanuatu, Melanesia
H. 2014-09-24 US, allies target ISIS oil supplies in Syria Boukamal, Syria
2014-08-01 China factory blast kills at least 65 Kunshan, Jiangsu, Shanghai
J. 2014-06-16 Russia cuts gas supply to Ukraine after deadline passes Russia

  Russia cuts gas supply to Ukraine after deadline passes  Russia on Monday cut gas supplies to Ukraine as a payment deadline passed and negotiators failed to reach a deal on gas prices and unpaid bills US condemns Russia gas warnings. Washington UN 'undeterred' by Homs aid convoy attack. Syria Aid convoy fired on in besieged Homs Map of Homs Syria
Tropical Storm Karl passes near Bermuda, could strengthen New refugee camps go up inside Syria as Turkey stems flow   Northern Syria: Turkish aid workers have been setting up tents and distributing supplies for thousands of new refugees kept from entering Turkey at the bor... Officials warn to prepare for Tropical Storm Erika. Florida Ukraine suspends Russian gas purchases. Kiev Cyclone Pam: Vanuatu 'needs food'. Melanesia China factory blast kills at least 65 Map of Kunshan Jiangsu China

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Apr.7  US boosts arms supplies for Saudi-led coalition

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Sep.24  US, allies target ISIS oil supplies in Syria
  Shanghai: At least 65 people were killed Saturday by an explosion at an eastern Chinese automotive parts factory that supplies General Motors
Apr.5  Ukraine rejects Russia gas bill hike
   Syria: An aid convoy bringing supplies into the besieged district of the central city of Homs became trapped for several hours after coming under fire

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Jul.18  Taliban blow up 22 Nato tankers
Feb.6  Italy acts on Russia gas shortage

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Jun.27  Libya rebels 'face health crisis'

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Dec.31  Cholera kills more than 3,300 in Haiti
Jul.1  Aid from flotilla arrives in Gaza
   Haiti: As the flow of aid gained momentum, a health official pleaded for arriving teams to be self-sufficient in food, water, equipment, supplies and shelter

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Oct.5 Sumatra relief effort increased Oct.2   Mass burial planned for tsunami victims
   Samoa: Military officials hurried relief supplies to the tsunami-battered areas of the islands as the death toll continued to rise
Jul.13 Gas pipe deal to end Russia's monopoly
  Turkey: Officials from 6 countries signed a deal to build a Nabucco pipeline, aimed at breaking Russia's near-monopoly on natural gas supplies to Europe
May.27 5 Ecuadorians rescued adrift for weeks. Chiapas Apr.19 Red Cross 'worn out' in Sri Lanka Feb.19 Parliament votes to close key U.S. base   Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyzstan parliament has voted to close a base the U.S. uses as a route for troops and supplies heading into Afghanistan Feb.6 UN halts Gaza aid over 'thefts' Jan.19 Russia turns on gas for Europe  Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko: Gazprom company has resumed gas supplies to Europe via Ukraine, ending weeks of disruption Jan.15 Gas crisis talks agreed with Russia
   Ukraine: The governments of Ukraine and Russia will hold talks on the natural gas dispute that has restricted supplies to Europe
Jan.14 EU leaders slam 'brutal' gas blockade. European Union Jan.13   Russian gas to Europe 'blocked'
  Russian gas giant Gazprom: Ukraine has blocked gas deliveries to Europe, dashing hopes of ending a row which has hit several countries' supplies
Jan.12 Russia signs deal, restoring Europe's gas  Moscow: Russia signed an agreement to restore gas supplies to Europe after Ukraine dropped conditions that had angered Moscow Israel halts attacks to let relief into Gaza Jan.10 Accord signed in Russia gas row  European Union: Russia and European Union have signed a deal, which could pave the way for the re-opening of gas supplies to Europe Jan.9   EU: Russia gas should restart immediately
  European Union: The Union has finalized a deal on sending monitors to supervise supplies of Russian gas through Ukraine
Jan.7 Brussels to broker gas row talks. European Union     Israel halts firing to allow aid into Gaza  Israeli forces resumed 'defensive activities' after a 3-hour lull to allow residents of the territory to receive food and medical supplies Jan.6 European gas supplies disrupted
  European Union: Several countries say their supplies of Russian gas have been cut sharply amid an energy price dispute between Moscow and Ukraine
Jan.3 Ukraine warns EU of gas 'problem'
  Kiev: Ukraine has warned that there could be serious problems with gas supplies for EU countries if its dispute with Russia is not settled soon
Jan.1 Gazprom cuts off Ukraine's gas   Russia: Russian energy monopoly cut off supplies of natural gas to Ukraine after a payment deadline expired

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Dec.29   Pakistan suspends Afghan supplies
  Tribal Areas: Pakistan has suspended supplies to US and Nato forces via the Khyber Pass to begin operations against militants in the area
Dec.13     Taliban renew attack on NATO cargo Map of Peshawar Pakistan
  Peshawar: Militants staged another attack against cargo terminals, destroying NATO supplies bound for neighboring Afghanistan
Dec.7   Militant attack burns NATO containers
  West Pakistan: Dozens of containers, holding supplies for troops in Afghanistan, burned after militants attacked a freight terminal
Nov.16   Pakistan blocks U.S. convoy route
  Pakistan has blocked travel for convoys, carrying food and military supplies to U.S. troops in Afghanistan, through a key mountain pass
Nov.13   Israel delays Gaza aid supplies
  Israeli authorities have denied entry to the Strip of a convoy of basic humanitarian supplies after continued rocket fire by Palestinian militants Sep.5   Aid ship reaches Haitians hit by hurricane Map of Gonaives Haiti  A ship carrying U.N. relief supplies, including food and water, arrived in the hurricane-ravaged Haitian city of Gonaives Aug.27 Army tries to reach flood victims Map of Bihar India  Bihar: Hundreds of troops were using helicopters and boats to deliver supplies and rescue villagers, after the Kosi River breached an embankment Jun.22 Oil summit calls for supply boost Map of Jeddah Saudi Arabia
   Saudi Arabia: Leading exporters have acknowledged the need to boost supplies to curb prices but stopped short of specific commitments on extra output
Jun.4 U.S. ships to abort Myanmar mission Jun.1 Japan urges global food support May.29   Japan shelves military aid flight  Japan has decided not to a send a military aircraft to China to deliver relief supplies for victims of the earthquake; instead use a chartered plane May.22   Oil soars to new record over $135  New York: The price of oil is more than twice what it cost a year ago. The latest surge was driven by fallen US supplies of crude May.15 Junta denies misusing cyclone aid. Myanmar May.11     U.S. aid flight en route to Myanmar  A U.S. military airplane with relief supplies has taken off on a mission that American officials say they hope will 'build trust'   Relief boat sinks, leaving aid in river
   Myanmar: A Red Cross boat delivering supplies to help 1,000 victims of cyclone sank Sunday when it hit debris in the Irrawaddy Delta region
May.10 Cyclone aid used to entice voters
. Myanmar May.8     Burma 'wants aid not foreigners'   Myanmar: Burma wants supplies but not foreign aid workers, hours after the UN chief urged military leaders to prioritise relief work Apr.23 Food, drugs run short in Sadr City Apr.21 Leaders warn on biofuels and food. UN Mar.5 Gazprom restores Ukraine gas flow
   Russia: Russian energy giant has agreed to restore full gas supplies to Ukraine, ending a 3-day crisis
Feb.16 Kathmandu nearly out of fuel
Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  Nepal: Nepal's capital is almost out of fuel and transport of supplies has been blocked by a crippling general strike by ethnic rights groups in southern Nepal
Jan.27   Israel 'to resume Gaza supplies'
  Jerusalem: Israel says it will resume supplying fuel, 10 days after it stopped shipments following continued rocket attacks by Palestinian militants
Jan.4 Afghanistan appeals for food aid
. Kabul

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Aug.18   Thousands flee from typhoon Sepat
  Taiwan: Typhoon lashed Taiwan with strong winds and torrential rain, cutting power supplies to nearly 57,000 homes, injuring 12 people
Aug.2 Gazprom hope for Belarus gas deal
   Russia: Russia's state-owned gas monopoly hopes to maintain supplies to Belarus after a spat between the countries appeared to calm
Jul.24 140,000 homes without water. England May.17   Rows overshadow EU-Russia talks
  Disputes have arisen over Kosovo, energy supplies, trade, and ties between Russia and Estonia
May.7 Amnesty accuses over arms. Sudan Jan.8   Russia oil row hits Europe supply
  European Union: Oil supplies to Poland, Germany and Ukraine have been cut amid a row between Belarus and Moscow
 Transneft's pipeline were completely shut down at Poland's border with Belarus

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Oct.20 Putin firm on EU energy charter
. Finland Apr.27     Putin criticises West over energy
  Siberia: The President has accused European countries for whipping up fears over the reliability of Russian supplies
Apr.26  Romania struggles to shelter flood victims Jan.29 Fire traps 70 inside mine. Canada Jan.27 Iran to provide emergency gas to Georgia  President Saakashvili said that Iran had agreed to start providing emergency gas supplies to his country Jan.3  Russia restores European gas deliveries Jan.2  Russia vows to end gas shortage Jan.1   Ukraine gas row hits EU supplies   Hungary: Hungary and Poland were the first to have supplies disrupted, as Moscow accused Kiev of stealing EU supplies

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Dec.29 Death threats cut oil flow
. Northern Iraq Nov.27  Harbin water supply resumes Nov.22   Harbin water supplies cut off Map of Harbin China
  Northeast China: Emergency measures are in force amid fears the city's drinking water could be contaminated after an explosion
Oct.22   Drop off supplies, Musharraf urges
  Pakistan: President has appealed for people to drop off supplies at embassies and consulates around the world
Jun.5 Huge underground hideout uncovered
. Iraq Jan.3  Tsunami relief gathers momentum

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Nov.13  Aid enters embattled Falluja Jul.15  Libya to open Darfur aid corridor Feb.20 Nuclear scandal: Man 'confesses'
. Malaysia

year 2003 Top ^

Sep.1 Najaf braces for ayatollah's funeral
. Iraq Aug.13   Heat causes blackout in Paris
   France: 1,500 households suffered a power cut as France struggles to maintain energy supplies in extreme temperatures
Apr.10   Security plea for huge aid effort   Iraq: Aid agencies want U.S. and British to provide security for the distribution of food and essential supplies Mar.11     OPEC to cover war oil shortfall   Austria: 10-nation organization has agreed to raise oil output should supplies be disrupted due to war in Iraq Jan.2  Aid ship heads for Solomons

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Dec.31     Aid boat to cyclone-hit islands delayed
   Solomon Islands: Departure of a boat carrying shelter and medicines has been delayed until the government pays for supplies
Jun.30   U.S. building up forces at obscure base
   Qatar: Vast, remote and little-publicized base would be a critical hub for warplanes, bombs and supplies for airstrikes on Iraq
Feb.5   Aid stranded by heavy snow
  Afghanistan: Heavy snow has blocked all routes into the area affected by hunger and no supplies are now getting in

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Nov.1   US bombed power plant
  Southern Afghanistan: Bombs have hit large power plant, cutting electricity supplies to Kandahar and Lashkargah
Sep.29   First aid flight reaches Pakistan
  UN emergency flight with supplies for Afghan refugees is the first since the 11 September suicide attacks
 Aid stepped up for refugees

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