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Iran claims it flew drone over US aircraft carrier, snapped photos   Southern Iran: Iran claimed Friday it flew a surveillance drone over an aircraft carrier and took 'precise' photographs as part of an ongoing naval drill US Senate votes to curtail bulk data collection. U.S. Senate US Senate in urgent surveillance debate as deadline looms. U.S. Senate Footage shows harrowing scene inside kosher grocery. Paris NSA and GCHQ agents 'leak Tor bugs' alleges developer. USA   US planes search for Nigerian girls   The US has revealed it is flying manned surveillance missions over Nigeria to try to find more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram MEPs seek video link with Snowden for NSA spying probe. European Union NSA leaks: Snowden declares 'mission accomplished'. Washington Australian plane to monitor whaling NSA leaks: UK and US spying targets revealed. London US spy agency urged to curb snooping. Washington NSA, GCHQ among worst surveillance offenders, Snowden says  Edward Snowden: Leaked classified documents show the U.S. National Security Agency and its British counterpart are among the 'worst offenders' of mass surve...   New reports deepen US-Merkel spy row    Germany: Fresh reports in German media based on leaked US documents are prompting damaging new questions about the extent of US surveillance Court halted NSA email surveillance. Washington   Obama vows reforms of surveillance   Washington: President Barack Obama has promised 'appropriate reforms' to guarantee greater oversight of controversial US surveillance programs US lawmakers back phone surveillance. House of Representatives France 'has vast data surveillance'. Paris   Snowden asks Ecuador for asylum   Edward Snowden is the former US intelligence contractor who leaked classified documents revealing US internet and phone surveillance US charges Snowden with espionage. Washington US surveillance 'foiled 50 plots'. U.S. Congress Snowden stands by leak allegations. Hong Kong   Snowden 'banned from flying to UK'
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Crime Main Event: French church attack: 'Pri...
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B. 2017-07-24 Israel removes Jerusalem metal detectors after cabinet vote
2. 2016-12-21 Tunisian fugitive 'had been under surveillance' Berlin
2016-07-26 French church attack: 'Priest killer' was being monitored Church of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, Normandy, France
E. 2016-01-30 Iran claims it flew drone over US aircraft carrier, snapped photos Persian Gulf, Southern Iran
F. 2015-06-02 US Senate votes to curtail bulk data collection U.S. Senate
G. 2015-05-31 US Senate in urgent surveillance debate as deadline looms U.S. Senate
7. 2015-01-14 Footage shows harrowing scene inside kosher grocery
8. 2014-08-21 NSA and GCHQ agents 'leak Tor bugs' alleges developer USA

  Tunisian fugitive 'had been under surveillance'  Berlin: A Europe-wide manhunt is under way for Anis Amri, 24, wanted for the attack, who had been under surveillance earlier this year US surveillance plane makes emergency landing in Russia   Russian Far East: A plane making a routine flight over Russia to fulfill a treaty obligation was experiencing a problem with its landing gear, French church attack: 'Priest killer' was being monitored Map of Church of Saint-%C9tienne-du-Rouvray Normandy France
Israel removes Jerusalem metal detectors after cabinet vote Map of Temple Mount Jerusalem Israel

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  Israel is removing metal detectors from a holy site in Jerusalem and will use less obtrusive surveillance instead

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   France: Adel Kermiche, 19, suspected of killing a priest at a church was being monitored by police and was wearing a surveillance tag at the time of the attack


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  London: The UK government has warned airlines not to allow an ex-CIA employee who leaked secret US surveillance details to fly to the UK, according to reports
Jun.13 NSA chief in rare Senate briefing   U.S. Senate: Keith Alexander has promised to give the entire Senate a classified briefing later about dozens of terror plots he says were thwarted by sur... Jun.12     Snowden 'vows to fight extradition'   Hong Kong: Edward Snowden, the ex-CIA employee who leaked secret US surveillance details, has vowed to fight any attempt to extradite him from Hong Kon... Jun.11 Europe alarmed by US surveillance   European Union: The EU is demanding assurances that Europeans are not having their rights infringed by a massive US surveillance program Jun.10   US spy leaker Edward Snowden 'missing' in Hong Kong   Edward Snowden, 29, who leaked details of US top-secret phone and internet surveillance has disappeared from his hotel in Hong Kong   US spy leaker 'defending liberty'
   Hong Kong: Edward Snowden, ex-CIA employee has said he acted to 'protect basic liberties for people around the world' in leaking details of US surveillance
 Edward Snowden, 29, was revealed as the source of the leaks at his own request by the Guardian newspaper. Snowden, who has fled to Hong Kong, said he had an 'obligation to help free people from oppression'
Jun.9 US surveillance leak source revealed   USA: Edward Snowden, 29, , ex-CIA technical worker has been identified by the Guardian as the source of leaks about US surveillance programs Apr.17 Boston bombs suspect 'seen on film'   Officials investigating the Boston Marathon bombings say they have found images of a potential suspect from surveillance camera footage Apr.9 South Korea raises alert level   South Korea has raised its surveillance alert level amid indications that North Korea is preparing for a medium-range missile test

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Sep.13 Chinese ships patrol disputed islands
Map of Senkaku Japan
  Japan: Six Chinese maritime surveillance ships entered waters around a group of islands at the center of a heated territorial dispute between Tokyo and Beijing
Jun.4 China arrests Tiananmen activists   Beijing: China has arrested activists and placed others under increased surveillance to stop them from marking the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square...

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Dec.15 Drone was looking at Iran nuclear sites
  The Sentinel drone that crashed in Iran last week was on a surveillance mission of suspected nuclear sites in the country, U.S. military officials said
Mar.8     NATO starts 24/7 surveillance of Libya
  NATO has launched around-the-clock surveillance flights of Libya as it considers various options for dealing with escalating violence in the war-torn country
Feb.16 Senate extends Patriot Act powers
  U.S. Senate: The US Senate has voted to extend controversial surveillance powers granted by the Patriot Act law, put in place after the 9/11 attacks

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Mar.10   China: U.S. ship violated international law
  China's state-run media: A U.S. surveillance ship violated Chinese and international laws during patrols more than 100 miles off the Chinese coast Feb.26     Surveillance tape may show attackers
  Mumbai: A brief video appears to show gunmen in a hotel during coordinated attacks on several locations in November

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Dec.7 EU to begin Somali pirate patrols. Somalia Sep.22   N. Korea seeks removal of nuke seals Map of Yongbyon North Korea
   North Korea: North Korea has asked IAEA inspectors 'to remove seals and surveillance equipment to enable them to carry out tests' at the Yongbyon plant
May.3   China on alert over deadly child virus Map of Anhui China
  Health Ministry strengthened surveillance and dispatched specialists to the Anhui province as the death toll from a virulent virus climbed to 22

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Jun.27     Bush faces eavesdropping subpoena
  U.S. Senate: The Senate has issued a subpoena ordering the White House to give up documents related to its surveillance of domestic terror suspects

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Dec.16 Prostitute killings: CCTV footage released
  England: British police released surveillance tv footage of Anneli Alderton, 24, one of 5 murdered prostitutes Nov.9   MI5 tracking '30 UK terror plots'
  London: Security service's head Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller: MI5 is keeping 1,600 individuals under surveillance May.13 Bush defends US spying program
. Washington Feb.11   IAEA 'winds down Iran monitoring'
  Inspectors have stripped most surveillance cameras and agency seals from nuclear sites as demanded by Tehran
Feb.6     Iran tells IAEA to remove cameras
  Iran has told the IAEA to remove its surveillance cameras and other equipment from its nuclear sites by mid-February
Jan.10 Poll finds U.S. split over eavesdropping. USA

year 2003 Top ^

Mar.4   Al Qaeda paymaster in custody
  Pakistan: A dozen names discovered at the house where Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was arrested match those under U.S. surveillance

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Sep.28   9/11 hijackers did surveillance flights  Washington: The hijackers conducted several surveillance flights prior to 9/11, according to declassified information

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Aug.15     U.S. version of plane costs rejected
  China: China rejects as inadaquate a U.S. offer of $34,576 to pay for the costs of recovering a surveillance plane
May.7 U.S. resumes flights off Chinese coast. USA Apr.30     U.S. inspection team due in China
  A U.S. team is on its way to inspect a downed $80 million surveillance aircraft
Apr.29 U.S. can inspect spy plane. China Apr.25   Language was a factor in shootdown
   Peru: None of the crew members on the CIA-contracted surveillance plane is fluent in Spanish
Mar.14 Air base for drug surveillance
   Ecuador: The Ecuadorean air base has become key to U.S. surveillance flights over the cocaine-producing areas of Andes

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