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14 die in Italian Riviera train-gas blast Map of Viareggio Italy  Northern Italy: A gas explosion from a cargo train carrying fuel tanks killed at least five people and injured 35 others in a town in the west coastal town of Viareggio   Israeli ground troops enter Gaza
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Main Event: Kim Jong Un watches parade of t...
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2018-02-08 Kim Jong Un watches parade of tanks, missiles and troops Kim Il Sung Square, Pyongyang, North Korea
C. 2016-09-03 IS conflict: Turkey sends more tanks into Syria Kilis, Turkey
D. 2016-08-27 Turkey suffers first death in cross-border campaign Jarablus, Northern Syria
E. 2015-06-15 US to store heavy weapons in Poland under Nato plan Poland
F. 2015-06-03 Heavy fighting rages near Donetsk, despite truce Maryinka, Donetsk, Donbass
G. 2014-12-19 6 tons of contaminated water leak at Fukushima nuclear plant Fukushima, Northern Japan
H. 2014-11-07 Ukraine accuses Russia of sending of tanks into its territory Kiev
I. 2014-08-25 Russian tanks, armored vehicles enter southeast Ukraine Shcherbak, Donbass

Two convicted in JFK airport bomb plot Map of JFK New York
Kim Jong Un watches parade of tanks, missiles and troops Map of Kim Il Sung Square Pyongyang North Korea   North Korea: Troops, missiles and tanks rolled Thursday in a highly anticipated parade of military might on the eve of South Korea's Winter Olympics   IS conflict: Turkey sends more tanks into Syria   The tanks crossed the border near the Turkish town of Kilis and journalists later heard firing and saw plumes of smoke rising on Syrian terr... Turkey suffers first death in cross-border campaign. Northern Syria   US announces new tank and artillery deployment in Europe   Baltics: The US is to deploy heavy weapons in a number of European nations, amid Nato concerns over Russia's role in Ukraine US to store heavy weapons in Poland under Nato plan   Heavy fighting rages near Donetsk, despite truce   Donbass: Fierce fighting is raging between Ukrainian government forces and pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, officials on both sides say Ukraine accuses Russia of sending of tanks into its territory. Kiev Russian tanks, armored vehicles enter southeast Ukraine. Donbass Ukraine: Russian tanks have entered the country. Donbass Radiation level spikes further at Fukushima. Northern Japan Israeli tanks move to Golan Heights' border. Northern Israel   Tanks deployed near presidential palace after protests   Cairo: Tanks and armored personnel carriers rolled into the shattered district near the Egyptian presidential palace Israeli tanks 'hit Syrian units' in Golan. Northern Israel   Homs suffers 'heaviest' shelling Map of Homs Syria   Syria: The Syrian city of Homs has come under renewed bombardment for the fifth day running - the heaviest so far. Tanks are on the streets   Tanks 'open fire' in Syrian city of Homs   Tanks mounted with machine-guns have opened fire in the Syrian city of Homs. Syrian troops killed at least 20 civilians   Syrian tanks, bulldozers roll into Deir Ezzor   Northern Syria: Syrian troops rolled into the northeastern city of Deir Ezzor with tanks and bulldozers and stormed the western town of Hula Tanks 'advancing' on Syrian city Syrian tanks renew attack on Hama Nato 'in Libya rebel hit apology' Bahrain onslaught on protesters Map of Manama Bahrain  Security forces with tanks have overrun Pearl Square in the centre of capital where anti-government protesters have been camped for weeks Tanks and planes hit Libya rebels Army, demonstrators stand off in square   Cairo: Opposition activists formed a human chain outside one of the entrances to Tahrir Square to prevent 2 tanks from crossing through barricades Tunisian president flees; PM takes reins Map of Tunis Tunisia

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Dec.19  6 tons of contaminated water leak at Fukushima nuclear plant
Jul.13  Ukrainian forces 'storming Luhansk'
Apr.11  Photos 'show Russian military buildup' near Ukraine

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Feb.22  Washington State nuclear waste tanks leaking

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Feb.12  Syrian army uses human shields on tanks
Jan.28  Cruise ship fuel pumping delayed

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Oct.31  Arab League: Syria must end violence
  Army tanks and armored personnel carriers patrolled Tunis, a day after Ghannouchi announced that he is the interim president
 Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali has fled with his family to Saudi Arabia, after being forced from office after 23 years in power

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  New York: Russell Defreitas and Abdul Kadir were accused of conspiring to blow up jet-fuel supply tanks and pipeline in 2007

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  Earlier, the Israelis used ground artillery for the first time in the 8-day-old conflict when tanks fired shells into Gaza.    10 to 15 vehicles crossing the northern border. An Israeli military spokeswoman said the int...
Jan.2 Israel bombs, tanks gather outside Gaza

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Dec.18   Pirates likely to get arms ship ransom
   Somalia: Senior U.S. officials: Pirates holding a ship full of tanks and ammunition off the coast of Somalia are likely to be paid millions of dollars in ransom Oct.28 Tamil Tigers carried out air strikes
. Sri Lanka Sep.25   Pirates seize ship carrying tanks
   Somalia: Ukraine: The ministry says Ukrainian-operated Faina was sailing with 21 people on board under the Belize flag, operated by Ukrainian company
Aug.14 Russian tanks 'on the move'. Georgia Aug.8     Georgia under attack by Russian tanks Map of Tskhinvali Georgia
  South Ossetia: Georgia's president said that his country is under attack by Russian tanks and warplanes, and he accused Russia of targeting civilians
 Saakashvili: All day today, they've been bombing Georgia from numerous warplanes and specifically targeting (the) civilian population. 150 Russian tanks and other vehicles had entered South Ossetia
May.8 Tanks rejoin V-Day parade. Moscow Apr.11 Iraq sends tanks into Sadr City  Iraqi tanks, with U.S. air support, are attacking Sadr City, just hours after al-Sadr called for calm in the wake of the assassination Mar.2 Israel begins Gaza withdrawal Venezuela 'sends tanks to border'

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Jun.1   Fighting kills at least 14   Northern Lebanon: Lebanese soldiers, backed by gunboats, artillery and tanks, entered a Palestinian camp that has hosted days of fierce fighting north of Trip... May.30   Turkey sends forces to Iraq border
  Amid debate over the issue of a cross-border offensive targeting Kurdish rebels, Turkey sent large contingents of soldiers, tanks May.20   Islamic militants, security forces battle Map of Tripoli Lebanon  Northern Lebanon: Tanks pounded a militant group's headquarters in a Palestinian camp near Tripoli after the city's worst clashes killed 37 people

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Dec.28 Mogadishu falls to government troops
. Somalia Dec.22 Ethiopian tanks heading to Somalia battle Nov.22   Israeli troops advance into 2 towns  Gaza: Ground troops, tanks and armored vehicles are in pursuit of rocket squads, besieging a Hamas lawmaker's house Sep.19 Tanks appear in Bangkok - reports. Thailand Aug.9   Troops, tanks moved across border  Southern Lebanon: Israel lobbed artillery rounds into southern Lebanon. A vicious battle broke out in Khiyam Jul.22 Israeli sends tanks to gain foothold. Southern Lebanon Jul.5 Israel tanks enter northern Gaza
  A force of Israeli tanks and armoured vehicles is re-occupying former Israeli settlements in the area
Jun.28  Tanks, troops, planes strike Gaza Apr.13   Chad declares victory over rebel column
  Rebels and government forces battled with helicopters, tanks and heavy weapons in capital N'djamena
Mar.14 Israelis storm Palestinian prison  West Bank: 6 inmates were holed up and vowing not to be taken alive. Palestinian guards clashed with Israelis

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Dec.12   UK oil depot fire 'largest of kind'
  England: Firefighters are battling blazes at 3 tanks still burning after explosions while investigators search for clues

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Oct.17  U.S. forces pound Falluja targets Aug.24  US forces 'tighten Najaf noose'

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Apr.7  US expands Baghdad control Apr.5 U.S. troops fighting in Baghdad Apr.4   U.S troops enter Baghdad  U.S. soldiers and tanks are operating inside the city on a reconnaissance mission Mar.20 Airstrike hits north as tanks roll from south. Mosul Mar.13  Israeli troops raid Jenin camp, 5 killed Jan.2  Israeli tanks enter refugee camps

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Nov.12  Israelis descend on Nablus Nov.11   Tanks, troops moved into refugee camp
Map of Tulkarm Israel
  West Bank: About 30 tanks, armoured troop carriers and jeeps entered the camp in the city of Tulkarm
Nov.3   7.9 Earthquake knocked over fuel tanks
  Alaska: Earthquake rocked a sparsely populated area, damaged highways and shook rural homes
Oct.24   Israeli tanks enter Jenin
  West Bank: It's the biggest security operation since one launched in August. Israelis are carrying out house-to-house searches
Sep.28 Violence surrounds Intifada anniversary
  Gaza: Palestinian youths threw rocks at Israeli tanks in demonstrations marking the second anniversary of the fighting
Sep.19  Tanks advance on Arafat's compound Aug.6  Tanks moved into Beit Lahia Aug.1  Israeli tanks enter Nablus Jun.24  Arafat denounces Israeli siege Jun.21 Israel tanks fire on Jenin crowd. West Bank Jun.10     Israeli tanks surround Arafat Map of Ramallah Israel
  West Bank: The army launched 'pinpoint incursion' into Ramallah, arresting at least 27 Palestinians, including policemen
Jun.9  Israeli tanks roll into Ramallah Jun.5  Israel enters Jenin May.30   Israeli tanks move on Nablus
  West Bank: Tanks, armoured personnel carriers surrounded a refugee camp on the edge of the city
May.16  Israeli forces re-enter Jenin Apr.24 Tanks and troops entered Hebron
. West Bank Apr.17   Tanks leave Jenin camp Map of Jenin Israel
  West Bank: Israel have begun to withdraw its forces from the towns of Jenin and Nablus. 50 tanks leaving the battered refugee camp
Apr.7  Jenin, Nablus offensive winding down Apr.3 Bethlehem church under siege Map of Bethlehem Israel
  West Bank: 100 armed Palestinian police have taken refuge in the Church of the Nativity. Israeli tanks are surrounding the church
Mar.31  Israeli forces controls Qalqilya  Tanks roll after war declaration Mar.29  Israeli onslaught corners Arafat Mar.28  Tanks move into Ramallah Mar.11  Israeli army raids Ramallah Mar.6  Tanks, F-16 jets attack Palestinians Mar.3  Israel storms refugee camps  Israel hits back over Palestinian attacks Feb.19   High court halts Gaza demolition
  Jerusalem: Injunction has temporarily halted the demolition of homes. 4 had already been destroyed by bulldozers and tanks Feb.15   Israel investigates tank blast
  Gaza: Roadside bomb attack destroyed one of its most heavily armed battle tanks, killing 3 soldiers
Feb.12     Tank movements
  Gaza: Tanks moved into two towns after Israel warned it might set up security zones in Palestinian-controlled areas
Jan.21     Tanks, troops took control of Tulkarm
  West Bank: UN envoy condemns Israeli raid and urged to withdraw
Jan.20 Goma petrol station blast kills 50. Congo Jan.18     Tanks close in on Arafat HQ Map of Ramallah Israel
  West Bank: Israeli forces have tightened their encirclement around the Ramallah within 30 metres of Arafat's offices
Jan.9     Israeli uses tanks and bulldozers Map of Rafah Israel
  Gaza: 12 Israeli tanks and bulldozers stormed the town of Rafah and started razing buildings

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Dec.20   Tanks pull back
Map of Ramallah Israel
  West Bank: Tanks and soldiers have pulled out of Palestinian areas near Ramallah
Nov.15   Israeli troops raid refugee camp  Gaza: Tanks and bulldozers entered the Khan Younis camp and destroyed firing bases for mortars. One person was killed Oct.18   Tanks enter Bethlehem
  West Bank: Tanks and bulldozers have entered Palestinian-controlled territory. Tanks are firing at buildings
Oct.4  Israeli army seizes Hebron hilltop Oct.2  Israel hits back after raid Sep.22   Tanks move into Gaza  The Israeli army made a brief incursion of several hundred metres into Palestinian controlled territory Sep.15   Israeli tanks enter Ramallah
  West Bank: Tanks and helicopters killed a Palestinian security officer and wounded 15 others
Sep.12  Tanks move into Jericho Sep.11  Tanks raid Jenin Aug.23 Tanks, gunships hit Hebron
. West Bank Aug.19 Russia commemorates 1991 coup
  Moscow: Muscovites who defended the parliament from tanks sent to crush resistance gathered outside the building
Aug.8  Battle in Tetovo Aug.6   Suicide bomber thwarted
  West Bank: Captured in the West Bank planned to carry out an attack on Tel Aviv. Tanks shelled Palestinian targets near Qalqilya
Jul.27   Tanks shell Palestinian targets
  West Bank: Police and Force 17 outposts were destroyed in the West Bank in retaliation for the death of a Jewish settler
Jul.17  Tanks sent to West Bank Jul.16 Explosion at Jewish games site Map of Hebron Israel
  Israel: 2 Palestinians dead as bomb exploded prematurely before the start of the Jewish Olympics. Tanks went into Hebron
May.11     Annan condemns Mideast violence
  UN: U.N. Secretary-General said that both sides need to step back and start discussions. Tanks and bulldozers entered Gaza
May.9   Israeli troops enter Palestinian camp
  Gaza: Bulldozers and tanks entered a refugee camp in southern Gaza, exchanging fire with Palestinians
Apr.8     Arafat's Fatah, Gaza homes hit
  Israeli helicopters and tanks fired on the Palestinian-controlled village. 5 homes were damaged
Feb.22 U.N. troops deploy along border
   Eritrea: 1,200 Ethiopian troops drove their tanks and artillery out of border town clearing buffer zone for the U.N. troops Feb.1 Troops clash ethnic Albanians
  Kosovo: British troops fired plastic bullets and drove tanks to scatter crowds hurling rocks
Jan.5  Concorde tanks burst 6 times

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Jul.25     Concorde crash kills 113
  Paris: Fuel tanks were ruptured by bursting tyres on 6 separate occasions before the fatal accident

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