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Deadly clashes strike Egypt as new government takes shape. Cairo US-Egypt fighter jet deal 'on track'. Washington Egypt interim leader sets poll plan   Cairo: Adly Mansour has outlined his timetable for new elections, amid continuing unrest in the country Park protests spread across Turkey Map of Ankara Turkey
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2016-09-21 State of emergency for Charlotte as unrest over police shooting continues
2. 2016-05-01 France labour unrest: Clashes erupt at May Day march Paris
D. 2016-02-22 India caste unrest. Water supply partially restored in Delhi Delhi, New Delhi
4. 2016-02-22 India caste unrest. Ten million without water in Delhi Munak canal, Delhi, New Delhi
5. 2015-04-29 Freddie Gray protests in several US cities Manhattan
6. 2014-11-27 Tensions ease in protest-hit Ferguson
H. 2014-11-25 Troops sent to quell Ferguson unrest
I. 2014-09-28 Fresh clashes as pro-democracy protests spread Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
J. 2014-09-15 Philippines' Mayon volcano showing signs of unrest Mt. Mayon, Albay, Philippines

India caste unrest. Ten million without water in Delhi Map of Munak canal Delhi India  New Delhi: More than 10 million people in India's capital are without water despite the army regaining control of its key water source after protests   Troops sent to quell Ferguson unrest   Missouri: The US state of Missouri has ordered more troops to the Ferguson area to quell unrest after a policeman was cleared over Michael Brown's kil... Fresh clashes as pro-democracy protests spread. Hong Kong Philippines' Mayon volcano showing signs of unrest Ferguson unrest: White House steps up involvement. Missouri Ukrainians vote for new president. Ukraine Ukraine crisis: East cities braced for more unrest. Eastern Ukraine Kiev 'helpless' to quell parts of east Map of Donetsk Ukraine  Donbass: acting President Olexander Turchynov has admitted his forces are 'helples' to quell unrest driven by pro-Russian activists in Donetsk and Luhansk EU and US mull further Russia sanctions. European Union   Kiev bloodshed sparks sanctions push   European Union: Europe's leaders are to consider urgent sanctions against Ukraine after the worst violence in months of unrest claimed at least 26 lives   Ukraine passes protest amnesty law   Kiev: Ukraine passes a law giving amnesty to protesters detained during recent unrest, on the condition occupied government buildings are vacated Ukrainian president meets opposition. Kiev Concessions fail to end Kiev unrest Mexico starts disarming vigilantes Veil row sparks Paris suburb unrest Map of Trappes France
  State of emergency for Charlotte as unrest over police shooting continues Map of Charlotte North Carolina North Carolina

year 2016 Top ^

  North Carolina: The governor of N. Carolina has declared a state of emergency in the city, sending in the National Guard, as unrest continues
May.1  France labour unrest: Clashes erupt at May Day march
Feb.22  India caste unrest. Water supply partially restored in Delhi

year 2015 Top ^

Apr.29  Freddie Gray protests in several US cities

year 2014 Top ^

Nov.27  Tensions ease in protest-hit Ferguson
Apr.3  US created 'Cuban Twitter' to stir unrest
Feb.7  Violent protests spread in Bosnia
Jan.26  Ukraine protests 'spread' into Russia-influenced east

year 2013 Top ^

Sep.13  Bid to end Philippine rebel unrest
Aug.29  DR Congo unrest: Rwanda condemns 'bombing'
Aug.15  Sky News cameraman killed in Cairo
  Crowds of youths have thrown stones at French police and set fire to cars in a second night of disturbances in the Paris suburb of Trappes

Jul.9  Liberal opposition rejects transition plan
 Egypt interim leader calls for calm
  Police have clashed with protesters in the capital and in Istanbul, on the 2nd day of unrest sparked by plans to build a shopping centre on a city park
May.13   Dhaka unrest forces factory closures Map of Dhaka Bangladesh  Bangladesh: Many Bangladeshi textile factories near the capital have shut because of unrest sparked by the collapse of a factory building last month May.11 Karachi unrest mars Pakistan poll
  Unrest in Pakistan's biggest city Karachi has marred landmark national and provincial polls
May.5 Police break up Dhaka Islamist unrest   Bangladesh: Police have used stun grenades and rubber bullets to disperse a huge demonstration by Islamist protesters in the capital Dhaka Apr.28 Iraq unrest prompts TV channel ban
  Baghdad: Iraqi authorities have suspended the licences of 10 satellite channels because of a rise in sectarian unrest
Mar.14  Arms push on Syria war anniversary Mar.9 Deadly unrest over Egypt sentencing
Map of Port Said Egypt
  At least one person has been killed as rival football fans protest over sentences handed down over riots at a match in Port Said last year
Jan.27   Deadly clashes erupt as Port Said mourns Map of Port Said Egypt
   Egypt: Three people have been killed and 400 injured in the city of Port Said at the mass funeral for about 30 people killed in unrest on Saturday
Jan.26 Fans verdicts spark Egypt unrest Map of Port Said Egypt
  At least 30 people have died in Port Said, officials say, in clashes sparked by the sentencing to death of 21 local people over football riots in Egypt

year 2012 Top ^

Dec.21 Egypt votes in second referendum
Dec.14     Egyptians vote in referendum on constitution
  Egyptians are voting in a referendum on a draft constitution that has divided the country and sparked deadly unrest
Dec.5 Clashes in Cairo amid constitution row
Nov.30 Kuwaitis vote after mass protest
  Kuwaitis are casting their votes for the second time this year as they head to the polls to choose a new parliament amid growing unrest
Nov.14   'Gunman' killed in Jordan unrest
Map of Irbid Jordan
  Jordanian police say they have shot dead a gunman attacking a police station in the north of the country on the second day of country-wide unrest
Oct.26   Burma images 'show mass burnings'    Myanmar: A human rights group has released pictures showing what appears to be the destruction of a western Burmese district riven by ethnic unrest Sep.26     Day death toll in Syria hit 343
  The death toll in Syria hit 343 Wednesday, the highest daily toll since unrest broke out in March 2011
Jul.19   Unrest at Spain austerity protest
  Madrid: Spanish police have fired rubber bullets to clear demonstrators in Madrid as a day of nationwide protests against spending cuts ended in unrest
Mar.1     NGO workers leave Egypt on U.S. military plane  A group of American, European and Palestinian pro-democracy activists accused of fomenting unrest allowed to post bail Feb.25   Syria holds vote on constitution   The Syrian government is holding a national referendum on a new constitution, amid continuing violent unrest and a boycott by the opposition

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.28 Unrest continues as Arab monitors fan out. Syria Dec.18   Oil unrest spreads to regional capital Map of Aktau
  Kazakstan: Kazakstan's deepest unrest since independence from Soviet rule has spread from the oil town where it broke out on Friday to Aktau
Dec.8 Putin blames Clinton for election unrest. Moscow Nov.27 Polls open for Egypt's historic vote Nov.23   Unrest continues in central Cairo
  Protesters step up their demand for Egypt's military rulers to resign. Street battles with riot police have been heaviest around the interior ministry
Nov.14  No let-up in unrest across Syria Nov.1 Syria, Arab League reach agreement
  Syria and the Arab League have reached an agreement on a plan aimed at finding a solution to the months-long unrest in the country
Oct.17  Women march in Yemen's capital Oct.10  Egypt army calls for unrest probe Jun.7  EU allies seek UN action on Syria May.31 Bahrain warns against unrest
  Bahrain warned against anti-government activity ahead of its plans to lift emergency laws that had allowed for a crackdown on opposition
May.30   South African leader visits Gadhafi    Libya: President Jacob Zuma is set to meet embattled Libyan leader, his second visit to Tripoli since unrest started roiling the North African coun... Apr.23   President Saleh agrees to step down
   Yemen: President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen has agreed to step down under a 30-day transition plan aimed at ending unrest over his 32-year rule Apr.20 Nigeria unrest 'not spontaneous'
  President Goodluck Jonathan has said that the violence in the country that followed his re-election 'was not a spontaneous reaction'
Mar.29 Syrian government resigns
  The Syrian government resigned amid an unusual wave of unrest that has roiled the nation. President Bashar al-Assad accepted the resignations
Mar.1   Thousands marched to remove Saleh Map of Sanaa Yemen
   Yemen: Embattled president Ali Abdullah Saleh blamed the United States and Israel for the unrest across the region
Feb.21     Libyan leader appears on state TV  Muammar Gaddafi, has dismissed reports that he had fled amid the unrest sweeping the country, calling foreign news channels 'dogs' Feb.18 Rising death toll in Libya unrest. Eastern Libya Yemen death toll climbs in unrest Map of Sanaa Yemen
  Hurling rocks and brandishing sticks, supporters of Ali Abdullah Saleh plunged into a crowd calling for the longtime president's ouster
Feb.4   Amid unrest, Iraqi PM halves salary
  Baghdad: Amid growing unrest about poor public services and water shortages, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki agreed to cut his salary in half
Jan.31   Unrest in N. Africa may spread to Syria
  Opposition movements in Syria are calling for mass protests on Saturday against the rule of President Bashar Al-Assad Jan.28 Government dissolved amid unrest    Egypt: Embattled President Hosni Mubarak asked the country's government to resign after thousands of angry Egyptians defied a government curfew Jan.15  Prison riots amid Tunisia unrest Jan.8   Fresh deadly unrest hits Tunisia Map of Thala Tunisia
  At least one person has been killed in unrest over unemployment during a demonstration in the western town of Thala
Jan.1   Bolivia reverses fuel prices hike
  President Evo Morales has rescinded a decree which raised fuel prices by more than 70% and sparked civil unrest

year 2010 Top ^

Dec.28 Politicians 'fuel Nigeria unrest'
  Nigerian faith leaders have accused politicians of fuelling a recent upsurge in sectarian violence in which 80 people have died
Dec.16   Fears of fresh Ivory Coast unrest
Map of Abidjan Ivory Coast
  Supporters of one of the two rival presidents say they intend to take to the streets again, a day after gun battles in the main city of Abidjan
Nov.18   Calm returns to after days of unrest   Guinea: 3 days of violence throughout the country killed at least nine people and pushed the ruling military junta to declare a national state of em... Oct.24   Rome landfill pledge fails to halt unrest
  Naples: The government would halt the construction of a controversial landfill near Naples, but the assurance was not enough for protesters
Oct.4  Government: unrest was coup attempt May.26  Jamaicans unnerved after unrest May.23   PM Bruce Golding promises to end unrest
Map of Kingston Jamaica
   Jamaica: Prime Minister has denounced unrest in the capital city Kingston as a 'calculated assault on the authority of the state'
Apr.7 Unrest prompts state of emergency. Kyrgyzstan Mar.1 Extra troops deployed amid quake unrest    Chile: Thousands of troops are heading to the devastated earthquake zone as reports emerge of desperate survivors turning to looting and arson Feb.23 French air traffic controllers went on strike
   France: Labor unrest continued to roll across Europe despite the suspension of a strike by Lufthansa pilots after just one day

year 2009 Top ^

Aug.30 Officials to probe secret burial claim
Map of Tehran Iran
  Tehran: City officials have agreed to investigate claims that bodies of protesters killed in the unrest were secretly buried in the nation's largest cemetery
Aug.28     Ahmadinejad: Punishment for dissenters
  Iran: Iranian President urged stiff punishment for those who 'orchestrated and provoked' the 'painful' unrest after the June 12 election
Aug.26  Khamenei: 'No foreign link' in unrest Aug.8  EU hits out at Tehran over trial Jul.6 Khamenei blames 'enemies' for unrest
. Tehran Unrest spreads in western China. Western China Jun.18 Leadership divided amid unrest
  Iran: Influential parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani blamed the Interior Ministry for a bloody crackdown on civilians
Apr.23     Thailand lifts state of emergency
  The government ended a nearly 2-week-old state of emergency, following last week's widespread and sometimes violent political unrest

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.10 Slowdown prompts unrest fears  China: China's sharp economic slowdown is set to cause more labor unrest amid factory closures and mass layoffs triggered by the global crisis Nov.16 U.N. envoy meets Congolese rebel leader Sep.12   'State of siege' declared Map of Pando Bolivia
   Bolivia: Bolivian authorities declared a state of siege to begin at midnight in the eastern department of Pando, which has been the site of recent unrest
Sep.5 Three top judges return. Pakistan Jul.31 Unrest sparks aid warning
  Afghanistan: Aid agencies have warned they may become unable to operate in parts of the country once seen as safe because of the intensifying conflict
Jun.12  China on alert for unrest in quake zone Apr.17 UN appeals to Haitian politicians
  The head of the mission in Haiti has called for a new government to be chosen as soon as possible to avoid further unrest over food prices Mar.25 Unrest spreads around Shia Iraq Mar.16  Tibet unrest spreads beyond Lhasa 'Eighty killed' in unrest   Tibet: Indian-based officials said the figure was confirmed by several sources, even though China put the death toll at 10 Mar.14  China sets protest deadline   Riots, shots as anti-China unrest grows
Map of Lhasa China
  Tibet: Opponents of Chinese rule set fire to vehicles and shops as tear gas filled the streets and gunfire rang out in the capital, Lhasa
 Rallies have continued all week in the largest protests against Beijing's rule in 20 years. Dalai Lama, released a statement expressing deep concern. He called on the Chinese leadership to stop using force and begin dialogue with the Tibetan people
Jan.6 Odinga rejects power-sharing offer. Kenya Jan.3 Civil unrest damaging Kenya's economy     Kibaki 'open to opposition talks'    Kenya: President has broken his silence over the unrest gripping Kenya by making a televised appeal for calm Jan.2  Party to defy protest ban

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.29  Count halted amid unrest Nov.17  U.S. envoy meets with Pakistani leader Jul.31 British army ends N. Irish mission
  Northern Ireland: British troops were sent in 1969 to help quell unrest over civil rights which erupted between the majority Protestant population and local Catholics
Apr.28   Estonia blames Russia for unrest
  Estonia has accused Russia of provoking 2 nights of rioting over the removal of a Soviet war memorial in Tallinn

year 2006 Top ^

Dec.5   Tense Beirut buries unrest victim
  Shiite Muslims buried a young man killed in street clashes in a Sunni neighborhood
Sep.5   'Taleban' in peace deal
Map of North Waziristan Pakistan  Tribal Areas: Pakistan has signed North Waziristan accord with pro-Taleban militants on the Afghan border to end the unrest Jun.25 PM ready to resign. East Timor Jun.4   Parliament debates on violent civil unrest
   East Timor: Clashes continued outside Dili. Some MPs were unable to attend because they were holed up in compounds
Jun.2 Australia makes Timor healing bid
  Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer appealled for political reconciliation to end 10 unrest in East Timor
Apr.19  Indian envoys to meet Nepal's king Mar.3   Unrest after Israel church attack
  West Bank: Scuffles have broken out after 3 Israelis set off firecrackers in the Church of the Annunciation

year 2005 Top ^

Nov.15   Lawmakers back new powers  Paris: a draft law is extending emergency powers by 3 months to quell urban unrest Nov.14 Chirac vows firm action on unrest. Paris  Cabinet seeks to extend crisis law Nov.13   Riot-hit Lyon bans public meeting
  Southern France: Police have banned any public gatherings on Sunday afternoon that might lead to unrest
Nov.12   Paris on guard to prevent unrest
  Text messages and Internet postings called for 'violent actions' in the capital
Nov.6  Unrest reaches French capital  Chirac in crisis talks on riots Nov.4   Political unrest spreads
   Ethiopia: The protests spread from the capital to other parts, leaving four people dead and 11 wounded
Jun.6   Protests deepen in La Paz
   Bolivia: Tens of thousands of demonstrators have rallied in one of the biggest protests in weeks of unrest
May.16 Toll rises as unrest spreads. Uzbekistan May.14  President Karimov blames Islamists Apr.4 Thais fear bomb unrest may spread
   Thailand: The bombs hit an airport, hotel and supermarket just outside the violence-hit Muslim far south
Feb.16 CIA links terror threat to Iraq

year 2004 Top ^

Jul.24     Arafat denies 'crisis' amid unrest in Gaza
  West Bank: Palestinian leader denied that his government is in crisis
Feb.11   President Aristide refuses to resign
   Haiti: Jean-Bertrand Aristide has vowed to serve out his term, despite unrest aimed at forcing him to resign

year 2003 Top ^

Nov.14  Mass protest fuels unrest Mar.23   Oil crisis worsens
   Nigeria: ChevronTexaco, Royal Dutch/Shell and TotalFinaElf are cutting oil and gas production as civil unrest escalates

year 2002 Top ^

Jul.2   Duhalde moves up election to halt unrest
   Argentina: Caretaker leader said he would move up elections by six months to March 2003

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