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Colombian warlord pleads not guilty  Washington: Carlos Mario Jimenez Naranjo, known in Colombia as 'Macaco', pleaded not guilty to drug-trafficking charges in a court after his extradition Fickle warlord Hekmatyar ends insurgency  Kabul: Rebel leader and Taliban and al Qaeda ally Gulbuddin Hekmatyar has declared a ceasefire against the government ICC trial for DR Congo's warlord  The only permanent international war crimes court has ruled there is enough evidence to put Thomas Lubanga on trial Sources: warlord Qaybdiid surrenders   Somalia: Abdi Awale Qaybdiid surrendered to powerful Islamists after losing most of his territory in two days Most-wanted warlord Basayev killed
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Justice Main Event: Cease-fire unraveling as...
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1. 2014-03-06 DR Congo warlord faces ICC verdict Hague
C. 2013-12-11 Kony's LRA weakened further after largest defection in five years CAR
3. 2012-07-10 Warlord gets 14 years for using child soldiers Congo
E. 2011-02-07 Chechen claims airport bombing Chechnya
5. 2009-01-25 Warlord Thomas Lubanga in landmark trial Netherlands
2008-11-06 Cease-fire unraveling as fighting spreads Congo
H. 2007-07-19 Fickle warlord Hekmatyar ends insurgency Kabul
8. 2007-01-29 ICC trial for DR Congo's warlord Congo

Cease-fire unraveling as fighting spreads
DR Congo warlord faces ICC verdict  Hague: Judges at International Criminal Court (ICC) are due to give their verdict at the war crimes trial of Congolese militia leader Germain Katan... Kony's LRA weakened further after largest defection in five years   CAR: Warlord Joseph Kony is continuing to lose his tyrannical grip on CAR after nearly 20 soldiers in the region defected from the brutal guerilla... Warlord gets 14 years for using child soldiers   Congo: The International Criminal Court handed down its first-ever sentence, Thomas Lubanga convicted of using child soldiers and turning them into killers Chechen claims airport bombing  Chechnya: One of Russia's most wanted men, Chechen warlord Doku Umarov, has said he ordered the deadly bomb attack last month on a Moscow airport Warlord Thomas Lubanga in landmark trial

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   Netherlands: Former Congolese militia leader is due to go on trial shortly at the International Criminal Court (ICC) over the use of child soldiers

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   Congo: A fragile cease-fire appeared to be unraveling as battles between warlord Laurent Nkunda's rebels and the army spread to another town


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  North Caucasus: Russia's most wanted man has been killed by the country's special forces
Jun.4   Islamists seize key town   Somalia: Islamic Courts militia has seized a town of Balad from a member of the warlord alliance it is fighting Mar.28   War crimes suspect Taylor missing   Nigeria: Liberian warlord and war crimes suspect has disappeared from the haven Nigeria had granted him

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Jul.18 Afghan warlord guilty of torture
  England: Faryadi Zardad, 42, has been found guilty of a 'heinous' campaign of torture and hostage taking in his homeland Feb.3   Beslan leader 'planning repeat'  England: The Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev has warned he is planning further attacks

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Sep.16   Rebel Basayev claims Beslan siege
  Chechnya: Chechen warlord has claimed responsibility for the school siege, in which at least 320 hostages, many of them children, died
Mar.21   Government minister killed in Heart
  Afghanistan: Civil aviation minister Mirwais Sadiq was killed after an assassination attempt against his father, warlord Ismail Khan

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Mar.17   Arkan home raided in Djindjic probe  Belgrade: Police raided the Belgrade home of feared warlord Arkan's young widow. Police had detained popular folk music star

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Nov.1 Warlord admits Moscow theatre raid  Chechnya: Shamil Basayev said on a Web site that his group was behind theatre siege in which 119 hostages died Oct.31 Arrested with 18 pounds of mercury  Moscow: Police arrested S. Krymergeri, who is suspected of belonging to the gang of prominent Chechen warlord Basayev Jan.26   Ex-militia leader buried  Beirut: Beirut church was packed for the funeral of the assassinated former warlord and ex-cabinet minister Elie Hobeika Jan.24 Warlord death link with Sharon case. Lebanon Bomb kills former warlord
   Lebanon: A former Christian militia leader Elie Hobeika was accused of massacring Palestinian refugees in 1982

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Dec.24 Warlord Dostum is given top job  Kabul: New leader Karzai has appointed the northern warlord General Abdul Rashid Dostum as deputy defence minister Dec.5 Uzbek warlord rejects Afghan deal
. Afghanistan

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