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  Turkish warplanes bomb ISIS positions in Syria Map of Havar Syria
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2016-04-13 Russian warplanes 'aggressively' pass US missile destroyer Baltic Sea, Russia
C. 2016-02-26 As truce nears, Syria activists report heavy Russian airstrikes Damascus
D. 2016-01-07 Iran accuses Saudis of hitting Yemen embassy Iranian embassy, Sanaa, Yemen
4. 2015-10-29 US jets intercept Russian warplanes off Korean peninsula Sea of Japan, South Korea
5. 2015-10-05 Russian warplanes violated its airspace Yayladagi, Hatay, Turkey
G. 2015-07-24 Turkish warplanes bomb ISIS positions in Syria Havar, Northern Syria
H. 2014-08-16 U.S. jets hit ISIS near dam
I. 2014-06-25 Syrian warplanes strike in Iraq, killing 57 civilians Rutba, Western Iraq
9. 2013-11-28 China sends warplanes to air zone

As truce nears, Syria activists report heavy Russian airstrikes   Iran accuses Saudis of hitting Yemen embassy   Iran has accused Saudi-led coalition warplanes of damaging its embassy and injuring staff in an air strike on Yemen's capital, Sanaa US jets intercept Russian warplanes off Korean peninsula Russian warplanes violated its airspace Map of Yayladagi Hatay Turkey
Russian warplanes 'aggressively' pass US missile destroyer Map of Baltic Sea Russia

year 2016 Top ^

Apr.13   Russia
  The Sukhoi SU-24 warplanes flew close to a US guided missile destroyer almost a dozen times, American officials have said
Feb.26   Damascus
Jan.7   Yemen

year 2015 Top ^

Oct.29   South Korea
Oct.5   Turkey
  Two Russian fighter jets Su-30 and Su-24 may have flown into Turkish air space accidentally, a senior U.S. military source said.    The first violation on Saturday, after which two Turkish F-16 jets were scrambled. Turkey s...

Jul.24   Northern Syria  
  The strikes -- which struck three ISIS targets inside Syria -- come a day after ISIS militants killed a Turkish soldier in a border clash

year 2014 Top ^

Aug.16   Mosul   U.S. jets hit ISIS near dam
Map of Mosul Dam Iraq  U.S. warplanes carried out airstrikes in northern Iraq near ISIS-controlled Mosul Dam early Saturday morning, Jun.25   Western Iraq     Syrian warplanes strike in Iraq, killing 57 civilians Map of Rutba Iraq  More than 120 others were wounded by what local officials say were Syrian warplanes that struck several border areas of Anbar province

year 2013 Top ^

Nov.28   China China sends warplanes to air zone
Map of Senkaku islands East China Sea China  China has sent warplanes to its newly declared air defence zone in the East China Sea, state media reports May.3   Syria     Israeli warplanes strike Syrian weapons facility  A Syrian weapons facility was struck overnight by Israeli warplanes Feb.4   Mali French jets target Mali rebel bases  French warplanes have bombed rebel bases and depots in remote parts of northern Mali to try to cut off supply routes, France's foreign minister... Jan.31   Iran Iran, Syria warn of retribution for Israeli airstrike Jan.18   Mali French planes pound Islamist militant targets Jan.17   Mali   Americans held hostage in Algeria   French warplanes pounded Islamist militant targets as international efforts to help the nation's government fight insurgents gained momentum Jan.13   Mali   French planes widen Mali attacks   French warplanes have bombed the town of Gao in eastern Mali, extending their attacks deep into rebel-held territory

year 2012 Top ^

Sep.20   Northern Syria Syrian warplanes pound gas station
Jul.24   Aleppo Warplanes hit Syria's second city

year 2011 Top ^

Jan.4   Gaza Israeli air strikes hit Gaza

year 2009 Top ^

Feb.7   Gaza Israeli jets hit targets in Gaza
Jan.14   Egypt U.N. chief: 'No time to lose' in Mideast Jan.8   Gaza Bombs hit Gaza as UN urges truce Jan.2   Gaza Israel bombs, tanks gather outside Gaza

year 2008 Top ^

Oct.12   Northern Iraq Turkey again strikes Kurdish rebels in Iraq
Aug.8   South Ossetia     Georgia under attack by Russian tanks Map of Tskhinvali Georgia
  Georgia's president said that his country is under attack by Russian tanks and warplanes, and he accused Russia of targeting civilians
 Saakashvili: All day today, they've been bombing Georgia from numerous warplanes and specifically targeting (the) civilian population. 150 Russian tanks and other vehicles had entered South Ossetia

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.23   Northern Iraq Turkish jets hit Iraqi Kurd region
Dec.16   Northern Iraq     Turkey hits PKK   The warplanes and long-range missiles attacked Kurdish rebel positions in the mountains near the Turkish border Oct.9   West Pakistan   Jets pound 'rebel bases'
Map of Mir Ali Pakistan  Warplanes have attacked suspected pro-Taliban positions near the Afghan border for a 4th day. 45 troops and 150 rebels have died so far Sep.6   Syria Israeli airstrike targeted nuclear reactor
  New York Times: An airstrike targeted a partially built nuclear reactor that was years away from completion.    Syria has said its air defenses opened fire on warplanes a...
May.25   Gaza Israeli warplanes strike Hamas target
Apr.7   Southern Iraq U.S. sends warplanes to strike insurgents   U.S. warplanes struck insurgents armed with rocket-propelled grenades in the in the predominantly Shiite city of Diwaniya

year 2006 Top ^

Aug.3   Beirut     Bombs pound Beirut for second night  Israel is targeting a stronghold of Hezbollah militants. Warplanes dropped leaflets over several neighborhoods Jul.22   Beirut Israeli jets bomb Sidon and Beirut
Jul.13   Beirut     Israeli warplanes hit Beirut suburb  Warplanes bombed southern Beirut, home to the offices of Hezbollah and the group's leader Jun.28   Syria   Israel warplanes over home of Assad  Syrian state TV: Syria chased warplanes out of its airspace after what it called a 'hostile and provocative act'

year 2004 Top ^

Nov.5   Sunni Triangle   Warplanes continue to hit Falluja
  U.S. warplanes attacked targets in and around the insurgent-held city, while gunfire echoed through the night
Oct.18   Sunni Triangle     U.S. bombs targets linked to al-Zarqawi   Warplanes bombed houses used by wanted terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in the volatile city of Falluja Sep.25   Sunni Triangle Fighting, insurgent attacks intense
Aug.23   Iraq   U.S. warplanes slam militia in Najaf
  Intensified airstrikes hit targets around the Imam Ali Mosque and a huge fire lit the sky around the Shiite Islam shrine
Jan.20   Southern Lebanon Israel strikes Hezbollah targets

year 2003 Top ^

Apr.8   Baghdad U.S. strikes at heart of Baghdad
Mar.29   Baghdad B-52s targeting Rep. Guard in Baghdad Mar.11   South Korea Stealth jets sent to South Korea
  United States is sending up to 6 radar-avoiding F-117A warplanes for joint military exercises
Jan.10   Iraq   U.S., British warplanes dropped bombs
  Planes dropped bombs on several Iraqi communications sites south of Baghdad

year 2002 Top ^

Jun.30   Qatar   U.S. building up forces at obscure base
  Vast, remote and little-publicized base would be a critical hub for warplanes, bombs and supplies for airstrikes on Iraq
Mar.4   Eastern Afghanistan   US pounds militant hideouts
  Warplanes have been continuing their raids on Taleban and al-Qaeda in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan
Mar.3   West Bank Israel hits back over Palestinian attacks

year 2001 Top ^

Dec.27   Afghanistan   US bombers hit Taleban hideout
  Warplanes have destroyed a compound south-west of Kabul
Dec.21   Afghanistan   US warplanes attack convoy
  Convoy of vehicles believed to be carrying leaders of the Taleban or al-Qaeda
Nov.29   Kandahar U.S. keeps pressure on Kandahar Nov.25   Afghanistan Alliance claimed half of Konduz Nov.15   Afghanistan     US raids kill terror group leaders  Warplanes have killed several leaders of al-Qaeda network and the Taleban regime Oct.29   Kandahar   U.S. jets struck Kandahar
  U.S., Britain dispute campaign critics. Warplanes struck Taliban positions facing the Northern Alliance
  Afghanistan     US bombs Bin Laden hide-outs  Warplanes have targeted underground command centres of al-Qaeda network Oct.26   Afghanistan   Second bombing error
  Warplanes dropped bombs on Red Cross warehouses and on residential area
Sep.22   Washington     Bush holds council of war
  President has been consulting top military advisers. Warplanes are being sent to bases near Afghanistan
Aug.14   Iraq   U.S. warplanes strike missile site
  F-16 fighter jets bombed anti-aircraft missiles, their launchers, fire control radars
Jul.1   Southern Lebanon   Israel attacks Syrian positions
  Warplanes struck radar positions injuring 3 Syrian soldiers and 1 Lebanese. Strike was responding to Hezbollah attack Jun.25   Iraq   U.S., British strike air defenses
  Warplanes bombed an anti-aircraft artillery site in response to acts against coalition aircraft
Feb.18   Iraq   Iraq shooting at U.S. planes
  Iraq says it's firing on U.S. and British warplanes
Feb.16   Iraq   U.S. Planes Attack Iraqi Targets  U.S. and British warplanes attacked 5 anti-aircraft radars. President Bush said strikes are part of strategy

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