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  Costa Concordia divers find remains Map of Giglio island Italy
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  Search for body to follow Costa Concordia removal Map of GIGLIO ISLAND Italy
  Costa Concordia: Wrecked cruise ship floating again Map of Giglio Island Italy
2014 Jul.14    
  33-year-old waiter from India never escaped the doomed cruise ship. And is the only victim of the 2012 shipwreck whose remains haven't been found
2014 Jul.13    
  A search will be conducted for the only unrecovered body of the 32 Costa Concordia shipwreck victims as soon as the wrecked cruise liner is towed away
2013 Oct.2    
  Divers scouring the site of the Costa Concordia wreck off the coast of Italy have recovered what could be more human remains
2012 Feb.3       Underwater search of cruise ship halted Map of Giglio island Italy
  The search of underwater areas of the wrecked cruise ship Costa Concordia has been suspended for safety reasons
2012 Jan.28       Woman's body found in wrecked cruise ship Map of Giglio island Italy
  The wrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship's number of people confirmed dead to 17
2012 Jan.28       Cruise ship fuel pumping delayed Map of Giglio island Italy
  Operations to pump fuel from the tanks of the wrecked Costa Concordia lying off the Italian coast have been delayed because of bad weather
2012 Jan.24       Costa Concordia rescuers find 16th body Map of Giglio island Italy
  The discovery leaves about 16 people still missing from among the roughly 4,200 aboard the cruise liner
2012 Jan.23       2 more bodies found in Italy cruise crash Map of Giglio Island Italy
  Two more bodies have been recovered from the wreck of Costa Concordia, bringing the number of confirmed victims of the accident to 15
2012 Jan.22       Ship rescuers search on despite fading hope Map of Giglio island Italy
  Italian search-and-rescue teams have found another body aboard the partly sunken cruise ship Costa Concordia
2012 Jan.21       12th body found in cruise ship search Map of Giglio island Italy
  Divers resumed their search for survivors from the cruise ship, as concerns grow over the potential environmental threat posed by the wreck
2012 Jan.20       Rescuers halt search as cruise ship moves Map of Giglio island Italy
  Rescue workers have suspended their search of the Costa Concordia after the cruise ship moved, making it too risky for divers to operate
2012 Jan.18     Hope fades as search is suspended Map of Giglio island Italy
  With bitterly cold temperatures and frigid waters, the chances of finding more survivors of the doomed Costa Concordia appeared to dim Wednesday
2012 Jan.17       Costa Concordia salvage to begin Map of Giglio island Italy
  Salvage work is expected to begin later on Wednesday, as hopes fade that any more survivors will be found on the striken cruise ship
2012 Jan.17       Transcript sheds light on cruise disaster Map of Giglio island Italy
  Rescuers and divers continuing their dangerous work located a second 'black box' and the remains of 5 people in the wreckage of Costa Concordia
2012 Jan.17   Five bodies found in cruise wreck Map of Giglio island Italy
  Italian rescuers have found five more bodies inside the stricken cruise ship Concordia, raising the confirmed death toll to 11
2012 Jan.17     Divers blast rescue hole in cruise ship Map of Giglio island Italy
  An Coast Guard official swore in frustration at the captain of the stricken Costa Concordia, ordering him at least 10 times to return to the liner
2012 Jan.14     S. Korean Couple rescued from Italian ship Map of Giglio island Italy
  Two passengers have been found alive on the submerged Costa Concordia, more than 24 hours after it ran aground off the Italian coast
2012 Jan.14       Italy probes cruise ship sinking Map of Giglio island Italy
  Police in Italy are investigating the sinking of the luxury Costa Concordia off the country's west coast, in which at least three people were killed
 The captain of the shi[, which ran aground late on Friday, has been detained for questioning
2012 Jan.13     Cruise ship runs aground in Italy Map of Giglio island Italy
  At least six people are reported dead after the Costa Concordia carrying more than 4,000 people ran aground off Italy
 The ship hit a sandbar on Friday evening near the island and listed about 20 degrees, after which people tried to reach land in lifeboats or by swimming

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