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U.N. forces target Gbagbo loyalists  U.N. military helicopters Sunday pounded heavy weapons positions of fighters loyal to self-declared Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo Gbagbo troops 'hit rival's base'   A hotel used by the internationally recognised president of Ivory Coast has come under attack by forces loyal to his rival Laurent Gbagbo   French forces rescue Japan ambassador Map of Abidjan Ivory Coast
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Ivory Coast braces for elections  United Nations troops are on patrol in the Ivorian commercial capital, Abidjan, as the country braces for parliamentary elections on Sunday 'Gbagbo weapons cache' uncovered  French troops have discovered several large arms caches in Ivory Coast that they said would have been used by former Ivorian leader Laurent Gbagbo captured Map of Abidjan Ivory Coast
Papa Wemba, Congo music star, dies after stage collapse   The influential musician has died aged 66 after collapsing during a concert. Footage from the show in Ivory Coast showed him slumped on stage Mourning after Ivory Coast deaths  Three days of mourning have been declared in Ivory Coast following a New Year's Eve stampede that killed at least 61 people in Abidjan   Dozens of children crushed to death in stampede Map of Abidjan Ivory Coast
2016 Apr.24  
2013 Jan.1  
2013 Jan.1  
  A New Year's Eve fireworks display turned from celebration to tragedy when 60 people -- most of them women and children -- were crushed to death
2011 Dec.10  
2011 Apr.12  
2011 Apr.11  
  Ivory Coast's UN-recognised President, Alassane Ouattara, has urged restraint after the dramatic capture of his bitter rival
 Gbagbo surrendered after a military assault on his residence
2011 Apr.10  
2011 Apr.9  
2011 Apr.6    
  French forces snatch the Japanese ambassador to safety, near where incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo remains under siege
2011 Apr.4   Key site taken in Ivorian city   Fighting in Ivory Coast's main city, Abidjan, takes a new turn with reports that entrenched ruler Laurent Gbagbo's residence has been captured 2011 Apr.3   Abidjan facing 'rapid offensive'  A key aide of nternationally recognised president, Alassane Ouattara, says the time is right for a 'rapid offensive' against the country's main city 2011 Apr.2   Fighting in Abidjan intensifies  Fighting intensifies in Ivory Coast's main city of Abidjan as forces loyal to Alassane Ouattara battle those of his rival Laurent Gbagbo. 2011 Mar.4   Video documents carnage in Ivory Coast  A peaceful demonstration slaughtered by what appear to be forces loyal to self-proclaimed President Laurent Gbabgo 2010 Dec.24   Ivorian television goes off air  State television in Ivory Coast has been taken off air in areas outside of the main city of Abidjan 2010 Dec.16   Fears of fresh Ivory Coast unrest  Supporters of one of the two rival presidents say they intend to take to the streets again, a day after gun battles in the main city of Abidjan 2006 Sep.6   Ivorian cabinet quits over waste  The Prime Minister has offered his government's resignation after a scandal over toxic waste in Abidjan 2004 Nov.6       Ivory Coast seethes after attack Map of Abidjan Ivory Coast
  Armed mobs of government loyalists took to the streets of the city of Abidjan, in anger against France
2003 Feb.2   Discovery of body raises tension  A corpse of an opposition supporter had been found dumped where old cars are left in Abidjan's suburb 2003 Jan.28   Truce protests spread  Thousands of youths converged on Abidjan and clashes between Muslims and Christians were reported in a southern town 2002 Oct.2       Huge pro-govt march, rebels advance Map of Abidjan Ivory Coast
  Tens of thousands of people staged a noisy march in Abidjan, but rebels extended their grip in the north

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