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World News   Libya   Libya Tripoli
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47 killed clashes between rival militias over Tripoli airport  Clashes between rival Libyan militias fighting for control of the international airport in the capital have killed 47 people over the last week 107 Somali migrants rescued off Libyan coast Map of Tripoli Libya
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Libya Tripoli Map Libya Tripoli from Space
Boat Capsizes (20)   Libya (389)   Libya Sea Disasters (7)
Huge blaze spreads at fuel storage depot in Tripoli  A huge blaze engulfing Libya's biggest fuel storage facility in the capital, Tripoli, has spread to a second tank   US evacuates embassy staff from Libya due to militia clashes Map of Tripoli Libya
Migrant boat carrying 250 capsizes off Libya Map of Tripoli Libya
2014 Aug. 23  
  A Libyan coast guard official says a boat carrying over 250 migrants has capsized off the coast near the capital Tripoli. 16 people have been rescued
2014 Jul. 28  
2014 Jul. 26    
  he US says it has temporarily evacuated its staff from the Libyan capital Tripoli over security concerns
2014 Jul.21  
2014 Feb.28    
  An official in Libya says the country's coast guard has rescued 107 Somalis on a tugboat that nearly capsized while trying to reach Europe
2014 Jan.29     Libya minister escapes assassination bid: Report Map of Tripoli Libya
  Al-Siddiq Abdelkarim, Libya's acting interior minister survived an assassination attempt in Tripoli. He is one of Libya's deputy prime ministers
2014 Jan.26     Egyptian diplomats kidnapped in Libya freed Map of Tripoli Libya
  Some of the six Egyptian diplomats and embassy staff members kidnapped in the capital Tripoli have been released and the rest are to follow soon
2013 Nov.17     Misrata militia 'must leave' Tripoli Map of Tripoli Libya
  Militia groups from Libya's city of Misrata have been ordered to leave the capital, Tripoli, following deadly clashes there
2013 Nov.15       Deaths at Libya militia protest Map of Tripoli Libya
  At least 31 people have been killed and 235 injured in clashes in the Libyan capital, officials say, after militiamen opened fire on protesters
2013 Oct.9   Libyan PM Zeidan seized by armed men Map of Tripoli Libya
  Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has been seized by armed men from a hotel in the capital, Tripoli 'to an unknown place for unknown reasons'
 The government website said he had been taken 'by a group thought to be from the Tripoli Revolutionaries Control Room and the Committee for Fighting Crime'
2013 Oct.8     Libya summons U.S. envoy over al Libi capture Map of Tripoli Libya
  Libya's justice minister held a 'cordial' meeting with U.S. Ambassador Deborah Jones on the capture of al Qaeda operative Abu Anas al Libi
2013 Oct.5   US forces seize Al Qaeda leader behind 1998 embassy bombings   In Libya, US commandos captured Al-Libi, an al-Qaeda leader accused of the 1998 bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania 2013 May.11       Gunmen 'lift Libyan ministry siege' Map of Tripoli Libya
  Gunmen demanding the expulsion of Gaddafi-era officials from Libya's new government appear to have lifted their siege of two ministries in Tripoli
2013 Apr.30       Armed men seize Libya's Justice Ministry Map of Tripoli Libya
  Armed men in trucks with anti-aircraft guns mounted on them occupied the Libyan Justice Ministry, forcing ministry staff to leave
2013 Apr.23       Car bomb explodes outside French embassy in Libya Map of Tripoli Libya
  A car bomb exploded just outside the French embassy in Tripoli early Tuesday morning, injuring two French security guards and a local girl
2013 Mar.11     Libya alcohol poisoning kills 51 Map of Tripoli Libya
  At least 51 people have died after drinking tainted homemade alcohol in Tripoli, Libyan health officials say. 378 have been taken to the capital's hospitals
2012 Aug.18     Twin blasts hit Libyan capital Map of Tripoli Libya
  Two explosions have struck close to security force buildings in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, officials say
2012 Aug.8   Libya's transitional council hands over power  National Transitional Council handed over power Wednesday to the General National Congress, the national assembly formed by last month's elections 2012 May.20     Lockerbie bomber dies more than 2 years after release   Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, the only person convicted in connection with the Lockerbie bombing that killed 270 people, died. He was 60 2012 Mar.9       Thousands reject Libya autonomy Map of Tripoli Libya
  Thousands of Libyans have rallied in the country's two main cities to denounce moves by leaders in the east to create a semi-autonomous territory
2011 Nov.2       Rivalries rage among Libya's militias Map of Tripoli Libya
  Dozens of fighters clashed at a Tripoli hospital in what residents said was the biggest armed confrontation in the capital in weeks
2011 Oct.16   Bulldozers raze Gaddafi compound  Bulldozers have begun demolishing the fortress-like Bab al-Aziziya compound of deposed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in the capital 2011 Oct.14       Pro-Gaddafi gun battle in Tripoli Map of Tripoli Libya
  Between 20 and 50 armed supporters of Muammar Gaddafi are fighting forces from Libya's interim government on the streets of Tripoli
2011 Sep.29       McCain: Libyans have tough road ahead Map of Tripoli Libya
  A Republican congressional delegation landed in Tripoli to see firsthand the north African nation's post-dictatorship progress
2011 Sep.25   Grave may hold 1,200 bodies  A mass grave thought to hold the remains of more than 1,200 victims of a 1996 massacre at Abu Salim prison has been found in Tripoli 2011 Sep.10       Libyan interim leader in Tripoli Map of Tripoli Libya
  Mustafa Abdul Jalil has flown to Tripoli for the first time since anti-Gaddafi forces captured the capital
2011 Sep.7       Rebels say they have Gadhafi surrounded Map of Tripoli Libya
  A spokesman for the Tripoli Military Council: Ousted Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has been surrounded and has no way of leaving the area
2011 Sep.2       Libya NTC seeks order in Tripoli Map of Tripoli Libya
  A military spokesman for the National Transitional Council said fighters would be encouraged to return home or enlist in the army
2011 Aug.28   Lockerbie bomber near death, family says  Abdel Basset al-Megrahi is comatose, near death and likely to take secrets of the attack on Pan Am Flight 103 to his grave 2011 Aug.28       Rebels fear for Gaddafi prisoners Map of Tripoli Libya
  Libyan rebels say they are concerned over the fate of thousands of prisoners held in Tripoli by the Gaddafi regime
2011 Aug.27       Libya rebels 'will end Tripoli shortages' Map of Tripoli Libya
  Rebel leaders have announced measures to tackle shortages of water, fuel and medicines, which the UN says are threatening lives
2011 Aug.26       Pro-al Qaeda militants freed from jail Map of Tripoli Libya
  Hundreds of Islamist militants were among the prisoners freed from a notorious Abu Salim prison this week
2011 Aug.24       Libya's hospitals flooded with victims Map of Tripoli Libya
  The humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders, said support facilities in the capital were overwhelmed with patients
2011 Aug.24   Rebels pushing to secure Tripoli  Libyan rebels and forces loyal to Gaddafi have fought running battles in Tripoli, a day after the fugitive leader's compound was overrun 2011 Aug.23   Rebels seized Gaddafi compound  Col Muammar Gaddafi has vowed death or victory in the fight against 'aggression', reports say, after Libyan rebels seized his Tripoli compound 2011 Aug.23   Rebels launch siege on Gadhafi compound  Libyan rebels surrounded Moammar Gadhafi's compound in Tripoli Tuesday, entering one of the gates and 'attacking furiously' 2011 Aug.22   Saif al-Islam Gadhafi spotted in Tripoli  Two of Gadhafi's sons, who had been reported captured over the weekend, were free as forces loyal to the Libyan leader battled rebels 2011 Aug.22   Gaddafi forces resist rebel push  Libyan rebels fighting for control of the capital Tripoli have met strong resistance from pro-Gaddafi forces
 A fighting still rages in several parts of the city
2011 Aug.22   Libya rebels tighten Tripoli grip  Libyan rebels have launched an overnight assault on the capital from several directions, Fighting is still raging around Gaddafi's compound 2011 Aug.21     Rebels move into central Tripoli
Map of Tripoli Libya
  A convoy of rebels has rolled into central Tripoli past celebrating crowds after a day of heavy fighting in and around the capital
 Crowds cheered them, waving flags and firing salutes. Col Gaddafi is believed to still have thousands of armed followers in the capital
2011 Aug.21   Rebels: Gadhafi sons arrested in Tripoli  2 of Moammar Gadhafi's sons -- Saif al-Islam and Saadi -- have been arrested by opposition forces 2011 Aug.21   Libya rebels push towards Tripoli  Rebels fighting their way towards the Libyan capital have captured an important military base just 22km (16 miles) west of Tripoli 2011 Aug.20   Heavy gunfire erupts in Tripoli  Explosions and sustained gunfire have been heard in parts of Tripoli, as rebels close in on the capital. Residents spoke of clashes in the city 2011 Aug.1       Libyans brace for uncertain Ramadan Map of Tripoli Libya
  Drivers sometimes wait days to buy gas. Huge piles of garbage have started to accumulate on streets
2011 Jul.29       Nato air strike targets Libyan TV Map of Tripoli Libya
  Nato says it has disabled three Libyan state TV satellite transmission dishes in the capital, Tripoli, through a 'precision air strike'
2011 Jul.27       Libya condemns UK recognition Map of Tripoli Libya
  Tripoli has condemned the UK for recognising the rebels as Libya's 'sole governmental authority' after similar moves by France and the US
2011 Jun.26   Fierce fighting near to Tripoli  Rebels engage in a deadly battle with government forces in mountain plains, as the opposition says it is making an all-out push for the capital 2011 Jun.23       Libya rebels 'have Tripoli network' Map of Tripoli Libya
  The rebels in the east are in close contact with an underground network of opponents of Col Muammar Gaddafi in Tripoli
2011 Jun.18     Tripoli 'Nato strike kills five' Map of Tripoli Libya
  At least five people have died in a Nato air strike that hit a house in the Libyan capital, Libyan government officials say
2011 Jun.16       New explosions rock Libyan capital Map of Tripoli Libya
  Several explosions rattled Tripoli as Libyan state television reported bombardments in Sirte, east of Tripoli, and other areas
2011 Jun.7       Gadhafi: 'We will not surrender' Map of Tripoli Libya
  Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi vowed that 'we will not surrender,' even as NATO airstrikes bombarded his compound in Tripoli
2011 May.30     South African leader visits Gadhafi Map of Tripoli Libya
  President Jacob Zuma is set to meet embattled Libyan leader, his second visit to Tripoli since unrest started roiling the North African country
2011 May.23       Nato steps up Libya air strikes Map of Tripoli Libya
  Nato planes have launched a series of air attacks on Libya's capital; they may be the largest so far of the campaign
2011 May.19     NATO aircraft target Tripoli's seaport Map of Tripoli Libya
  The aircraft targeted warships overnight, striking 8 of Gadhafi's vessels in the seaport
2011 May.11   First Gaddafi footage in two weeks  Libyan state TV shows Col Muammar Gaddafi meeting tribal leaders in Tripoli - in what would be his first public appearance in nearly two weeks 2011 May.10       NATO airstrikes shake Tripoli Map of Tripoli Libya
  Rebel forces defending the city of Misrata from government troops are making meter-by-meter gains despite heavy shelling
2011 May.1       UN to quit Tripoli amid attacks Map of Tripoli Libya
  The UN says it is leaving the Libyan capital amid attacks on foreign missions after a Nato strike that reportedly killed one of Col Gaddafi's sons
2011 Apr.30   Nato strike 'kills Gaddafi's son  A air strike in the capital, Tripoli, has killed the 29 years old son of the Libyan leader, a government spokesman has said
 Gaddafi himself was in the villa which was hit by the strike, but he was unharmed. 3 of his grandsons also killed
2011 Apr.24   Nato strike hits Gaddafi compound  An air strike on the Libyan capital Tripoli has badly damaged buildings in Col Muammar Gaddafi's compound by at least two powerful missiles
 Nato is targeting Libyan government forces as they try to quell a revolt
2011 Apr.6       Former U.S. lawmaker came to Tripoli
Map of Tripoli Libya
  As rebel forces in Libya endure setbacks on the battlefield, ex-U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon came to Tripoli armed with a plan to end the bloody war
2011 Mar.22   Defiant Gaddafi pledges victory  The Libyan leader has appeared at a site that was recently attacked by the Western coalition and told his followers: 'We will be victorious in the end' 2011 Mar.21       Tripoli targeted for third night Map of Tripoli Libya
  Libya's government says more civilians have been killed in a third night of air and missile strikes by coalition forces enforcing a no-fly zone
2011 Mar.20   Missile destroys Gaddafi building  A missile strike on Libyan leader's compound in Tripoli has destroyed a building which coalition officials said was a command centre 2011 Mar.20     Building in Gadhafi compound damaged Map of Tripoli Libya
  A four-story building in Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's Tripoli compound has been heavily damaged, possibly by cruise missiles
2011 Mar.19     Gunfire, explosions heard in Tripoli Map of Tripoli Libya
  Explosions and anti-aircraft fire thundered in the skies, but it was not clear whether they resulted from cruise missile attacks by allies
2011 Mar.5       Gunfire rings out in Libyan capital Map of Tripoli Libya
  Heavy, sustained gunfire rang out in Tripoli, but confusion reigned as to what prompted the shooting
2011 Mar.4   Protests in Tripoli after prayers  Libyan security forces have used tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters after Friday prayers in Col Gaddafi's stronghold 2010 May.12   Child is sole Libya jet crash survivor Map of Tripoli Libya
  92 passengers and 11 crew members were killed. An 8-year-old boy who is a Dutch citizen is the sole survivor of a deadly Afriqiyah Airways crash
 Ruben van Assouw, suffered multiple fractures in his lower limbs and underwent an operation at Al Khadra Hospital in Tripoli
2008 Aug.14     US-Libya compensation deal sealed Map of Tripoli Libya
  The countries are set to renew diplomatic relations after signing a deal to compensate all victims of bombings involving the two countries
2007 Jul.25     Sarkozy to boost EU-Libya links Map of Tripoli Libya
  French President is travelling to Tripoli to meet Gaddafi, a day after the release of six foreign medics
2004 Feb.10       US signals new thaw with Tripoli Map of Tripoli Libya
  An American diplomat has been stationed in Tripoli, the first full-time US presence in Libya in decades

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