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Malaysia in 2nd day of protests against PM Najib Razak Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
World News (12) Malaysia (254) Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Map Malaysia Kuala Lumpur from Space
Turbulence (14)
Haze forces school closures in Malaysia Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Malaysia Airlines says passengers injured due to turbulence Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
2016 Jun.5    
  A flight MH1 from London to Kuala Lumpur has experienced severe turbulence, causing minor injuries to some passengers and crew
2015 Sep.14    
   A layer of heavy haze has forced Malaysian authorities to shut schools in four states, including Kuala Lumpur, with officials to begin cloud seeding
2015 Aug.29    
  Tens of thousands of Malaysians are expected to protest for a second day in Kuala Lumpur, calling for PM to quit over a financial scandal
2015 Aug.5   MH370: Reunion debris is from missing plane, says Najib  Part of the aircraft wing found on Reunion Island is from the missing MH370 plane, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has confirmed
 Najib said experts examining the debris in France had 'conclusively confirmed' it was from MH370. But the investigators have stopped short of confirming, saying only that it is highly likely
2015 May.19   Asia boat migrants: Nations hold emergency meeting  Foreign ministers from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are holding an emergency meeting in Kuala Lumpur to discuss the region's migrant crisis 2015 Apr.6   Malaysia passes controversial anti-terror bill  Malaysia has passed a controversial anti-terrorism bill, which the government says is needed to tackle the threat from Islamic extremists 2014 Sep.13     Malaysia Airlines flight to India forced to turn back to due to autopilot defect
Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  The Boeing 738 flight to India returned to Kuala Lumpur early Sunday due to an autopilot defect shortly after takeoff
2014 Aug.21     MH17: Plane with Malaysian bodies arrives in Kuala Lumpur   The bodies of 20 Malaysian victims of Flight MH17 that crashed in Ukraine in July have arrived in Kuala Lumpur, as the nation holds a day of mourning 2014 Jun.17     Malaysia boat capsizes, dozens missing Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  A wooden boat carrying 97 Indonesian migrants capsized and sank after leaving Malaysia's coast, and rescuers scrambled to save 66 still missing
2014 Apr.20       Malaysian authorities, families passengers discuss compensation Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Hamzah Zainuddin met with the passengers' relatives in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday to talk about where to go next
2014 Apr.20     Malaysia Airlines jet turns back after gear fails Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  A flight heading to India made an emergency landing in Kuala Lumpur after it was forced to turn back when its right landing gear malfunctioned
2014 Mar.30       China families vent fury in Malaysia Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  Relatives of Chinese passengers from the missing Malaysian plane have vented their anger at government officials, after arriving in Kuala Lumpur
2014 Mar.7     Malaysia Airlines loses contact with plane carrying 239 people Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  Malaysia Airlines says it has lost contact with MH370 with 239 aboard travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing
 A Boeing 777-200ER had lost contact with Subang Air Traffic Control outside Kuala Lumpur. The aircraft had last been heard from less than an hour after takeoff. The aircraft carried 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 14 nations
2012 Sep.13     UK's Catherine gives first speech overseas Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  Britain's Prince William and his wife, Catherine, arrived in Kuala Lumpur where the Duchess of Cambridge gave her first public speech outside the UK
2012 Apr.28     Tear gas fired at Malaysia rally Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  Riot police have fired tear gas and used water cannon on a crowd of protesters who had converged on the centre of the capital, Kuala Lumpur
2011 Jul.8     Hundreds held over Malaysia rally Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  Malaysian police have detained more than 440 people as they tried to assemble for a banned protest in the capital Kuala Lumpur
2011 May.21   Landslide hits orphanage  A landslide has killed at least 18 children and is feared to have buried several more after hitting an orphanage near capital Kuala Lumpur 2010 Jan.9     4th church firebombed in Allah dispute Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  Attackers firebombed another church, the latest violence amid widespread Muslim rage over the Christian use of the word Allah as a term for God
2008 Nov.27     Malaysian jailed for maid attacks Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  A former flight attendant who repeatedly scalded her Indonesian maid has been jailed by a court in the capital Kuala Lumpur for 18 years
2008 Jun.30     Anwar quits Turkey embassy refuge Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has left the embassy in Kuala Lumpur, where he had taken refuge on Sunday
2008 Jun.29     Anwar seeks sanctuary in Turkish embassy Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has sought refuge in the embassy in Kuala Lumpur
2008 Apr.21     Chinese students cheer torch relay Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  Hundreds of flag-waving Chinese students gathered in Kuala Lumpur, far outnumbering the handful of people who carried pro-Tibet signs
2008 Feb.15     Police break up protest by ethnic Indians Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  Malaysian security forces have used tear gas and water cannon to break up a protest by ethnic Indians in Kuala Lumpur
2007 Nov.24     Hindus, police clash Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  More than 5,000 Hindu protesters met water cannons and tear gas in Kuala Lumpur, while demanding equal rights
2007 Nov.10     Tear gas used on rare demo Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  The largest political protest in nearly a decade erupted in Kuala Lumpur. Thousands of protesters gathered to demand electoral reform
2007 Aug.30     Malaysia marks 50 years as nation Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  Thousands of people have joined celebrations in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, as the country marks 50 years of nationhood

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