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  US aid planes arrive in Kathmandu Map of Kathmandu Nepal
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Nepal Kathmandu Map Nepal Kathmandu from Space
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  Nepal tells foreign aid workers to leave capital Map of KATHMANDU Nepal
  Historic Nepal sites set to reopen after quake Map of Kathmandu Nepal
2015 Jun.14    
  Nepal is set to reopen all the heritage sites in the Kathmandu valley to the public, in a bid to attract tourists after April's devastating earthquake
2015 May.4    
  Nepal's government urged foreign rescue workers in the quake-hit capital to return home
2015 May.3    
  Troops and emergency aircraft from the United States have arrived in Nepal to help deliver aid to remote areas hit by last week's devastating earthquake
2015 May.1     Nepal quake: 'No chance' to find more survivors Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  Slowly, life edged back toward a semblance of normal in Nepal's quake-hit capital Friday as residents packed up tents and moved indoors
 Nepal quake death toll at 6,260
2015 Apr.30       Nepal earthquake: Two rescued after five days Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  Two people have been rescued from the rubble of buildings in Kathmandu, five days after an earthquake that killed more than 6,100 in Nepal
2015 Apr.26     Nepal earthquake: Death toll rises above 3,000 Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  At least 3,218 people are now known to have died in a massive earthquake which hit Nepal on Saturday, say officials
2015 Apr.26       Nepal earthquake: Tent cities spring up for displaced Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  Tent cities have sprung up for those displaced by the earthquake in Nepal, which is now reported to have killed some 2,500 people
2015 Apr.26     Powerful 6.7 magnitude aftershock rattles Nepal Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  An aftershock shook the Kathmandu region sending people yelling and running Sunday, a day after a massive earthquake crippled the region
2015 Apr.21     12 Indian pilgrims killed in Nepal bus accident Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  Police says a bus has plunged off a mountain highway near the Nepalese capital, killing at least 12 Indian pilgrims and injuring 37 more
2015 Apr.18     Nepal marks anniversary of Everest disaster with memorial Map of KATHMANDU Nepal
  Hundreds of people have gathered in Nepal's capital to mark the anniversary of the deadliest avalanche to hit Mount Everest
2012 Sep.29     19 dead as plane crashes after hitting eagle Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  A plane carrying tourists and others to a staging point for Mount Everest expeditions crashed Friday after striking an eagle on takeoff
2012 Sep.27     Plane crashes in Nepal capital Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  Police in Nepal say a plane heading for the Everest region has crashed in the capital, with all 19 people on board believed dead
2011 Sep.24     Tourist plane crashes near Kathmandu Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  A small Buddha Air plane with 19 people on board, mostly foreign tourists, has crashed when returning to the Nepalese capital
2009 Jan.4     2 dead, 30 rescued after boat capsizes Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  8 people were missing after a boat capsized on Nepal's Koshi River, about 450 km southeast of Kathmandu. More than 30 have been pulled alive
2008 Jun.10   Former king to leave palace Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  Former king Gyanendra has spent his last night in the compound which has been home to the royal family for more than 100 years
2008 Feb.16     Kathmandu nearly out of fuel Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  Nepal's capital is almost out of fuel and transport of supplies has been blocked by a crippling general strike by ethnic rights groups in southern Nepal
2006 Jun.15     PM and rebel leader meet Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  Maoist leader Prachanda is holding talks with the prime minister Koirala in the capital Kathmandu
2006 Jun.2       Maoists hold massive rally Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  At least 200,000 people have taken part in a rally in Kathmandu, the first there by the rebels for 3 years
2006 Apr.27     Parliament set to meet Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  The parliament is set to reconvene in the capital, Kathmandu, for the first time in 4 years
2006 Apr.25     Nepalis celebrate protest victory Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  Thousands have been holding a rally in the Kathmandu after the king gave in to their demands to reinstate parliament
2006 Apr.24   King agreed to reinstate parliament Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  Jubilant Nepalis have taken to the streets in celebration in parts of the capital Kathmandu
 A tired King Gyanendra announced the move in a late-night TV address 7-party opposition alliance is ending weeks of protests and calls off a strike The alliance decided that former Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala would head a new government
2006 Apr.23     Tear gas used on protesters Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  Police lobbed tear gas at a growing number of protesters on the edge of Kathmandu
2006 Apr.22       Capital under fresh curfew Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  The authorities have imposed another daytime curfew in Kathmandu to quell continuing anti-royal protests
2006 Apr.20       Nepalese out on street Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  A small group of pro-democracy protesters have returned to the streets of Kathmandu
2006 Apr.19       'Shoot-to-kill' curfew Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  An 18-hour curfew has come into force in the capital Kathmandu, ahead of a major demonstration
2006 Apr.8       Protesters defy curfew Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  Police used tear gas to disperse hundreds who defied a curfew in Kathmandu to demand the restoration of democracy
2006 Apr.8       Extended curfew Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  The authorities have extended a daytime curfew in Kathmandu to prevent protests again King
2006 Jan.22     21 killed in remote clash Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  15 Maoist rebels and 6 soldiers died in an armed confrontation that occurred in an area south of Kathmandu

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