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Turkish coup attempt Map of Ankara Turkey
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  Turkey coup attempt: State of emergency announced Map of Ankara Turkey
Turkey pro-Kurdish leaders Demirtas and Yuksekdag detained Map of Ankara Turkey
2016 Nov.3    
  The two co-leaders of Turkey's pro-Kurdish opposition party have been detained along with other MPs
2016 Jul.20  
  Turkey's president has declared a state of emergency for three months following Friday night's failed army coup
2016 Jul.15  
  An unsuccessful coup d'état was staged against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his government by a faction within the Armed Forces
 In a TV statement the group responsible for the coup named themselves the Turkish Peace Council. At least 290 people were killed and more than a thousand injured. In Ankara, the Parliament and the Presidential Palace were bombed
2016 Apr.24       Kurdish PKK warns Turkey of long fight for freedom Map of Ankara Turkey
  The Kurdish rebel PKK movement has told the BBC that it is ready to intensify its fight against Turkey because Ankara is trying to make it surrender
2016 Mar.14       Ankara bombing: Erdogan seeks to widen terrorism definition Map of Ankara Turkey
  Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said it is necessary to redefine terrorism to include those who support such acts
2016 Mar.13       President Erdogan vows to bring terror 'to its knees' Map of Ankara Turkey
  Turkish President has vowed to bring terrorism 'to its knees' after an attack in the capital Ankara that killed at least 34 people
2016 Feb.18       Turkey accuses Syria Kurds of deadly attack Map of Ankara Turkey
  Turkey's president says there is evidence to prove the Kurdish YPG militia based in Syria were behind Wednesday's deadly bombing in Ankara
2016 Feb.17       Ankara blast: Turkey vows retaliation for bomb attack Map of Ankara Turkey
  Turkey has vowed to retaliate against the perpetrators of a powerful blast in the capital that left at least 28 people dead and 61 injured
2016 Jan.30     Turkey says Russia violated its airspace Map of Ankara Turkey
  Turkey says a Russian SU-34 has violated its airspace and it has summoned the Russian ambassador to Ankara
2015 Nov.30       Turkey challenges Russia over IS oil trade claim Map of Ankara Turkey
  Turkey has challenged Russia to prove its claim that Ankara shot down a Russian plane in order to protect its oil trade with Islamic State (IS)
2015 Nov.26     Turkey 'will work' to calm tension over downed Russian jet Map of Ankara Turkey
  PM Ahmet Davutoglu has said Ankara 'will work with Russia and our allies to calm tensions' after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane
2015 Oct.12       PM blames Ankara bombing on Islamic State Map of Ankara Turkey
  The Islamic State (IS) group is the prime suspect in the Ankara bombings that killed nearly 100 on Saturday, Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu has said
2015 Oct.10     Turkey enters mourning after Ankara blasts Map of Ankara Turkey
  Turkey is beginning 3 days of mourning after 2 blasts at a peace rally in the capital killed at least 95 people, the deadliest ever such attack in Turkey
2015 Sep.8     Turkey's pro-Kurdish HDP party offices attacked in Ankara Map of Ankara Turkey
  A crowd has attacked the headquarters of Turkey's pro-Kurdish HDP party, amid rising violence between Turkish forces and the militant Kurdish PKK group
2015 Jun.7       AKP faces challenge to form government Map of Ankara Turkey
  Turkey's AK party faces a challenge to form a government after losing its majority at a general election for the first time in 13 years
2015 May.9     Former Turkish President and coup leader Kenan Evren dies Map of Ankara Turkey
  Former Turkish President Kenan Evren has died at the age of 97. In 1980 General Evren launched a coup that overthrew the government
2014 Nov.28       Pope Francis in Turkey urges faiths to combat fanaticism Map of Ankara Turkey
  Pope Francis has called for an interfaith dialogue to counter fanaticism and fundamentalism, at the start of a key visit to Turkey
2014 Aug.10     President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hails new era for Turkey Map of Ankara Turkey
  Outgoing PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan has hailed his victory in Turkey's first direct presidential election as a new era for the country
2014 Jun.1     Turkey capital hit by fresh clashes Map of Ankara Turkey
  Fresh clashes have hit the Turkish capital, Ankara, a day after unrest broke out on the first anniversary of mass anti-government rallies
2013 Jun.16       Fresh violence as PM Erdogan holds rally Map of Ankara Turkey
  Fresh unrest has erupted in Ankara and Istanbul, with police firing tear gas and water cannon amid continuing anti-government protests
2013 Jun.13     Turkish PM meets park protesters Map of Ankara Turkey
  Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan has held talks with members of a key protest group, hours after issuing a 'final warning' to demonstrators
2013 Jun.8     Ankara protesters clash with police Map of Ankara Turkey
  Police in the Turkish capital Ankara have used tear gas and water cannon on demonstrators as anti-government protests get into a second week
2013 Jun.5       Turkey protesters demand dismissal of police chiefs Map of Ankara Turkey
  Activists in Turkey have demanded the sacking of police chiefs in Istanbul, Ankara and other cities over their forces' violent responses to protests
2013 Jun.1     Turkey assesses protest damage Map of Ankara Turkey
  Turkish police have arrested more than 900 people during two days of protests, the most sustained anti-government outburst for years
2013 Jun.1   Park protests spread across Turkey Map of Ankara Turkey
  Police have clashed with protesters in the capital and in Istanbul, on the 2nd day of unrest sparked by plans to build a shopping centre on a city park
2013 Mar.1       Kerry calls Turkish PM's remark about Zionism 'objectionable' Map of Ankara Turkey
  U.S. Secretary of State is chiding the Turkish prime minister for a slam on Zionism while touting the ties the United States has with Turkey and Israel
2013 Feb.1     Turkish attack a reminder of Cold War dynamics Map of Ankara Turkey
  Turkish authorities have blamed the U.S. Embassy suicide bombing on the group, better known as DHKP-C
2013 Feb.1   Fatal blast outside U.S. Embassy Map of Ankara Turkey
  One person died Friday in an apparent suicide bombing at the U.S. Embassy in Ankara
2012 Oct.13       U.N. envoy to Syria in Turkey for talks as tensions escalate Map of Ankara Turkey
  The joint U.N.-Arab League envoy to Syria was due in Turkey for talks aimed at putting a lid on boiling diplomatic tensions between Damascus and Ankara
2012 Oct.10     Syrian passenger plane forced to land in Turkey Map of Ankara Turkey
  Turkish fighter jets have forced a Syrian passenger plane suspected of carrying weapons to land in Ankara
2012 Apr.4       Turkish coup leaders fail to appear in court Map of Ankara Turkey
  Two aging former military commanders who masterminded a 1980 coup d'etat in Turkey failed to appear in court Wednesday due to health reasons
2012 Mar.29     Police fire tear gas and water cannons on demonstrators Map of Ankara Turkey
  Police in Ankara fire tear gas and water cannons on thousands of demonstrators
2009 Sep.3       Turkey, Iraq and Syria in water summit Map of Ankara Turkey
  Ministers met in Ankara to discuss water shortages in the major Tigris and Euphrates rivers, which run through all three countries
2009 Apr.5       Obama backs Turkey EU accession Map of Ankara Turkey
  US President has arrived on a two-day visit, after giving his support to Ankara's efforts to join the European Union
2009 Mar.7       Obama to visit Turkey in April Map of Ankara Turkey
  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in Ankara on a diplomatic tour, had said earlier that Obama would visit Turkey soon
2008 Feb.2     Turks protest over headscarf plan Map of Ankara Turkey
  Thousands have rallied in Ankara to protest against a government plan to allow women to wear the Islamic headscarf in universities
2007 Nov.3       Rice: U.S. backs Turkey on PKK fight Map of Ankara Turkey
  Secretary of State assured Turkish officials that rebels based in northern Iraq were a 'common threat' and that the United States would help Ankara
2007 Oct.26     Iraq, Turkey hold critical talks Map of Ankara Turkey
  A high-level Iraqi delegation met with Turkish counterparts in Ankara for talks aimed at averting a full-scale cross-border offensive by Turkish forces
2007 May.22     Rush hour blast strikes busy market Map of Ankara Turkey
  A powerful blast believed to be a bomb ripped through an Ankara shopping district, killing at least 5 people
2006 May.18     Protest over judge shooting Map of Ankara Turkey
  Tens of thousands of people have marched through Ankara, in protest at the killing of a judge by an Islamist gunman
2006 May.17   Judge dies in court attack Map of Ankara Turkey
  A gunman has shot dead a prominent judge and wounded 4 others in an attack on highest court in Ankara
2006 Jan.8     Three new bird flu cases Map of Ankara Turkey
  2 children and an adult, who were hospitalized in the capital, Ankara, have tested positive
2004 Aug.11     4 dead as trains collide Map of Ankara Turkey
  2 passenger trains collided southeast of the capital of Ankara
2004 Jul.22     36 dead in train wreck Map of Ankara Turkey
  A high-speed train traveling from Istanbul to Ankara derailed in northwestern Turkey. At least 43 people were injured
2004 Jun.27       Bush praise for key ally Turkey Map of Ankara Turkey
  President has praised Muslim nation that embraced democracy during talks in Ankara
2003 Nov.7       Turkey drops Iraq troops plan Map of Ankara Turkey
  A foreign ministry said Ankara made its decision after talks between Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul and Colin Powell
2002 Jan.8     Fury over Mecca castle demolition Map of Ankara Turkey
  Ankara has accused Saudi Arabia of a cultural massacre following the demolition of an historic Ottoman castle

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