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Refinery leak at ConocoPhillips. Rodeo   ConocoPhillips tries to shut down refinery  Rodeo: An ominous-looking flame shot out an the refinery. Officials are trying to shut down operations and they say the flame is just part of a process Sewage Spill Prompts Warning  Richmond: People were warned to stay out of the water along the shoreline after raw and partially-treated sewage mixed with rainwater Fish, Birds Dead After Chemical Spill
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Fire Main Event: Fish, Birds Dead After Chem...
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1. 2018-01-30 Firefighters battle toxic smoke from Richmond scrap metal fire Sims Metal Management, Richmond
C. 2016-03-30 Visible flaring at Chevron refinery in Richmond Chevron refinery, Richmond
3. 2015-08-02 Health alert lifted after refinery fire 1380 San Pablo Ave, Rodeo
E. 2012-08-08 'Flare up' causes more alarm at Chevron refinery 841 Chevron Way, Richmond
5. 2012-08-07 Refinery fire out, shelter order lifted 841 Chevron Way, Richmond
G. 2012-06-15 Refinery leak at ConocoPhillips 1380 San Pablo Ave, Rodeo
H. 2010-10-23 ConocoPhillips tries to shut down refinery Rodeo
I. 2009-02-25 Sewage Spill Prompts Warning Richmond
2008-05-06 Fish, Birds Dead After Chemical Spill Richmond

  Visible flaring at Chevron refinery in Richmond   A nasty smell had some residents in the East Bay concerned Tuesday night. The refinery conducted flaring, releasing hydrogen sulfite Health alert lifted after refinery fire   Rodeo: Hazardous materials officials lifted a health alert afternoon for the Rodeo community after firefighters extinguished a fire at the Phillips...   'Flare up' causes more alarm at Chevron refinery Map of 841 Chevron Way Richmond  Richmond: Wednesday's fire flare-up made an already on-edge community even more nervous, prompting Chevron officials to come out and explain what happened Refinery fire out, shelter order lifted Map of 841 Chevron Way Richmond
Firefighters battle toxic smoke from Richmond scrap metal fire Map of Sims Metal Management Richmond
  A large scrap metal fire is sending a plume of toxic smoke across the East Bay. Heavy equipment pulled piles of debris away from a fire

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  Richmond: Fire crews allowed a 'small controlled burn' to continue as a way of reducing pressure within the damaged unit


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  Richmond: Dozens of fish and two mallard ducks were found dead in an irrigation ditch after a toxic solvent leaked from a chemical plant
 The solvent reached the waters of San Pablo Bay. Thousands of gallons of toluene were released from the plant after thieves stripped critical valves from factory equipment. 20 hazardous materials specialists have been using vacuum trucks to pump liquid out of the drainage ditches
Chemical Spill Reaches San Pablo Bay  Richmond: An unknown quantity of a flammable substance that was found spilled in Richmond appeared to have made its way into San Pablo Bay May.5 Shelter-in-place after chemical leak  Richmond: Authorities briefly issued a warning to 1,500 homes after a chemical leak. 3,000 gallons of toluene had escaped from Reaction Products Apr.5 Man sues city for toxic pollution  Pinole: Toxie Myers is suing the city, claiming officials allowed his neighbor to burn toxic materials that he believes caused his wife's cancer

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Apr.17 Chevron Flares Increase In Bay Area  Richmond: Richmond refinery has increased its flaring by 80% since 2005 when the Air Quality Management District passed a new limit Jan.15 Oil Fire Injures 1; Shelter-In-Place Map of 841 Chevron Way Richmond
  Richmond: A fire broke out at Chevronís refinery, injuring one employee, prompting an order for residents to stay indoors.    1,200 employees were in the refinery when the fire broke out. Toll booth workers on th...

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May.1   Refinery Mishap Causes Level 3 Warning  Rodeo: A community warning for Rodeo, Tormey, and Crockett was following a power outage at the ConocoPhillips refinery

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Jul.25 Big-rig leak impacted traffic for 9 hours
. San Pablo

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Oct.31 Uncontrolled hydrocarbon release
  Crockett: The discharge at the Conoco-Phillips refinery resulted in a 3 hour shelter in place warning for Crockett and Rodeo Jun.6 Water break sends gasoline into creek  Rodeo: A water main had broken and the water was picking up old gasoline from the soil

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Aug.10 Shelter in Place Order After Refinery Leak  Richmond: A hydrogen sulfide was leaked into the air as a result of a flare compression problem Jul.15 Bleach Spill After Amtrak Collision  Rodeo: A train with dozens of passengers onboard slammed into a tanker truck carrying bleach Feb.5 Higher rates of childhood asthma
. Richmond Jan.24 Diesel spill at refinery. Rodeo

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Oct.21 Power outage at Chevron Refinery  Richmond: Refinery is in the process of shutting down all major units after a refinery-wide electrical power outage Jul.10 Refinery release  Rodeo: Residents near the Phillips Petroleum were ordered to stay in their homes after black smoke billowed from the facility Apr.25 Fined for releasing pollutants into Strait
. Crockett Jan.31 Shelter-in-place warning. Richmond

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Dec.1 Second leak over 24 hours
. Richmond Nov.29 Chemical released from plant
  Richmond: Shelter-in-place ordered after sulfur trioxide was released from General Chemical Corp.
May.2 A second toxic leak
. Richmond May.1 Chemical leak  Richmond: Leak forced residents to stay inside for much of the day while crews worked to contain a cloud of sulfur dioxide

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Oct.26 Factory fire with toxic smoke  Richmond: It sounded like an explosion

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