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Reiser defense wraps closing argument  William Du Bois, the defense attorney for Hans Reiser told jurors the prosecution hasn't proved the woman is dead, let alone murdered Reiser defense delivers closing argument  Software programmer's attorney said that his client may be odd, but he is not guilty of murdering his estranged wife Closing arguments begin in Reiser trial  A prosecutor in the trial of a software programmer accused of killing his estranged wife showed jurors a photograph of the couple's 2 young ... Reiser recalls last talk with missing wife  The software programmer accused of killing his estranged wife spent his 9th day on the stand recalling the last conversation the couple had Prosecutors question Hans Reiser  A software programmer accused of killing his estranged wife sought to explain why stains of her blood were found at his home Judge Denies Mistrial Again In Reiser Case  Alameda County Superior Court Judge Larry Goodman denied a motion for a mistrial by computer engineer Hans Reiser in his trial Reiser gets rebuke from judge  A judge issued a stern rebuke to Hans Reiser, saying his demeanor on the witness stand, was disrespectful to the court Hans Reiser in cross-examination  A prosecutor pressed software programmer to explain his behavior after his estranged wife vanished in 2006 Reiser Gets Emotional With Testimony  Hans Reiser accused of killing his estranged wife choked up briefly as he described the feeling of having his children taken into custody Reiser Reprimanded For Disrupting Trial  The judge in computer engineer's trial on charges that he murdered his estranged wife Nina warned him to stop interrupting his defense attor... Trial Resumes With Pics Of Reiser Home  26-day break with a whimper as a prosecution witness methodically described photos of the home Reiser: Children better off without Nina  The mother of murder defendant admitted in court his son lacks social skills and is a klutz, somewhat arrogant, self-centered Volunteer: Nina Reiser was good mother  Marni Hunter who worked with Nina as a school volunteer says Reiser was a devoted mother who never would have left her two children Hans Reiser's son testifies at murder trial  The 8-year-old son of accused murderer took the stand in a courtroom. The testimony was far from certain Prosecutor: Missing mom cannot be alive
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B. 2012-07-17 Jury awards Reiser's children $60M in damages Hayward
C. 2008-07-09 Reiser In Jailhouse Interview: Sorry I Lied Dublin
2008-07-07 Reiser Shows Location Of Wife's Body 8200 Skyline Blvd, Oakland Hills
E. 2006-09-24 Authorities Scour Hills For Missing Mom Oakland Hills
5. 2006-09-13 Police search home of missing woman's ex Oakland Hills

Reiser convicted in jury verdict
Jury awards Reiser's children $60M in damages  An Alameda County jury found Hans Reiser liable Tuesday in the wrongful death of his late wife Nina Judge Accepts Plea Deal For Hans Reiser Judge: Reiser plea deal still in works  A county judge still hasn't decided whether to approve a plea deal for Hans Reiser, who was convicted of murdering his estranged wife Reiser In Jailhouse Interview: Sorry I Lied  Hans Reiser who agreed to lead authorities to the body of his slain wife said in the interview that he did everything to protect his two chi... Reiser Shows Location Of Wife's Body Map of 8200 Skyline Blvd Oakland

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Jul.17   Hayward

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Aug.30   Oakland
Aug.13   Oakland  
Jul.9   Dublin  
Jul.7   Oakland Hills
  Convicted murderer Hans Reiser lead police to his estranged wife body near Redwood Regional Park where Nina Reiser was said to be buried
 Reiser's attorney William Dubois: Hans lead authorities, including the District Attorney's office, and the Oakland Police Department, the crime lab and the coroners office, to the location of Nina Reiser's body. It was difficult to reach the body. Reportedly, DA Orloff agreed to reduce Reiser's sentence of 25 years to life sentence to 15 years to life for cooperating
Apr.29   Oakland
  Convicted murderer Hans Reiser received a July 9 sentencing date. His attorneys vowed their client would appeal the guilty verdict
 Computer engineer convicted of murdering his missing wife Nina, who disappeared on Sept. 3, 2006 at the age of 31. In 3 days of deliberations jurors weighed 6 months of testimony, including rambling answers given by Reiser himself

Apr.21   Oakland  
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Dec.4   Oakland
Nov.26   Oakland  
Nov.13   Oakland
Nov.6   Oakland  
  The trial of Hans Reiser accused of killing his estranged wife Nina Reiser opened with a prosecutor saying that she would never abandon her kids
Nov.5   Oakland Reiser wants to testify in murder trial  The computer programmer accused of killing his wife wants to testify

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Dec.14   Oakland Reiser Laughs During Wife Murder Hearing Sep.24   Oakland Hills   Authorities Scour Hills For Missing Mom
  Police, sheriffs, and park rangers scoured the Redwood Regional Park for the 31-year-old Nina 'Nenasha' Reiser
Sep.13   Oakland Hills   Police search home of missing woman's ex
  Police accompanied by a dog searched the home of an man for clues in the disappearance of Nina Reiser, 31

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