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Cyclist Thomas convicted in steroids case
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Crime Main Event: Bonds charged with perjury...
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1. 2011-02-16 Narcotics officer arrested on drug charges Benicia
C. 2011-01-19 New coach, supplements firm sever ties Raiders
D. 2007-12-14 Report Suggests Bonds Tipped On Tests Barry Bonds
2007-11-15 Bonds charged with perjury, obstruction Barry Bonds
5. 2007-09-24 Global Steroids Bust Nets 5 From San Jose San Jose
G. 2007-07-20 Cooper suspended 4 games Raiders
H. 2007-05-07 Fan Poll Shows Little Support For Bonds Barry Bonds
8. 2006-06-19 Coaches contacted by Mitchell in probe Giants
J. 2006-03-24 Judge denies Bonds' bid Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds' ex: he discussed steroid use  Kimberly Bell testified that he confessed to her that he was using steroids, contending that 'other players' were also using drugs Narcotics officer arrested on drug charges  Norman Wielsch, the head of the Central Contra Costa Narcotics Enforcement Team held for selling methamphetamine, marijuana and steroids   Judge allows tape recording in Bonds trial  A federal judge in the perjury case decided to allow an audio recording in which the baseball star's personal trainer discussed his steroids... New coach, supplements firm sever ties  Raiders coach Hue Jackson stopped endorsing Sports With Alternatives To Steroids (SWATS) because his connection violated NFL rules   Feds fight for key evidence against Bonds  Prosecutors are urging an appellate court to let them present critical evidence they say proves Barry Bonds knowingly used steroids   Feds ask to permit Bonds' steroids tests  Federal prosecutors are again asking a judge to let them show a jury 3 drug test results they say show Barry Bonds used steroids Judge orders BALCO docs unsealed  Thousands of pages of grand jury testimony related to the steroids investigation of Barry Bonds and other were unsealed by a federal judge Coach Trevor Graham convicted in BALCO
Barry Bonds obstruction conviction upheld   Ex-baseball star Barry Bonds guilty

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Sep.13   San Francisco

year 2011 Top ^

Apr.13   San Francisco
  Former baseball star has been found guilty of obstruction of justice following a trial over whether he lied about having taken steroids
 The jury failed to reach a verdict on three perjury charges and a mistrial was declared. Bonds played for 22 seasons, including 15 with the Giants, before retiring in 2007
Mar.29   San Francisco
Feb.16   Benicia
Feb.15   San Francisco  
Jan.19   Raiders

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Sep.17   San Francisco
Feb.9   San Francisco

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Nov.27   San Francisco
May.29   San Francisco
  The trial of track coach netted steroids prosecutors another guilty verdict and a public admission of cheating

Apr.4   San Francisco
  Former elite cyclist Tammy Thomas was convicted of lying to a grand jury investigating a steroid distribution ring
Jan.18   San Francisco Ex-49er, Raider Stubblefield Guilty

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Dec.14   Barry Bonds Report Suggests Bonds Tipped On Tests
Nov.28   San Francisco Bonds' Case transferred to Judge Illston Nov.15   Barry Bonds Bonds charged with perjury, obstruction
  A federal grand jury has charged baseball record breaker with perjury and obstruction of justice over an inquiry into steroids use
 Former Giants slugger could face prison instead of the Hall of Fame for telling a federal grand jury he did not knowingly use performance-enhancing drugs. The indictment charged Bonds with four counts of perjury and one of obstruction of justice
Sep.24   San Jose   Global Steroids Bust Nets 5 From San Jose  More than 120 people were arrested and dozens of steroid labs shut down in a global investigation into steroid trafficking over the Internet Jul.20   Raiders Cooper suspended 4 games May.7   Barry Bonds Fan Poll Shows Little Support For Bonds

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Nov.16   San Francisco Bonds' trainer ordered to prison
Aug.17   San Francisco Bonds' trainer silent with grand jury  Greg Anderson refused to tell a grand jury whether he gave the slugger steroids, but a judge did not jail him Jul.22   San Francisco Report: Feds got Bonds' medical files  Federal prosecutors investigate whether the slugger perjured himself when he said he never knowingly used steroids Jun.19   Giants Coaches contacted by Mitchell in probe  Members of the coaching staff have been contacted by former Sen. in his investigation of steroids in baseball Apr.28   San Francisco BALCO Supplier Pleads Guilty Mar.24   Barry Bonds Judge denies Bonds' bid  A judge denied the bid to block from making money on a book claiming the slugger used steroids Mar.23   Barry Bonds Bonds' Lawyer to Sue Over Steroids Book Mar.7   Barry Bonds Book details how Bonds used steroids
  Shadows: Barry Bonds took a wide array of performance-enhancing drugs over at least 5 seasons.    2 SF Chronicle reporters allege that Bonds, jealous of attention lavished on McGwire during his record home-run year, began injecting steroids af...

year 2005 Top ^

Oct.18   San Francisco BALCO mastermind gets eight months
  Victor Conte was handed down a prison term for distributing illegal steroids and money laundering Oct.17   San Francisco   BALCO Steroid Case To Include Suppliers  3 men at the center of a sports steroids scandal are due to be sentenced on reduced charges in federal court Mar.15   Athletics Giambi Excused From Testifying At Hearing Mar.13   Athletics Giambi Admits to Using Steroids  Former Oakland A's player said that his older brother Jason turned him onto the drugs Mar.9   Oakland Drugs dominate Romanowski trial Feb.25   Giants Giants owner: Bonds too harsh with media Feb.11   Athletics La Russa Blasts Canseco Over Steroids
  Former Oakland A's manager lashed back at one of his former players
Feb.7   Athletics Canseco Tells of Steroid-Pumped A's Team  In the book called 'Juiced,' Jose Canseco claims that he personally injected McGwire with steroids

year 2004 Top ^

Feb.17   San Francisco Bonds' Trainer Gave Steroids to Players
  Greg Anderson told federal agents he gave steroids to several baseball players

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.11   San Francisco Players testify in steroid investigation

year 2000 Top ^

Dec.19   Burlingame   Officer Charged Steroids Purchase  1,000 tablets of Methandrostenlone mailed from Romania

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