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Residents Upset Over Verse Relocation
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Justice Main Event: Sex Predator Cary Verse ...
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1. 2011-06-17 Judge orders release of sex offender Contra Costa County
2006-11-27 Sex Predator Cary Verse Back In Court Walnut Creek
D. 2006-11-20 Sex Predator Cary Verse Jailed Walnut Creek
4. 2005-02-10 Judge: Verse Can Move To Bay Point Bay Point
F. 2005-01-29 Residents Upset Over Verse Relocation Bay Point
6. 2004-09-02 Sex Offender Must Move to CC County Contra Costa County
H. 2004-06-25 Cary Verse to move to Merced County San Jose
I. 2004-06-21 Sex predator won't be charged San Jose
J. 2004-03-21 Abbey: Final Mass Before Shutting Down Oakland

Sex Predator Cary Verse Jailed  4-time convicted sex offender was being held after being stopped over the weekend with a teenage boy in his car Judge: Verse Can Move To Bay Point
Judge orders release of sex offender  40-year-old Cary Verse sparked a public outcry when he was released from state custody in 2004 and tried to settle in 3 communities Sex Predator Cary Verse Back In Court

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Jun.17   Contra Costa County

year 2006 Top ^

Nov.27   Walnut Creek  
  A four-time sex offender was caught driving with a 14-year-old boy in his car
Nov.20   Walnut Creek  

year 2005 Top ^

Feb.10   Bay Point
  A County judge has ruled that convicted sexual predator can move to a cottage in the of Bay Point

Jan.29   Bay Point  
  Bay Point residents upset with the possible relocation of a violent sex offender prompted an angry demonstration

year 2004 Top ^

Sep.2   Contra Costa County Sex Offender Must Move to CC County
  A judge ordered that Cary Verse must comply with a state law that requires sex offenders to return where they lived before Jun.25   San Jose   Cary Verse to move to Merced County  Repeat sex offenderwill be moving out in the state's attempt to find him a permanent home Jun.21   San Jose   Sex predator won't be charged  Cary Verse, 33, followed the spirit of the law when he told police his room had been assigned a new number Mar.21   Oakland   Abbey: Final Mass Before Shutting Down
  The city became aware of code violations when sex offender Cary Verse began living at St. Patrick’s
Mar.17   San Jose City Hall Protests Against Controversial Parolee  The city stepped up its protests against convicted sex offender Cary Verse Mar.16   South San Jose   Sex Offender Moves to San Jose
  Convicted sexual offender Cary Verse checked into a new home on Monterey Highway
Mar.15   Oakland   Sex offender Verse moves from abbey  Convicted sexual predator Cary Verse no longer resides at St. Patrick's Abbey Mar.14   East Oakland   Sex Offender: Public Should Not Fear Him  Convicted Cary Verse has been followed around the Bay Area by protestors ever since his release from prison Feb.16   Oakland Downtown   Sex Offender May Have to Move Again  Cary Verse moved to a hotel, but the manager of the facility is now threatening eviction Feb.13   Oakland   Convicted sex offender takes residence  The news that Cary Verse will reside in Oakland is 'troubling' to city Police Chief Richard Word Feb.12   Mill Valley   Controversial Parolee Moves from Motel  Sex offender Cary Verse must register with police within 24 hours every time he changes his address Feb.8   Mill Valley Protests Against Sexual Predator  Protestors have begun to gather outside the motel where Cary Verse moved in after his release from prison Feb.6   Mill Valley   Sex Offender Released  Authorities released the 33-year-old convict Cary Verse. He was registered as a sex offender was living at a motel Feb.5   Contra Costa County   Sex Predator to Get Release  Cary Verse, 33, could be released into a Contra Costa County community

year 2003 Top ^

Aug.23   Contra Costa County   Sexual predator may have place to live  State officials may have found a place to live for Cary Verse set to be released in Contra Costa County

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