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Terminal evacuated after security breach  SFO: United boarding area was evacuated for more than an hour after a woman passed through a closed security gate Bag forces evacuation of 3 planes  SJC: Parts of Mineta Airport and three planes were evacuated because a suspicious bag set off an explosives alarm 4 men removed from Arizona-bound flight  OAK: Men were questioned by FBI agents. All the remaining passengers were removed as well. The airplane was then inspected Passenger released after false ealarm. OAK Student Held for Airplane Incident. SJSU Low-flying plane circling over  SF Downtown: Some office workers got a bit of a scare.The pilot had obtained permission ahead of time to conduct a photo shoot Wires, batteries found in shoes  SFO: A man was detained briefly. The shoes were blown up by police after it was determined they were not dangerous Package shuts down federal building  SF Downtown: A suspicious package that closed off streets for hours turned out to contain bottles of water 2 Air force jets scrambled  Golden Gate Bridge: Bridge officials noticed 2 small airplanes circling the famous span during the evening commute hours Chaos after airport loses bomb suspect
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Crime Main Event: Bay Area Airports Up Secur...
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1. 2006-10-25 Knife Found On Plane From SFO SFO
2006-08-10 Bay Area Airports Up Security SFO
D. 2006-05-31 Bomb Squad Blows Up Suspicious Device Oakland Downtown
E. 2006-01-15 Suspicious Item Prompts Evacuation SFO
F. 2005-09-22 Security Breach Prompts Search OAK
G. 2005-05-23 Security Scare Slows Airport SJC
H. 2004-12-29 Bullets found on board outgoing flight OAK
8. 2003-11-30 Flight delayed by bomb threat SFO
J. 2003-02-11 Officials search for small boat near bridge Bay Bridge

  Bomb Squad Blows Up Suspicious Device  Oakland Downtown: Streets near Lake Merrittwere closed after police indicated Victor Padilla might be in possession of a bomb   Suspicious Item Prompts Evacuation  SFO: Part of a International Airport terminal was evacuated after a suspicious item was found in a piece of luggage Security Breach Prompts Search  OAK: A woman wearing leg braces passed through the regular metal detector and failed to submit to a 2nd security inspection Security Scare Slows Airport  SJC: 2 security checkpoints were closed for 15 minutes while security personnel reviewed security tapes Bullets found on board outgoing flight. OAK Flight delayed by bomb threat  SFO: Someone called the airport and said there was a bomb on the plane to Newark Officials search for small boat near bridge
  Knife Found On Plane From SFO  A possible major security breach at the airport may have allowed a knife to be snuck aboard an flight traveling to Miami   Bay Area Airports Up Security

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  SFO: In response to arrests in the United Kingdom the U.S. raised the nation's threat level for airline flights

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  Bay Bridge: There is a report that an inflatable craft with no lights on almost hit a tug boat near the span


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  SFO: Airport shuts down 28 gates after guards detected explosives residue on a man's shoes. He disappeared into a crowd

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Nov.26 Flight widow wants to hear recorder
  San Ramon: Deena Burnett wants to hear the plane's cockpit voice recorder which picked up sounds of passengers struggle
Nov.2 Street Closed for Bridge Security. SF Downtown Nov.1 Bechtel employees could stay home. San Francisco Oct.31 Northwest flight detained. SFO Oct.24 Airport's access badges missing. OAK Oct.22 Gay men in S.F. less afraid of HIV. San Francisco Oct.17 False bomb alarm  SFO: A bag left unattended and thought contained explosives forced the evacuation of thousands of passengers Oct.15 Suspicious Letter. SF City Hall Oct.6 Rescue team returns from New York. Oakland Oct.3 Radio operator records Sept. 11 calls
  Sausalito: Amateur Robert Sanford recorded emergency calls between police and fire officials and dispatchers Sep.26 Insecure SFO Sep.21 Fire officials apologize for flag ban  Berkeley: Officials were concerned the trucks could become targets at an anti-war rally Sep.12 Called wife from hijacked plane  San Ramon: Thomas Burnett Jr. called 4 times from United Airlines Flight 93 to tell wife that passengers were 'going to do something' Sep.11 SFO bound plane has crashed
  United Airlines Flight 93 from Newark had 38 passengers, 2 pilots and 5 flight attendants
Buildings, Airports Closed  SF Downtown: SF City Hall has been evacuated. The Pacific Exchange Stock Market is closed

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