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12-25 Former welfare official is fugitive SF City Hall
C. 12-25 Strong-arm robbery Pleasant Hill
3. 12-25 Small plane crashed Santa Rosa
E. 12-25 Toll hike possible Golden Gate Bridge
F. 12-25 Attempted kidnapping Union City
G. 12-25 Burglar hits Target store San Bruno
7. 12-25 One dead as car plunges into Bay San Francisco


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Morning News

Dec.25   SF City Hall   Former welfare official is fugitive
  Samuel Lee Davis, 44, failed to show up for trial concerning charges of embezzling $420,000 from Dept. of Human Services

  Pleasant Hill Strong-arm robbery  Victim had been robbed and repeatedly hit by two suspects

  Santa Rosa Small plane crashed  Pilot escaped uninjured when a sCessna 210 clipped some power lines and crashed into a vineyard

Day News

  Golden Gate Bridge   Toll hike possible  Llayoffs and the September attacks have slashed the number of people who cross or use the district's buses and ferries

  Union City Attempted kidnapping  Antonio Hernandez, 40, arrested in connection with an assault and the attempted kidnapping of his daughter

  San Bruno Burglar hits Target store  Hooded suspect caught on a surveillance videotape smashing a display case and stealing electronics items

Evening News

  San Francisco   One dead as car plunges into Bay  Abdel Laarif, 37, dead, and wife injured after their Jeep Cherokee careened into the chilly waters

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