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Justice Main Event: 1 man behind 6 bank robb...
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B. 07-10 Refinery fined $300,000 Richmond
2. 07-10 Housing Authority to pay $300,000 San Francisco
07-10 1 man behind 6 bank robberies San Jose
E. 07-10 Man Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges Saratoga
F. 07-10 Arrested for contraband cigarettes San Jose
6. 07-10 Court reverses jury's award San Francisco


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Morning News

Jul.10   Richmond     Refinery fined $300,000  Chevron has agreed to pay fines for failing to meet air quality standards. 52 violations from 1998

  San Francisco Housing Authority to pay $300,000  Housing Authority has agreed to pay the family of Davis, 23, shot and killed while doing cleanup

Evening News

  San Jose   1 man behind 6 bank robberies
  In robberies in Union City, Sunnyvale and San Jose suspect handed a note to a teller and made off with cash

  Saratoga Man Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges  Nemat Maleksalehi, 49, connected with a scheme to defraud the Department of Housing and Urban Development

  San Jose Arrested for contraband cigarettes  9-month ATF investigation that led to the arrest of Luu Thien Le, 47 and Thao Thi Nguyen, 48

  San Francisco Court reverses jury's award  Federal appeals court ruled that district court erred when it upheld a jury award for an American Indian-owned firm

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