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Business Main Event: Earnings edge forecast,...
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B. 07-11 Police kill robbery suspect SF Downtown
C. 07-11 Federal probe of discrimination Pittsburg
07-11 Earnings edge forecast, shares rise Yahoo
4. 07-11 Judge orders Napster off-line Napster
5. 07-11 Cisco to Buy AuroraNetics San Jose
G. 07-11 Counterfeit Coffee Scheme Berkeley
7. 07-11 Genentech meets expectations Genentech
I. 07-11 County health & HR head resigned San Rafael


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Morning News

Jul.11   SF Downtown   Police kill robbery suspect  Man shot on Glide Memorial Methodist Church building fire escape

  Pittsburg Federal probe of discrimination  U.S. Office for Civil Rights will investigate allegations by NAACP that schools discriminate against African Americans

Evening News

  Yahoo   Earnings edge forecast, shares rise
  Current quarter results could fall below estimates. Shares soared 14%

  Napster   Judge orders Napster off-line  U.S. District Judge decided that Napster remain off-line until company can perfect its song-swapping system

  San Jose Cisco to Buy AuroraNetics  $150 million in stock

  Berkeley Counterfeit Coffee Scheme  The owner of the Kona Kai Farms, Michael Norton, sold 3 million pounds of supposedly Kona coffee

  Genentech Genentech meets expectations  Cancer drug Rituxan helped Genentech match estimates in the second quarter

  San Rafael County health & HR head resigned  Director Nancy Rubin, Marin County Health And Human Services head resigned after 2 years of servic

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