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Accidents Main Event: Train hits truck
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07-16 Train hits truck Newark
C. 07-16 Man arrested after 2 men stabbed Oakland
3. 07-16 Man fell from 3rd floor of hotel SF Downtown
E. 07-16 Robber preys on elderly women San Francisco
5. 07-16 Big Rig Blocks Westbound 580 Pleasanton
G. 07-16 UCSF suspends stem cell research UCSF
7. 07-16 AIDS Walk Raises $3.8M San Francisco
I. 07-16 A's 5, Colorado 1 Coliseum
J. 07-16 Thieves Steal from Charity Concord


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Morning News

Jul.16   Newark   Train hits truck  Driver killed at a crossing. All 300 Amtrak passengers escape injury

  Oakland Man arrested after 2 men stabbed  They apparently got into an argument over the sale of jewelry

  SF Downtown Man fell from 3rd floor of hotel  481 Minna St.

Evening News

  San Francisco   Robber preys on elderly women  The latest victim is 97

  Highway 580   Big Rig Blocks Westbound 580 Map of Interstate 580 Pleasanton  A rig spun out onto the shoulder of 580 creating a traffic backup up to Livermore

  UCSF UCSF suspends stem cell research  Top scientist is leaving for Britain because of an increasingly hostile climate toward stem cell research

  San Francisco AIDS Walk Raises $3.8M  The 15th annual San Francisco AIDS Walk

  Coliseum A's 5, Colorado 1  Hernandez homered twice and drove in 3 runs

  Concord Thieves Steal from Charity  Thieves broke into the Habitat for Humanity's construction site

  Oakland Fire Forces Rescue of Family  Fire forced 2nd-story rescue of the family inside

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