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Crime Main Event: Gunmen rob theater
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07-28 Gunmen rob theater Sausalito
C. 07-28 Racial discrimination alleged San Leandro
3. 07-28 Condit aide sought her silence Mill Valley
E. 07-28 50 asian teens protest firings Oakland
5. 07-28 Woman locked for 2 years San Jose
G. 07-28 Lab retracts discovery 2 elements Berkeley
7. 07-28 Crackdown on illegal cruising Hayward
I. 07-28 Kansas 9, A's 3 Coliseum


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Morning News

Jul.28   Sausalito   Gunmen rob theater
  Gunmen held up a movie theater. When police entered the building neither hostages nor the gunmen were inside

  San Leandro Racial discrimination alleged  7 employees have filed a lawsuit against a dairy, alleging they were called 'slaves' and that they found noose and swastikas

  Mill Valley Condit aide sought her silence  Joleen McKay, Mill Valley woman, admitted that she had had romantic relationships with Condit and his chief of staff

  Oakland 50 asian teens protest firings  Teenagers protest the firing of the Oakland Asian Cultural Center's executive director

Evening News

  San Jose   Woman locked for 2 years
  Maria Eugenio, 64, charged with locking her mentally disabled adult daughter in shed up to 12 hours a day

  Berkeley Lab retracts discovery 2 elements  Lawrence National Laboratory is retracting a 1999 claim of having discovered superheavy elements

  Hayward Crackdown on illegal cruising  Police wants to reduce unlawful activity by drivers, drinking and driving, speeding

  Coliseum Kansas 9, A's 3  Durbin threw his first career complete game

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