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Business Main Event: No more Power Mac G4 Cu...
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B. 07-03 No-contest plea in road rage case San Jose
2. 07-03 BroadVision CFO Bolten resigns Redwood City
07-03 No more Power Mac G4 Cubes Apple
4. 07-03 BroadVision announces job cuts Redwood City
F. 07-03 Man dies after head-on collision Golden Gate Bridge
6. 07-03 City Property Records $88 Billion SF City Hall
H. 07-03 A's 5, Anaheim 2 Coliseum
8. 07-03 PG&E asks for more time PG&E
J. 07-03 Band of rabbits Palo Alto


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Morning News

Jul.3   San Jose No-contest plea in road rage case  M. Shannon faces nine months in jail

  Redwood City BroadVision CFO Bolten resigns  Davis, corporate treasurer, would take over the position in the interim

Evening News

  Apple   No more Power Mac G4 Cubes
  Apple will suspend production of the Cube. Customers decided to buy minitowers instead

  Redwood City   BroadVision announces job cuts  Stock plunged 18% after the company warns of wider losses. 695 jobs were cut

  Golden Gate Bridge   Man dies after head-on collision  60-year-old man crossed into oncoming traffic. The bridge was closed for over an hour

  SF City Hall City Property Records $88 Billion  Taxes collected from the property values hit $1 billion

  Coliseum A's 5, Anaheim 2  Zito allowed 2 runs and 3 hits in 5+ innings

  PG&E PG&E asks for more time  Company asked Bankruptcy Court for 4 more months to file a plan of reorganization

  Palo Alto Band of rabbits  30 rabbits ravish neighborhood foliage

  Oakland Deadly Drag Racing  21-year-old Brian Chuong was driving one of 3 cars speeding down Middle Harbor Road

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