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1. 07-31 City workers strike East Palo Alto
2. 07-31 Tug sinks near port Richmond
D. 07-31 Brothel alleged Berkeley
E. 07-31 W. Brown shut down 1998 probe SF City Hall
07-31 Jailed for leaving children in trunk San Jose
6. 07-31 Sun to cut up to 300 jobs Sun
7. 07-31 Speediest UltraSparc III Chip Sun
I. 07-31 Giants 8, Pittsburgh 7 Pac Bell Park
J. 07-31 Racist Propaganda Palo Alto


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Morning News

Jul.31   East Palo Alto   City workers strike  Workers charge that city officials aren't sharing redevelopment prosperity

  Richmond   Tug sinks near port  2 crew members were able to escape from 36-foot tugboat

  Berkeley Brothel alleged  Thomas D. Robinson, 60, suspected of running a brothel, arrested with 2 women who allegedly worked as prostitutes

  SF City Hall W. Brown shut down 1998 probe  2 former city employees testified that Mayor tried to stop the investigation into abuses of the minority contracting program

Evening News

  San Jose   Jailed for leaving children in trunk
  Rosemarie Radovan, 31, who repeatedly left her children in car trunk while she was at work, was sentenced to 3 months

  Sun   Sun to cut up to 300 jobs  870 workers will be asked to find new jobs within Sun Microsystems Inc.

  Sun Speediest UltraSparc III Chip  Chip runs at 900 Megahertz and is using copper instead of aluminum

  Pac Bell Park Giants 8, Pittsburgh 7  Feliz made 2-out RBI single in the 11th inning

  Palo Alto Racist Propaganda  Racist writings have been found

  Fremont Avant can't pay $195 million fine  Software maker claims it lacks the cash to pay the restitution it owes Cadence for stealing trade secrets

  UC Berkeley Clinton adviser to join UC Berkeley  Thomas A. Kalil, will be assistant to the chancellor for science and technology

  Campbell Missing Woman  Jeanine Harms, Los Gatos woman, was last seen leaving a bar in Campbell

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