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Accidents Main Event: 61-year-old woman give...
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B. 07-07 Robbed, carjacked in UC Berkeley UC Berkeley
2. 07-07 Slow-moving train kills pedestrian Hayward
07-07 61-year-old woman gives birth San Francisco
E. 07-07 Milwaukee 13, Giants 3 Pac Bell Park
5. 07-07 Explosives detonate in family garage Antioch
6. 07-07 Mauled boy condition upgraded Richmond
7. 07-07 Fireworks disposal squad sparks fire Dublin


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Morning News

Jul.7   UC Berkeley Robbed, carjacked in UC Berkeley  34-year-old woman, mployee of the University of California, was carjacked and robbed inside a university parking garage

  Hayward Slow-moving train kills pedestrian  Capitol Corridor Amtrak train was going 10 mph when it and killed a pedestrian

Evening News

  San Francisco   61-year-old woman gives birth
  Family had requested privacy

  Pac Bell Park   Milwaukee 13, Giants 3  Haynes snapped a personal 6-game losing streak and allowed 3 runs and 4 hits in 6 innings

  Antioch     Explosives detonate in family garage  Conrad Yu, 18, lost a thumb and the tips of two fingers while handling explosives and was arrested

  Richmond Mauled boy condition upgraded  Condition of S. Jones, 10, upgraded from critical to serious but stable

  Dublin Fireworks disposal squad sparks fire  The Bomb Disposal Unit, trying to dispose of confiscated 4th of July fireworks, caused a 10-acre grass fire

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