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Business Main Event: Man wins 2 lottery cont...
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1. 12-11 eBay hit by credit card scam eBay
C. 12-11 No ballot shortages in runoff races SF City Hall
D. 12-11 2 shooting suspects at large Richmond
12-11 Man wins 2 lottery contests on same day Belmont
F. 12-11 Park Could Be Renamed as SBC Park Pac Bell Park
G. 12-11 100th Homicide Suspect Behind Bars Oakland
H. 12-11 Interim law school dean appointed UC Berkeley
8. 12-11 'Computer Chronicles' to end San Mateo
9. 12-11 AOL Cut 300 Jobs Mountain View


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Morning News

Dec.11   eBay   eBay hit by credit card scam
  The online auction eBay has been targeted by fraudsters using a shadow site to steal credit card details

  SF City Hall No ballot shortages in runoff races  The complex 4 card ballot used in the November election made it harder to keep polling stations stocked with ballots

  Richmond 2 shooting suspects at large  Gunmen were driving a new black Lexus when they open fired on their three victims

Day News

  Belmont     Man wins 2 lottery contests on same day
  Angelo Gallina wins the $17 million SuperLotto Plus jackpot and the $126,000 Fantasy 5 top prize

  Pac Bell Park   Park Could Be Renamed as SBC Park  SBC Pacific Bell provided $50-million to the Giants to help build the park in exchange for naming privileges

  Oakland   100th Homicide Suspect Behind Bars  18-year old Dante Harris had been charged with murder of frail 80-year old Taswell Baird Junior

  UC Berkeley Interim law school dean appointed  University officials have picked longtime professor Robert Berring to fill in as leader of Boalt Hall law school

  San Mateo 'Computer Chronicles' to end  A national public television series devoted to personal computing, is powering down after 20 years

  Mountain View AOL Cut 300 Jobs  In Mountain View cuts took place in offices that house Netscape and part of its technology development group

  HP Impressive Progress After Merger  A research firm: Hewlett-Packard Co. has made impressive gains in integrating Compaq in the 7 months since the merger

Evening News

  Berkeley   Body found being burned in brush fire  At the Ashby Avenue onramp to westbound I-80

  HP HP, NEC in Computer Services Deal  Hewlett-Packard and Japanese conglomerate will jointly provide services to companies in China, Japan and U.S.

  San Francisco Crack down on homeless along tracks  City officials say the sweep is about cleaning up an unsanitary dumping ground filled with health hazards

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