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Crime Main Event: Yosemite killer Stayner se...
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1. 12-12 Gunfire aimed at security guard North Oakland
2. 12-12 Sentenced for phony sales contracts Mountain View
12-12 Yosemite killer Stayner sentenced to die San Jose
4. 12-12 Mayor Bates charged with infraction Berkeley
F. 12-12 Sales surge, earnings above expectations Adobe
G. 12-12 2 steel plates caused commuter backup Bay Bridge
H. 12-12 New Shopping Search Site: Froogle Google
I. 12-12 More subscribers than it expected Yahoo
J. 12-12 Sharks 5, Pittsburgh 2 SJ Arena


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Morning News

Dec.12   North Oakland Gunfire aimed at security guard  More than 7 police units responded by closing the area. Police were unable to locate a suspect

  Mountain View Sentenced for phony sales contracts  Gary Jones, 51, a former sales representative for Sagent Technology was sentenced to 3 years and 10 months in prison

Day News

  San Jose   Yosemite killer Stayner sentenced to die
  A former motel handyman was ordered to die in state prison for murdering 3 park tourists in a 1999

  Berkeley   Mayor Bates charged with infraction
  Tom Bates has been charged for stealing copies of the university newspaper a day before he was elected

  Adobe   Sales surge, earnings above expectations  Desktop publishing software maker said its quarterly sales surged for the first time since mid-2001

  Bay Bridge   2 steel plates caused commuter backup  The pair of 3-foot-wide plates are located on the upper deck extended morning drives by an hour or longer this week

  Google New Shopping Search Site: Froogle  Froogle searches for any product online, from compact discs to trash compactors

  Yahoo More subscribers than it expected  Internet media company is on track for industry-defying ad sales growth in 2003

Evening News

  SJ Arena Sharks 5, Pittsburgh 2  Mario Lemieux scored a pair of power-play goals

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