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Crime Main Event: Yahoo Buys Inktomi
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12-23 Yahoo Buys Inktomi Yahoo
2. 12-23 Man Found Shot and Killed on I-580 Pleasanton
3. 12-23 3 people were hurt in knife fight San Bruno
E. 12-23 Hillside Erodes, Threatens Homes Pacifica
F. 12-23 Microsoft Ordered to Carry Sun's Java Sun
G. 12-23 Bald eagle from Zoo recovered San Bruno
H. 12-23 Rainbow Grocery ended Israeli boycott San Francisco
8. 12-23 Giants' Benito Santiago, denies pot use San Francisco
9. 12-23 Lead in String of Murders San Francisco


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Morning News

Dec.23   Yahoo   Yahoo Buys Inktomi
  Yahoo announced a $235 million deal to acquire Internet search-software maker. Inktomi soared 43 cents, or 37%

  Highway 580   Man Found Shot and Killed on I-580 Map of Interstate 580 Pleasanton  The victim was found in a car that had crashed into the center divider

  San Bruno 3 people were hurt in knife fight  Police believed the fight was payback for an attempted assault on a 16-year-old girl from the neighborhood

  Pacifica Hillside Erodes, Threatens Homes  2 big chunks of earth broke off from a cliff where 17 feet of ground had already been lost

Day News

  Sun   Microsoft Ordered to Carry Sun's Java
  A federal judge ordered Microsoft to distribute Java programming language in its Windows operating system

  San Bruno   Bald eagle from Zoo recovered
  After a brief flight of freedom, a prized eagle was recovered safely from a mountain top

  San Francisco   Rainbow Grocery ended Israeli boycott  Grocery ended a partial boycott of Israeli-made goods after 200 demonstrators filled the parking lot of cooperative

  San Francisco Giants' Benito Santiago, denies pot use  Star catcher claims he has no idea how a Federal Express package bearing his name contained two ounces of marijuana

  San Francisco Lead in String of Murders  Arrest of 27-year-old Acie Matthews could help them solve a string of gang-related murders over the past decade

  Concord Mother demanding end of sex education  Renee Walker says the curriculum has a political agenda and provides graphic information about abortions

Evening News

  Berkeley   Daily Planet bought by couple  Berkeley couple Michael and Becky O'Malley bought the defunct paper from parent company Bigfoot Media

  SF Richmond   SFPD negotiating with shooter  Officers and negotiators have set up a perimeter where a man with a gun remains holed up in a building

  SF Downtown Sexual assault  Over several hours the man wielding a knife and his accomplice allegedly sexually assaulted handicapped woman

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