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Crime Main Event: Dad arrested for shaken ba...
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12-26 Dad arrested for shaken baby death Daly City
2. 12-26 Don't Shoot Your Gun' campaign Richmond
D. 12-26 Atheists appealing to U.S. Supreme Court San Francisco
E. 12-26 Test facility in preparation for Mars Moffett Field
F. 12-26 2-alarm fire destroyed house Oakland
G. 12-26 $4 million for downtown revitalization Novato
7. 12-26 50 people ransacked Arco mini mart Los Altos
8. 12-26 Armed Man Surrenders To Police South San Jose
J. 12-26 Life-saving liver transplant UCSF


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Morning News

Dec.26   Daly City   Dad arrested for shaken baby death
  Police is investigating the death of an 8-month-old as a result of a type of child abuse called 'Shaken Baby Syndrome'

  Richmond Don't Shoot Your Gun' campaign  The Police Department is joining forces with youth to prevent residents from ringing in the New Year with gunfire

  San Francisco Atheists appealing to U.S. Supreme Court  American Atheists Inc. object to the way the city of San Francisco sold a cross in a public park

  Moffett Field Test facility in preparation for Mars  NASA scientists are testing new technologies using a K9 rover in a newly built 'Marscape'

  Oakland 2-alarm fire destroyed house  Fire above Claremont Canyon destroyed a two-story wooden house

Day News

  Novato   $4 million for downtown revitalization  A state banking committee approved a low interest loan to the Infrastructure Economic Development Bank

  Los Altos 50 people ransacked Arco mini mart  Police detained 6 people, but the employee of the AM/PM was unable to identify any of the suspects

  South San Jose Armed Man Surrenders To Police  The man wanted on narcotics charges barricaded himself inside a motel

  UCSF Life-saving liver transplant  24 year old man received a transplant Christmas Day after he became ill from eating some death cap mushrooms

Evening News

  East Palo Alto   13-year-old Christmas day fire victim dies  Lucy Sanft was suffering from severe smoke inhalation after the three-alarm house fire

  SF Downtown   Massive water main break  Area at Post and Stockton Streets in Union Square was closed to traffic while firefighters continue cleaning up

  SJ Arena Sharks 4, Anaheim 1  Nolan scored twice and Marleau and McGillis each set up 2 goals

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