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Main Event: Flood watch
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12-27 Flood watch Napa
C. 12-27 Arrested for embezzling $220,000 Novato
D. 12-27 Racist graffiti Berkeley


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Morning News

Dec.27   Napa Flood watch  The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch for the Napa and Russian rivers

Day News

  eBay   Bidding for town closes at $1.8 million
  Almost 250 bids were cast for tiny Bridgeville. It's the first town to be sold on the Web site

  Novato Arrested for embezzling $220,000  Maria Kettell, 32, was arrested for allegedly embezzling from the investment company Headlands Group LLC

  Berkeley Racist graffiti  It's a third instance of racist graffiti on signs and buildings around the fraternity house district

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