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B. 12-29 Shot and killed East Oakland
C. 12-29 Woman found dead on sidewalk Pittsburg
D. 12-29 Police nab robbery suspect Rohnert Park
4. 12-29 21-year-old woman missing San Francisco
12-29 Terminal evacuated: man without ticket SJC
6. 12-29 Man's jacket found off Stinson Beach Marin County
H. 12-29 2 more killed Oakland


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Morning News

Dec.29   East Oakland   Shot and killed  2 victims of the shooting: one was pronounced dead at the scene, the other transported to a hospital

  Pittsburg   Woman found dead on sidewalk  Christine Hubbard, 41, was pronounced dead at the scene. Police are treating the case as a homicide

  Rohnert Park Police nab robbery suspect  Glenn Kucharskin allegedly brandished a knife, but was taken by surprise when the clerk drew a baseball bat

  San Francisco 21-year-old woman missing  Jessica Ellis was last heard from three months ago

Day News

  SJC   Terminal evacuated: man without ticket
  A man found without a ticket in a terminal at airport was just lost, security officials said

  Marin County Man's jacket found off Stinson Beach  Coast Guard search crews recovered the jacket of a person who was seen swimming

Evening News

  Oakland   2 more killed
  Keith Harris, 14, was being kept on life support to facilitate the organs donation. J. Duckworth shot through the door

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