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Murder Main Event: Oakland closes year at 11...
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12-31 Oakland closes year at 113 killings Oakland
C. 12-31 Sailboat capsized with 2 teens Belvedere
D. 12-31 Inmate mistakenly released San Francisco
4. 12-31 Pastor asks to fast to end homicides Oakland
F. 12-31 1200 United Airlines' Jobs in Danger OAK


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Morning News

Dec.31   Oakland   Oakland closes year at 113 killings
  The number of homicides has a stunning 33 percent increase in killings from the previous year

  Belvedere   Sailboat capsized with 2 teens  Two teenagers spent about an hour floating in Richardson Bay without wetsuits. Another boat had picked up the boys

  San Francisco Inmate mistakenly released  Joseph Scott was convicted of felony burglary. Paperwork error led to his mistaken release

  Marin County 7,100 outages in Marin County  Chances are high that full power may not be restored until later this morning

Day News

  Oakland Pastor asks to fast to end homicides  Bob Jackson is calling fellow Christians to fast for 12 hours each day for 3 weeks to end the recent surge in homicides

  OAK 1200 United Airlines' Jobs in Danger  The bankrupt airline might close its maintenance center. Flight attendants' and pilots' unions to vote on wage cuts

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