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B. 12-05 Man dead after shooting West Oakland
2. 12-05 Safest large city in America San Jose
3. 12-05 Analysts Upbeat on Pending Update Intel
4. 12-05 Revenue Guidance Raised AMD
F. 12-05 New park to cover 8.5 miles of shoreline Berkeley
G. 12-05 Duplex fire sent woman to hospital Walnut Creek
H. 12-05 Pollution not cause of breast cancer Marin County
12-05 Singer sued Opera Association San Francisco
9. 12-05 Intel boosts fourth-quarter sales forecast Intel


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Morning News

Dec.5   West Oakland   Man dead after shooting  Police have identified and are looking for a suspect

  San Jose     Safest large city in America  Mayor Gonzales said the top ranking is the result of a strong police force

  Intel Analysts Upbeat on Pending Update  Intel is expected to confirm that the final quarter of the year is shaping up stronger than initially projected

  AMD Revenue Guidance Raised  No. 2 chipmaker is citing better-than-expected demand for its microchips used in PCs and its flash memory products

  Berkeley New park to cover 8.5 miles of shoreline  Eastshore State Park will cover about 2,260 acres of land. Clint Eastwood was expected to lead a tour

  Walnut Creek Duplex fire sent woman to hospital  A two-alarm fire in an upscale neighborhood sent a woman to the hospital for smoke inhalation injuries

  Marin County Pollution not cause of breast cancer  County's high cancer rate may have nothing to do with geography and everything to do with demography

Day News

  San Francisco   Singer sued Opera Association
  Alexandra Nehra is claiming Association's fog machine has caused her asthma and other ailments

  Intel   Intel boosts fourth-quarter sales forecast  Revenue forecast is the result of greater-than-expected demand for computer microprocessors

  San Jose   Russian software company case rested  Elcomsoft accused of selling a computer program that allowed users to circumvent the security of Adobe's electronic book

  San Jose Indicted of stealing trade secrets  Fei Ye and Ming Zhong allegedly stole trade secrets from 4 businesses and planned to share them with China

  Contra Costa County Judge could be removed  Bruce Van Voorhis could be removed from his post for disciplinary problems. He apologized to the state commission

  Hayward Holdup of bank  Police are searching for several men responsible for the 30-second holdup of a California Federal Bank branch

  eBay Outlook Bright with Better Margins  Business expects to meet profitability targets and boost cash on-hand

  Cupertino IBM in Talks with Rational Software  The two sides haven't been able to agree on a price

Evening News

  San Francisco Mail theft ring broken up  The U.S. Attorney's Office has busted up a conspiracy ring involving 5 people who allegedly stole mail from postal drop boxes

  Oracle Arena Minnesota 114, Warriors 98  Garnett had another excellent game with 21 points, 15 rebounds and 9 assists

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