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B. 12-06 Police officer says he was labeled 'snitch' Oakland
C. 12-06 Israeli products to be dropped SF Mission
3. 12-06 Major injuries at auto accident
4. 12-06 Several people injured in auto accident Richmond
5. 12-06 Fatality accident Santa Clara
12-06 IBM to Buy Rational Software Cupertino
H. 12-06 Shot to death North Oakland
I. 12-06 More Charges Against SFPD Rookie San Francisco
J. 12-06 HP Plans Holidays Without Pay HP


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Morning News

Dec.6   Oakland Police officer says he was labeled 'snitch'  An police officer testified that one of the 'Riders' pressured him to stand by a bogus police report

  SF Mission Israeli products to be dropped  The Rainbow Grocery health food store decided to drop Israeli products from certain departments

  Highway 580 Major injuries at auto accident  A car crossed 4 lanes of traffic and rolled 3 times into a ravine on I-580

  Richmond Several people injured in auto accident  The accident was caused by insulation on the road, which caused a pile up involving a bus, pickup truck and 6 cars

  Santa Clara Fatality accident  Rescue workers had to extricate one person

Day News

  Cupertino   IBM to Buy Rational Software
  IBM would buy software tools maker for about $2.1 billion, in a deal that turns up the heat on Microsoft

  North Oakland   Shot to death  Witnesses saw two men running through backyards after the shooting

  San Francisco     More Charges Against SFPD Rookie  Another citizen is accusing embattled rookie cop, Alex Fagan, Junior of police brutality

  HP HP Plans Holidays Without Pay  Hewlett-Packard is sending employees home without pay for the December holidays, a money-saving tradition

  Benicia Missing Teen Found  A 15-year-old Tiffany Tapia was missing since before Thanksgiving. Police believe M. Parker provided Tiffany with marijuana

Evening News

  Berkeley   Mayor apologizes for trashed newspapers
  1,000 copies of a university newspaper endorsing Bates' opponent were trashed during the recent elections

  Vallejo   2 arrested, boy found
  Two women are under arrest and an abducted child has been found after a fiery murder and kidnapping in 1996

  San Francisco   Wolfowitz speaks at Commonwealth Club  Deputy Secretary of Defense was again banging the war drum against Iraq

  Fremont   Former priest changes plea to guilty  Robert Freitas has pleaded guilty to charges he molested a teenager more than 20 years ago

  Pleasanton Man chases 3 armed robbers from house  Officers are hunting for 3 men who burst into the apartment of a man and his 2 young children in an aborted armed robbery

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