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B. 06-20 Judge investigated for offensive remarks Pleasanton
2. 06-20 Mayor's proposed budget protested SF City Hall
D. 06-20 Man Knocked Off Bridge Bay Bridge
06-20 Police chief announces retirement SF City Hall
5. 06-20 Sea Lion Breaches Security SFO
6. 06-20 Contract workers to be fired HP
7. 06-20 Intuit Lowers 2002 Guidance, Lifts 2003 Mountain View
I. 06-20 Two More Arsons Sunnyvale
J. 06-20 Giants 10, Tampa Bay 2 Pac Bell Park


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Morning News

Jun.20   Pleasanton Judge investigated for offensive remarks  D. Ronald Hyde allegedly made sexually offensive remarks in the presence of court employees

  SF City Hall Mayor's proposed budget protested  The lowest paid city employees claim unfairly shift the weight of the revenue shortfall

  Bay Bridge Man Knocked Off Bridge  One car hit a wall. A second car hit the first car. 3 people got out to talk on the catwalk. A 3rd car sends 2nd toward the people

Day News

  SF City Hall     Police chief announces retirement
  Fred Lau would resign from office next month to start working for the federal Department of Transportation

  SFO   Sea Lion Breaches Security  A sea lion managed to get through security at Airport, crossing two runways, a concrete tarmac and getting to a terminal

  HP   Contract workers to be fired  Hewlett-Packard may dismiss some of the 4,000 contract employees after mandatory three-week break

  Mountain View Intuit Lowers 2002 Guidance, Lifts 2003  Software maker revenue for fiscal 2002 ending is now expected to be $1.355 billion

  Sunnyvale Two More Arsons  Police are blaming at least 14 fires on the same unknown arsonist

  Pac Bell Park Giants 10, Tampa Bay 2  Aurilia homered and drove in four runs

  Mountain View Fight erupts in sauna over cell phone  A man became annoyed with another sauna user at a fitness club for refusing to end his cell phone conversation

Evening News

  San Francisco   Levi Strauss first quarter loss since 1999  The cost of closing 8 manufacturing plants and offering discounts to merchants left the jeans maker with a loss of $81 million

  Redwood City 8 townhomes in 8 days  Habitat for Humanity has kicked off its annual accelerated house build

  San Mateo 2-alarm structure fire  3144 La Selva Circle

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