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Business Main Event: 224 molestation charges...
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B. 03-14 Ikea measure approved East Palo Alto
C. 03-14 Neighbors evacuated due shooting West San Jose
3. 03-14 Chicago curator to head SFMOMA SF Downtown
E. 03-14 Woman killed in crash san carlos street, San Jose
F. 03-14 Loose Rottweiler killed South SF
03-14 224 molestation charges dismisses San Francisco
7. 03-14 13% drop in profit, 30% decline in sales Oracle
I. 03-14 Feds clash with city over marijuana law San Francisco
9. 03-14 2 more big investors shun merger HP


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Morning News

Mar.14   East Palo Alto Ikea measure approved  Swedish furniture retailer victory widens to 145 votes

  West San Jose Neighbors evacuated due shooting  West San Jose

  SF Downtown Chicago curator to head SFMOMA  Neal Benezra, 48, will assume position of director of Museum of Modern Art

  San Jose Woman killed in crash  33-year-old woman was killed in a vehicle accident at Bascom Avenue and San Carlos Street

  South SF Loose Rottweiler killed  Officers shot and killed a dog when it charged them. Rottweiler was chasing citizens and bit a subject riding a bicycle

Day News

  San Francisco   224 molestation charges dismisses
  A judge threw out all 224 child-molestation charges against a defrocked Roman Catholic priest Monsignor Patrick O'Shea, 67

  Oracle   13% drop in profit, 30% decline in sales  Another disappointing quarter is amplifying concerns that Oracle might not regain its footing as quickly as the rest of the industry

  San Francisco     Feds clash with city over marijuana law  Federal agents, with no help from San Francisco police, seized more than 600 pot plants from a medicinal marijuana club

  HP   2 more big investors shun merger  Pension fund managers and Ohio state workers will vote against, but two large investors backed the deal

  Oakland   Racist Letters Sent from Oakland  The Attorney General is ordering an investigation into hate mail aimed at Latino attorneys, community groups, TV

  eBay Offline for 90 minutes  Major parts of the popular trading site were unavailable in a first major technical glitch in more than a year

  Adobe Adobe beats Wall Street expectations  Current quarter will fall in line with expectations

  Belmont Lawsuit against Spam  Morrison and Foerster has filed a suit against

  Berkeley Street-Corner Waving Man died  Joseph Charles greeted motorists with a friendly wave for 30 years

Evening News

  San Rafael Teens robbed women at gunpoint  Two victims were approached and surrounded by a group of four to six teen-aged males

  East Oakland $4 million for new rail station  The state transportation commission has approved state grant funds for an intercity rail station at the Coliseum

  Oracle Arena LA Lakers 110, Warriors 102  O'Neal scored 9 straight points

  SF Presidio Man dies after fall onto rocks at beach  Man died from severe head trauma after slipping and falling about 15 feet onto the rocks at Baker Beach

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