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Accidents Main Event: Dog Registered to Vote
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B. 03-15 Willie Brown wisecrack angers Miami SF City Hall
2. 03-15 3-alarm fire displaced 16 SF Mission
D. 03-15 Clinic received $680,000 grant San Rafael
4. 03-15 Killed by car road, San Jose
03-15 Dog Registered to Vote Lafayette
G. 03-15 School Accused of Bizarre Punishment San Jose
H. 03-15 Sentenced for mail fraud, false IRS claim Oakland
I. 03-15 Lawsuit over Stanford name Stanford
J. 03-15 Arrest to end string of taxi robberies San Francisco


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Morning News

Mar.15   SF City Hall     Willie Brown wisecrack angers Miami  Mayor of Miami wants Brown to quit insulting other cities

  SF Mission   3-alarm fire displaced 16  Fire began at a three story multi-unit apartment complex and soon spread to an extension building

  Highway 680 Clinic received $680,000 grant  Marin County's primary clinic is serving uninsured and low-income residents

  San Jose Killed by car  Asian male was struck by a car in the area of Aborn Road

Day News

  Lafayette   Dog Registered to Vote
  Donald Miller's poodle got called for jury

  San Jose   School Accused of Bizarre Punishment  Kids at Slonaker Community School are put in a dark closet when they misbehave, and were told to lie to their families about it

  Oakland Sentenced for mail fraud, false IRS claim  Joseph Palomba sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison and ordered to pay $125,000 to his victims

  Stanford Lawsuit over Stanford name  Stanford Chemical Corp. agreed to change its name

  San Francisco Arrest to end string of taxi robberies  31-year-old man connected with crime spree spanned nearly three weeks

Evening News

  San Francisco   One dead, 2 injured from shooting Map of Excelsior District San Francisco
  One man has died in surgery and two other victims are being treated for serious injuries after a violence in the Excelsior District

  San Quentin Death row inmate stabbed  Scott Collins, 31, was attacked by an unknown assailant while in the exercise yard and received minor injuries

  SJ Arena Sharks 5, Washington 4  San Jose had a 4-1 advantage

  Los Altos Hills Murder suspect arrested  Charles Vincent Brower, 18, wanted in connection with a murder in Indiana, was apparently living in a van

  Fremont Vehicle bumped side of train  Driver suffered minor injuries in 'fender-bender'

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