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Business Main Event: Robbery suspect killed
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B. 03-27 Girl sexually assaulted by 4 men and market street, SF Downtown
2. 03-27 Startup has raised $272 million Milpitas
D. 03-27 Fire Raises Fears of Toxic Smoke San Jose
E. 03-27 County gets touch-screen voting system Oakland
5. 03-27 InVision raising $91.25 million Newark
6. 03-27 Traffic jams eased by 32% in 2001 San Jose
03-27 Robbery suspect killed East Oakland
I. 03-27 Wells Fargo Bank robbed Fremont


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Morning News

Mar.27   SF Downtown Girl sexually assaulted by 4 men  Black men assaulted a juvenile girl in the area of Sixth and Market streets

  Milpitas Startup has raised $272 million  Procket Networks has already acquired a reputation for keeping quiet

Day News

  San Jose   Fire Raises Fears of Toxic Smoke  South Bay Circuits makes circuits, there were a number of potentially hazardous chemicals

  Oakland County gets touch-screen voting system  Supervisors voted to buy a system for $12.7 million from Diebold Election Systems

  Newark InVision raising $91.25 million  Bomb-scanning equipment maker is cashing in on the rapid run-up in its stock since the Sept. 11 attacks

  San Jose Traffic jams eased by 32% in 2001  Change is tied to the valley's economic woes and not road improvements

Evening News

  East Oakland   Robbery suspect killed
  Officers shot and killed a rifle-wielding robbery suspect in a Burger King parking lot

  Fremont Wells Fargo Bank robbed  Suspect entered the bank, gave a teller a note indicating that he had a gun, and demanded cash

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