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Business Main Event: BART to OAK connector a...
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03-29 BART to OAK connector approved OAK
C. 03-29 Beating death of man San Jose
3. 03-29 Startups Moxi Digital, digeo to merge Palo Alto
E. 03-29 Hit-and run San Francisco
5. 03-29 Align Technology names new CEO Santa Clara
G. 03-29 Police expressed sympathy and concern Palo Alto
7. 03-29 Network Ass. presses reacquire McAfee Santa Clara


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Morning News

Mar.29   OAK   BART to OAK connector approved
  The connector would provide an elevated platform to take travelers rapidly above traffic across the 3 miles

  San Jose   Beating death of man  Man in his late 40s was lying on the street in the area of Beaver Creek Way

  Palo Alto Startups Moxi Digital, digeo to merge  Startups were in need of cash, but had goals to revolutionize the delivery of home entertainment

  San Francisco Hit-and run  2 men are in custody following an incident that resulted in one officer being taken to a hospital

Day News

  Santa Clara Align Technology names new CEO  High-tech orthodontics supplier is hiring Thomas M. Prescott, 46, who replaces co-founder, Zia Chishti

  Palo Alto Police expressed sympathy and concern  Police Department issued a statement to the family of a man killed by police gunfire and to the officers involved in the shooting

  Santa Clara Network Ass. presses reacquire McAfee  Computer security provider launched its $209 million bid to reacquire the outstanding shares of Internet virus-fighter

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