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Accidents Main Event: Sun sues Microsoft
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B. 03-08 Talk about killing board president East Palo Alto
2. 03-08 Power failure shuts campus UC Berkeley
3. 03-08 Officer injured in car crash Hayward
03-08 Sun sues Microsoft Sun
F. 03-08 1900 new homes drawing thousands Santa Clara
G. 03-08 2 indicted for phone fraud San Francisco
H. 03-08 10% of work force cut Napster
8. 03-08 Missing fisherman's body washes up Half Moon Bay
9. 03-08 Laundromat fire causes $500K damage Mountain View


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Morning News

Mar.8   East Palo Alto   Talk about killing board president
  District manager Scherzer and board member Rosales heard talking about hiring a 'crack head' to kill the board president

  UC Berkeley   Power failure shuts campus  Roar of escaping steam; people were trapped in elevators in 15 buildings, and night classes were canceled

  Hayward Officer injured in car crash  Patrol car was allegedly struck by a van driven by a man under the influence of drugs

Day News

  Sun   Sun sues Microsoft
  Sun Microsystems is claiming $1 billion in damages from the decision to make Windows XP incompatible with Sun's Java

  Santa Clara   1900 new homes drawing thousands  The concrete foundations are being poured for the first of homes being built at the Rivermark development

  San Francisco 2 indicted for phone fraud  Daniel David, 36, and Scott Nisbet, 38, indicted on charges of mail fraud, conspiracy and money laundering

  Napster 10% of work force cut  Move was prompted by longer than anticipated negotiations with record labels

  Half Moon Bay Missing fisherman's body washes up  The 24-foot fishing boat never returned. A second crewman is still missing

Evening News

  Mountain View   Laundromat fire causes $500K damage  Malfunctioning dryer caused a fire that forced the evacuation of a dozen small stores and Safeway supermarket

  San Rafael $1.5M awarded to county employee   A federal jury awarded a judgment to Lonnie Morris, a Probation Department employee, who claimed a hostile work environment

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