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Business Main Event: Fallen lab official was...
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B. 04-11 Photo wall honors soldiers Sunnyvale
C. 04-11 Transient Suspected of Murder South San Jose
3. 04-11 Options Granted for 75 Million Shares Cisco
E. 04-11 Sentenced to state prison for id theft Santa Rosa
F. 04-11 Arrested on auto theft, narcotics charges South SF
6. 04-11 Multibillion-Dollar Deals with P&G, Ericsson HP
04-11 Fallen lab official was espionage expert Livermore Lab
8. 04-11 Plan to eliminate 181 jobs, increase fares BART
9. 04-11 Talks to Buy Universal Music Apple


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Morning News

Apr.11   Sunnyvale   Photo wall honors soldiers  City Council will be paying tribute to residents serving in the military

  South San Jose   Transient Suspected of Murder  Officers found the victim stabbed in his garage. Police believe the man was attacked by Joseph Lester Guillory

  Cisco Options Granted for 75 Million Shares  Cisco Systems will grant stock options for about 75 million shares of its stock to its employees

  Santa Rosa Sentenced to state prison for id theft  Lisa Ann Ellis, 36, and Steven Wayne Stras pleaded guilty to identity theft scheme that involved a dozen victims

  South SF Arrested on auto theft, narcotics charges  27-year-old Geraldo Rivera was parked when officer noticed his Toyota pickup truck had no license plate

  HP Multibillion-Dollar Deals with P&G, Ericsson  Hewlett-Packard won deals with consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble and wireless network gear maker Ericsson

Day News

  Livermore Lab   Fallen lab official was espionage expert
  William Cleveland Jr resigned from counterespionage post after acknowledging an affair with a suspected Chinese agent

  BART   Plan to eliminate 181 jobs, increase fares  Managers have called for a second round of layoffs and 10% passenger fare hikes

  Apple   Talks to Buy Universal Music  Apple Computer is in talks to buy the world's largest record company from Vivendi Universal for as much as $6 billion

  San Francisco Yoga Protest  A group of war protesters practiced yoga to protest the war outside the office of Mayor Jerry Brown

  SF Downtown Club to shut down over ecstasy sales  State regulators intend to shut down Ten 15 Club club that has allegedly been plagued by reports of drug sales

  Daly City Juveniles tried as adults in fatal attack  An intended victim pulled out a revolver and shot 3 assailants, killing one of them

Evening News

  Pac Bell Park Giants 3, Dodgers 2  Galarraga drove in 2 runs in a rare start

  SF Presidio National award for composting efforts  Experiment with composting to cut down on chemicals needed at the golf course

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