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Business Main Event: $14 million net profit,...
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04-16 $14 million net profit, twice what expected Apple
2. 04-16 Wider first-quarter loss AMD
3. 04-16 Small third-quarter profit Sun
E. 04-16 Identification focused solely on Peterson Richmond
5. 04-16 UAL maintenance facility threatened OAK
6. 04-16 Geron patents improved cloning process Menlo Park
H. 04-16 2nd most livable city for the blind Berkeley
I. 04-16 Lakers 117, Warriors 111, season ends Oracle Arena
J. 04-16 Murder Suspect Extremely Dangerous Pittsburg


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Day News

Apr.16   Apple   $14 million net profit, twice what expected
  Quarterly profits fell 65%. Net income for the 3 months is 4 cents a share

  AMD   Wider first-quarter loss  Microprocessor sales at Advanced Micro Devices improved and the company significantly reduced expenses

  Sun   Small third-quarter profit  10% drop in sales; persistent downturn in spending by corporate customers

  Richmond     Identification focused solely on Peterson  Crime lab is comparing DNA from Peterson and her parents with tissue and bone taken from the decomposed bodies

  OAK UAL maintenance facility threatened  A United Airlines facility may close, putting 700 mechanics out of work

  Menlo Park Geron patents improved cloning process  A better way to clone pigs is eyed for human organ transplant possibilities

  Berkeley 2nd most livable city for the blind  The city has been named the second most livable city in the U.S. for the blind and visually impaired

Evening News

  Oracle Arena   Lakers 117, Warriors 111, season ends  Bryant scored 44 points

  Pittsburg   Murder Suspect Extremely Dangerous  Police want to talk to Earl Foster, Jr. in connection with the killing of Inspector Ray Giacomelli

  Pac Bell Park Astros 8, Giants 5  Biggio's 3-run homer started Houston

  SF Sunset 4,900 customers without power  Outage began about 8:50 p.m.

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