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B. 04-20 Girl was likely murdered South San Jose
2. 04-20 16 displaced in 2-alarm fire West San Jose
3. 04-20 Restaurant fire caused $400K in damages Martinez
04-20 Outfielder beaned in head with phone Coliseum
F. 04-20 Prices Cut on Fastest Microprocessors Intel
G. 04-20 Upgrades to Emeryville
7. 04-20 Body found in water under bridge Golden Gate Bridge
8. 04-20 Boy, 4, attacked by pit bull Fremont
J. 04-20 Last all-jazz club closed San Francisco


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Morning News

Apr.20   South San Jose   Girl was likely murdered  A girl found dead and partially clothed beside a creek near Yerba Buena High School

  West San Jose   16 displaced in 2-alarm fire Map of charred a 4-unit building San Jose  Several adults and children were driven from their homes after a fire charred a 4-unit building

  Martinez Restaurant fire caused $400K in damages  A 2-alarm fire at Le Baux's restaurant was the result of an outdoor patio heater catching the awning above it

Day News

  Coliseum   Outfielder beaned in head with phone
  Juan Carlos Serrano, age 24, beaned Texas Rangers Carl Everett with his cell phone at the Oakland A's game

  Intel Prices Cut on Fastest Microprocessors  The price of Pentium 4 microprocessor running at 3 gigahertz was cut 32%, running at 2.4 gigahertz was cut 38%

  Emeryville Upgrades to  Smart Search upgrade will make easier to tailor search queries for information, pictures, products or news

  Golden Gate Bridge Body found in water under bridge  The body of Troy Rankin, 39, of Citrus Heights was discovered this week

Evening News

  Fremont     Boy, 4, attacked by pit bull
  The boy was attacked by relative's pit bull while walking with an adult relative

  San Francisco Last all-jazz club closed  Jazz at Pearl's served up homegrown jazz seven days a week

  Coliseum Rangers 2, Athletics 1  Everett homered for the 5th straight game

  South San Jose Police identify 16-year-old found dead  The girl was identified as April Marie Sanchez. She had some marks on her body

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