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B. 04-21 Disaster Conference San Jose Downtown
04-21 64-bit computing with server chip AMD
D. 04-21 Judge dismisses Raiders suit Raiders
4. 04-21 Pentium 4 resumed shipping after delay Intel
F. 04-21 Gov. Davis Honors Officer Killed on Duty Pittsburg
G. 04-21 2003 Guggenheim fellow named UC Berkeley
H. 04-21 DA switching top aides San Francisco
8. 04-21 New Online Music Service Apple
J. 04-21 Meth found during traffic stop Rohnert Park


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Morning News

Apr.21   San Jose Downtown Disaster Conference  Experts will to share their knowledge during the annual 3-day Disaster Resistant California Conference

Day News

  AMD   64-bit computing with server chip
  Advanced Micro Devices gambles on Opteron, high-powered microprocessor

  Raiders   Judge dismisses Raiders suit  A state judge dismissed a suit against Bucs, Panthers

  Intel   Pentium 4 resumed shipping after delay  The 3-gigahertz chip was pulled at the last minute after the problem was uncovered during testing

  Pittsburg   Gov. Davis Honors Officer Killed on Duty  Fellow officers praised Raymond Giacomelli, 46, as a 'cop's cop' during his funeral mass

  UC Berkeley 2003 Guggenheim fellow named  Michael Watts, 53, pofessor of geography, plans to use the honor to complete a book on oil and Nigeria

  San Francisco DA switching top aides  District Attorney is promoting a woman to the No. 2 spot and assigning his former chief assistant

  Apple New Online Music Service  Service said it is simple to use, will cut straight to the core of digital music distribution

Evening News

  Rohnert Park Meth found during traffic stop  22-year-old man developed a medical problem while he was in a patrol car

  Santa Rosa Police Dept. lost power  1,508 customers lost power when an electrical cable burned out

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