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Crime Main Event: Flight held until sick pas...
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B. 04-24 4-alarm fire, pregnant woman injured San Mateo
04-24 Flight held until sick passenger cleared SFO
3. 04-24 Complaint office: SFPD slows investigations SF City Hall
E. 04-24 Anti-war reporter fired for falsifying SF Chronicle
5. 04-24 Former Jesuit arrested in old abuse case San Jose
G. 04-24 Athletics 2, Tigers 0 Coliseum
H. 04-24 CEO Ducks Questions on Music Strategy Apple
I. 04-24 Emulation Software for Itanium Intel
9. 04-24 Bank robbery Vallejo


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Morning News

Apr.24   San Mateo   4-alarm fire, pregnant woman injured  The blaze at a duplex displaced the couple and another family

Day News

  SFO   Flight held until sick passenger cleared
  The departure of a Northwest Airlines flight bound for Minneapolis was delayed for 2 hours

  SF City Hall   Complaint office: SFPD slows investigations  Police Department impedes investigations into complaints from the public and fails to discipline officers in cases of misconduct

  SF Chronicle   Anti-war reporter fired for falsifying  Henry Norr, who was arrested while participating in a demonstration, said he has been fired for falsifying his timesheet

  San Jose Former Jesuit arrested in old abuse case  A man, 58, has been arrested on charges of sexually abusing a 16-year-old boy 3 decades ago

  Coliseum Athletics 2, Tigers 0  Mulder retired the first 13 batters

  Apple CEO Ducks Questions on Music Strategy  Steve Jobs declined to comment on its forthcoming online music service and its talks to buy Vivendi's Universal Music

  Intel Emulation Software for Itanium  Software designed to speed the processor as it runs certain applications on server computers

  Vallejo Bank robbery  2 men wearing ski masks entered First Bank of California and shouted 'everybody duck and give me all your money'

  South San Jose 8-Year-Old Boy Pulling Gun in School  A young boy took the gun out, pointed it at the other boy and said that he was going to kill him

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