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B. 04-05 Caltrain christened Baby Bullet train Caltrain
2. 04-05 Shooting: One dead, another wounded Daly City
D. 04-05 Robots against robots Santa Clara
04-05 Rally protests not just war, but its costs Oakland Downtown
5. 04-05 6 stabbed at KMEL event San Mateo
6. 04-05 56-year-old man killed by shooting East Oakland
7. 04-05 Man slain in midday shooting in the street, Richmond
8. 04-05 2 ex-officers sentenced to probation Oakland
J. 04-05 Athletics 4, Angels 2 Coliseum


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Morning News

Apr.5   Caltrain   Caltrain christened Baby Bullet train
  The Baby Bullet will run between San Francisco and San Jose in under 60 minutes at a speed up to 82 miles per hour

  Daly City   Shooting: One dead, another wounded  One man was found dead from a gunshot wound in a parking lot and a second victim was found a short time later

  Santa Clara Robots against robots  Student teams from middle and high schools will match robots against robots in a ‘Botball' tournament

Day News

  Oakland Downtown   Rally protests not just war, but its costs
  Marchers gathered to protest that domestic programs will suffer as billions of dollars are spent on the war

  San Mateo   6 stabbed at KMEL event  Brawl happened at an event sponsored by radio station and Chuy Gomez Productions at a restaurant

  East Oakland   56-year-old man killed by shooting  Relatives of a man discovered him with gunshot wounds in his residence

  Richmond   Man slain in midday shooting Map of in the street Richmond  28-year-old Darryl Waldron Jr. was chased and shot several times to death in the street

  Oakland   2 ex-officers sentenced to probation  Two former police officers Eric Richholt and Mark Neely Jr. were busted for visiting a brothel while on duty

  Coliseum Athletics 4, Angels 2  Piatt homered and doubled in a rare start

Evening News

  Fremont U.S. Bank robbed  The suspect advised the teller that he was robbing the bank, did so, then fled on foot

  OAK New airfield system  The Surface Movement Guidance Control System wil improve safety and decrease traveler frustration

  Marin County 10 years for starving child to death  Mary Campbell 19-month-old son starved to death in a suburban household that was run as a bizarre clan

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