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  Possible hijack attempt turns out false  The pilot erroneously sent a signal and federal authorities and police swarmed the plane when it landed Container explodes on plane at tarmac
World News (12) USA (335) California (187) Bay Area (11) Peninsula (1080) SFO (178) 2003
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Asiana Airlines Flight 214
War on Terrorism, 2003   Sick (14)   SFO, 2003   BART, 2003   U.S. in June, 2003 (108)   Burlingame, 2003
$100 million for BART extension to SFO  A bill approved by the House of Representatives will provide about $105 million for services in Bay Area Eastbound flights cancelled  Flights bound for the northeastern United States remain cancelled due to the region's winter storm Cessna collided with maintenance truck Checkpoint runner faces federal charges Second-largest automated people-mover AirTrain rail system got official sendoff Wireless Internet Flies Free Mayor Vetoes Plan to Fund SFO Lawsuit 10 injured on flight from Hawaii  A United Airlines flight hit turbulence and plunged suddenly. 5 flight attendants were slammed into the jet's ceiling Airport credit rating drops Economic Woes Hit SFO Businesses  The economy downturn , SARS and war jitters are having an impact on businesses that rely on the air traveler BART-SFO extension to open on June 22  BART will begin 8 weeks of comprehensive testing of the 8.7-mile, 4-station extension Flight held until sick passenger cleared
BART SFO extension delayed  The long-delayed extension will not be running by the end of January, but it is likely to be in March at the earliest Dense fog causes delays Firefighter in critical after falling off truck  A veteran female firefighter after falling off a fire truck on the way to a reported fire is in critical condition Opening Of Air Train Delayed   Terminal evacuated after security breach

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February 2003 ... more > Top ^
  United boarding area was evacuated for more than an hour after a woman passed through a closed security gate

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April 2003 ... more > Top ^
  The departure of a Northwest Airlines flight bound for Minneapolis was delayed for 2 hours

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  Passengers boarding United Flight No. 33 got a scare when a shipping container with electronic gear inside exploded
May.15 Runway expansion in holding pattern May.21   Airport project criticized for expenses  Consultants who worked on runway expansion project were reimbursed for $800 dinner and $550-a-night hotel May.27 Jumped into bay after car chase

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Jun.12 Man with knife caused stir on flight
Jun.21 Runway Extension Bad for Environment Jun.22   BART Begins Service To SFO
  After years of delay, BART hopes to match the success that other cities have had with their rail to airports
Jun.27   Bush makes quick dash in collecting money
  Donors gathered in the airport hotel ballroom and paid $2,000. The audience got 25-minute summary

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Jul.9 BART extension drawing more riders Jul.24 $13 million in grants Jul.30 New Radio Equpment to Decrease Delays

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Aug.6 Airport lowers fees to attract carriers
Aug.11 America West to fly non-stop to NY Aug.14 Northeastern Outage Strands Passengers Aug.15   Travelers Still Stranded  The massive blackout in the Northeast left may travelers stranded at airports Aug.25   Airport awarded $15 million in grants  The U.S. Transportation Department grants will be used to rehabilitate the airport

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Sep.16   Low Ridership in BART to SFO  Bay Area Rapid Transit may have to cut back service on its new extension. Planners seeing only 25,000 daily trips

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Nov.30     Flight delayed by bomb threat
  Someone called the airport and said there was a bomb on the plane to Newark

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Dec.6   New landing system tested  United Airlines tested a new system that uses a powerful radar system to detect runways when visibility is poor Dec.7   Storm disrupts flights  At SFO, 8 flights, 3 American Airlines and 5 United, were canceled. At SJC, 5 American Airlines flights have been canceled Dec.14     43 members of Coast Guard returned
  U.S. Coast Guard members returned from Miami after a 7-month deployment in the war on terror Dec.16   Supervisors reject SFO contract
  City voted not to revive a big-ticket plan to allow a developer to construct a new cargo facility at the airport Dec.22   Explosive-sniffing dogs on duty  The Feds raised the terror alert level from yellow to orange

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