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02-01 Marijuana author convicted San Francisco
2. 02-01 Schwab to relinquish co-CEO title Schwab
D. 02-01 Video Game Inspired Violent Rampage Oakland
E. 02-01 Embattled laboratory rehires fired guard Livermore Lab
5. 02-01 Woman says she lost $85M lottery ticket Benicia
6. 02-01 Athlon Desktop Chip Postponed Again AMD
H. 02-01 Shuttle Astronaut Worked at NASA Ames Moffett Field
8. 02-01 eBay pulls listings of shuttle debris eBay


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Feb.1   San Francisco   Marijuana author convicted
  Edward Rosenthal, 58, was convicted in federal court of 3 counts of marijuana cultivation and conspiracy

  Schwab   Schwab to relinquish co-CEO title  Charles Schwab will entrust the full responsibility for running the company to his management partner, David Pottruck

  Oakland Video Game Inspired Violent Rampage  Police arrested 5 people they say went on a murderous rampage inspired by Grand Theft Auto game

Day News

  Livermore Lab   Embattled laboratory rehires fired guard  Lawrence National lab will comply with a federal arbitrator's order that it rehire Mathew Zipoli

  Benicia Woman says she lost $85M lottery ticket  A 44-year-old Costco employee Carole Warner says she's misplaced the ticket

  AMD Athlon Desktop Chip Postponed Again  Advanced Micro Devices was again delaying the release of its next-generation microprocessor for desktop and mobile PCs

Evening News

  Moffett Field Shuttle Astronaut Worked at NASA Ames  Kalpana Chawla used to work here until 1994 when she was selected by NASA to be an astronaut

  eBay eBay pulls listings of shuttle debris  EBay is warning that anyone attempting to sell fragments from the doomed shuttle could be prosecuted

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